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    11/10: Obama orders pay freeze for all federal workers. David Broder issues stern admonishment to Democratic Partisans

    On the same day federal worker pay freeze was announced medicare Fee cut to AHIP and Pharma was post-poned.
    If they did fee cut more funds would have remained in the medicare fund. Unlike other economic sectors AHIP & Pharma are immune to the Economy ups and downs and this is another example.

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    I just heard Judd Gregg on NPR, not realizing it was he. He did not sound like a NE Moderate Republican, at all. Just another keep those tax cuts for the rich and screw the little people.

    We always assume one as Moderate just because MSM puts that label. Look at their actions and come to your own conclusions which is always the right thing to do in my opinion.

    Cat food commission was a carefully collected group with the sole unstated mandate of destroying the social security.

    Did they discuss about $3 Trillion plus FED stuff released today. No. It would have put spot light on the Kleptocracy being enabled due to Glass-Stegall Repeal. Seeds of corruption were sowed during Pres. Clinton Administration with repeal and no derivative oversight and well watered and nourished during GWB administration by full blown laissez faire economics. This time they begged for the bailout. If a reform minded congress and executive branch was present they would have now got accountability instead of dollars. Since due to social security they might still had major part of economy functioning till the mess is fixed by accountability actions.

    If Social Security was not present or privatized they did not have to beg bailout. Congress and Executive branch would have begged them to take bailout to help them to keep markets moving and put food on the plates of their constituents. FDR did not have the luxury of a functioning social security during Great Depression. That is the primary reason I think they want to attack social security even though it costs only $7000 per annum even if one makes billions of dollars in a year.

    BTW today we did have Contagion of Greece, Ireland taking time off. Jobs Growth. Stock Market went up. Yay! Wait till contagion again shows up during a dump day. I think all the countries in Europe should do what Iceland did. Simply accept mistake in getting duped and Default. This way, they will be better off in the long term in taking care of their citizens instead of raiding their seniors savings and thinking problem goes away.

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    Net neutrality is the only reason why we are still innovating and are the leaders in this economic sector. This is the only sector where people can still dream of and make dream reality if they work hard and innovate.

    They keep on adding toll booths in favor of monopolies and they will see the result. Anti-trust is the most important component in a market oriented system and if Government works actively increasing the monopoly, US will drop to last with all the talent getting no chance to work, innovate and succeed. Soon it will be other countries which will be overtaking US in this sector which is even now the undisputed leader.

  • Indeed practically all of the commission staff paid for by outside groups have one tie or another to Pete Peterson, the billionaire hedge fund manager who has sought to kill Social Security for several decades

    All of the billionaires pay around $7000 for Social Security per annum for billions they make. This is a fact.

    Ask yourself why they are focused on this Social Security for decades for this tiny fraction of the cost to them. If one wants to create Great Depression and tries to create scams for this purpose Social Security with COLA safeguard always comes to prevent it. If Great Depression happens Governments and people will be forced to sell anything just for basic livelihood. Just now whenever Wall Street wants money either by quantitative easing or what not all that they have to do is drop the indexes a bit.

    BTW media payoff looks like working well. Some media outlets are VERY concerned about deficit after all the bailouts in the trillions now. Maybe first thing they need to do is figure out why HedgeFund payments have different taxation. That step by itself will fix the Deficit for good.

    Grid-lock is the only solution for the congress to do till a new FDR or TR comes along to fix this mess.

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    TR was the first American President provided the only two recipes by which market economy can survive long term by providing opportunity for next generation willing to work hard and fair taxation for shared resources,
    1. Progressive Taxation
    2. Estate Taxes

    FDR provided the solutions to keep market economy stable always without up and down cycles.
    1. Social Security
    2. Glass-Steagall Act.

    We achieved the highest level of Egalitarian society till now under Pres. Eisenhower when all those above four concepts were in Full play.

    Looks like USA has to go through a re-invent the wheel mode after going through Great Depression in a decade at a huge human cost and possible emergence of extreme government with the deficit commission recommendations trying to dismantle the social security. Pres. Clinton and GWB can lay proud claims for weakening or dismantling the other 3.

  • Pres. Thomas Jefferson worried about nascent emerging concept of Corporations and the concentration of power. He hated that concept and know how horrible it is for humanity and for human growth to live and thrive in a egalitarian society.

    What we are seeing now is something he predicted two centuries back. Just spending a few minutes a day reading his quotes tells us a new perspective to our issues and how we can overcome them. There was no a greater President who loved humanity and wished one and all to grow to their fullest innate abilities and strived to provide the proper conditions in the society for that to happen to putting checks and balances and laws.

  • You are exactly right. I have now begin looking at the ground actions instead of talk. Can I add some more.
    How about Swiss Bank accounts which are not taxed. Are they getting taxed now. Never heard of any progress on them.
    Off-shore tax havens for individual and companies. Any taxation proposal or are they holy cows.
    How about trillions of liabilities public took on their balance sheet through bad housing loans.
    How about subsidies & give-aways to giant corporations in agriculture etc.
    Did public get back all of the TARP money.
    Did we reduce cost-footprint in finally the one legitimate war we are in right now.
    Did we even think of going back to Pres. Eisenhowers tax rates of top tier 90% which proved by facts to give the us economy its biggest expansion.
    How about subsidies to corporations to ship jobs to totalitarian countries which came from Securities Modernization Act.

    No none of them materialized.
    Instead open and blatant class warfare with middle class gutting proposals and the proposal to tweak social security to make it irrelevant in a decade so that Great Depression can be brought in a decade for a round 2 at a huge human cost and human pain.


    If we do that then how can they induce Depression in the Economy when 30% of the Population provides constant stimulus to the Economy with their young working year savings, month after month and year after year.

    If the Depression does not happen how can they get Massive Bailouts from the Government which will be begging them to create job growth. BTW side benefit of the Depression is all the assets will go for rock bottom prices since people will be forced to sell them for daily necessities and massive wealth transfer occurs.

    Pres. Thomas Jefferson predicted this two centuries back because of peoples weakness for Power and propensity for control over fellow human beings and this was on his constant thoughts for this great humantarian till FDR found the right fix to this problem by Social Security and Glass-steagall Act.

  • There was an excellent article recently which shows the taxes paid by major corporations was close to zero and the ways they were doing it. So this proposal just makes it more legal and no difference from current situation.

    BTW. How about Swiss bank accounts we heard two years back. Are those accounts now getting properly taxed or not. How about those bailout dollars and the liabilities public took for the housing assets. How was QE1 in trillions worked out and did they retire it yet in the interests of the deficit.

    Great thing they thought about was removing home loan interest credit so that more home-owners will be homeless by making unaffordable just as if we have a housing shortage right now.

    Only and probably most important thing they want to remove is the one institution i.e. social security which provides constant stimulus to the economy irrespective of wall street pump and dump schemes and bring on Depression. Then its all party time because Government will agree to any number of Bailouts just requesting wall street to help it recover job market and the depression cycle repeats when wall street wants more money.

  • Add a robust public option and/or all-payer system in the exchange

    Is this again going to the current bait same one which proved wildly successful in getting individual mandates for AHIP and Pharma.

    Social Security is a too holy concept to guard and they have no business in putting tweaks to a well functioning system paid by middle and poor class themselves for their future safety. Grid-lock is the solution and I do not expect any mainstream friendly tweaks if they attempt it because of the now familiar bait and switch at the end.

  • Grid-lock is the solution.

    I went through some of the salient proposals and it is nothing but a WAR on the middle and poor class. I never thought people can think inhumanly of fellow people, their assets and their savings. Commission does not address even remotely public taking debt after debt in the form of taking liability of real-estate, quantitative easing, ignoring the swiss bank accounts and no taxation on them, off-shore tax havesn, free open imports with shoddy quality gutting our local industries, health care scam with individual mandates for AHIP & Pharma with no Anti-trust oversight, bailouts etc.

    I think we had enough bait and switches this last decade to last a lifetime. When we get a new FDR or TR we will know honest legislation will come forth and till then Gridlock is the best thing for the whole country.

  • Lot of Main Stream Folks still remember some more salient things Deficit reduction can happen:

    1. How about the Swiss bank accounts where the taxes were not paid but apparently nothing happened.
    2. What happened to funds in QE1 given by FED couple of trillions.
    3. What happened to TARP funds.
    4. How about reducing cost foot-print in the one WAR thankfully finally a legitimate WAR.
    5. How about progressive Taxation of top-tier 90% (effective rate way less) from Eisenhowers Era.
    6. How about the housing risks government took on itself during the last one year.
    7. How about taxation from unregulated derivative markets.

    Nothing happened and now they want to grab the only savings most of the people have i.e. in their Social Security and keep them and economy under the full wall street control with unregulated derivative markets. I cannot think of a more horrible, inhuman thing anybody can envision on their fellow members in the society about their fellow member savings when they are in retirement.

  • It is not even Presidents or Congress or Senate Money that they have to decide and btw it is a well structured and well functioning mechanism.

    People work hard whole life, save in the worlds super-safe investment away from Wall Street pump and dump schemes, and dipping for their fair share in the retirement. Max anybody pays into the system per annum even if they earn billions in a year is$7000. So, it is primarily funded by Poor and Middle Classes. So top 1% is not getting hurt by Social Security but it inhibits their ability to control 99% of the peoples lives by cheating them their money like bailouts we saw recently.

    I do not even trust after HCR bill that we should let any tweaks happen like income cap removal because of bait and switches at the last minute.

    If they want to still attempt disregarding peoples wishes then it will be the end of Democratic Party and we will have the experience of seeing Great Depressions again and again, with unimaginable human cost with possible swings to FAR Right or FAR left till a new FDR comes along and fixes it.

  • Obama is fully admitting the new health care law he pushed is almost identical to a Republican bill in the ’90s, a Heritage Foundation plan

    Please remember that not one Republican participated in this AHIP & Pharma Welfare Bill and voted for it. So lets lay blame where it lies.

    This bill was too toxic and FAR RIGHT even for Republicans when they had ample opportunities to pass it under GWB who never used Veto language except for Stem Cell Research as far as I remember. Nobody passes Individual Mandates for For-profit, Private Corporations and which is against Universal Human Values of making a Free Choice or at-least a choice with representation as in single payer.

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    How can when everything else in the market place is getting cheaper and more efficient Health Care is getting expensive. Because of Soaring Health Care Costs not one sane company will try to setup shop here. With Individual Mandates and not even basic Anti-trust oversight health care is going to drag American economy into dust [...]

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    Thanks for Awesome post. Personally I consider Pres. Thomas Jefferson as the greatest president ever, he made this the greatest country to live with imprint of his ideas on Declaration of the Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights and FDR is in the top three of the greatest Presidents our country ever had in my opinion. [...]

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    Fact. Worlds Richest people will pay only $7000 per annum in social security hardly a dent in their income or others in their super-rich group. Yes currently $7K is the maximum one will pay and is capped there. Another Fact. Social Security is fully solvent till 2036. Do we know why we did not have [...]

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    They have to drop the mandates from the bill or else their base will not take it lying down.

    It is the Individual Mandates why the Democrats lost and Republicans gained in Congress. Repealing Mandates is the only way Republicans can gain Senate Majority and Presidency besides saving our Economy and Unseen Social Costs. BTW Mandates will destroy our economy in the long run by gutting middle class without providing any medical services, forcing people not to take care of their personal responsibilities like child support etc., forcing our corporations to do production in other parts of the world and is also against Universal Human Values of having Liberty to Make Free Choice.

  • But the fact is, if our primary legislative goals are to repeal and replace the health spending bill

    Putting Individual Mandates for for-profit AHIP & Pharma without Anti-trust oversight is FAR RIGHT solution. It is like putting Candy Box around children and walking away. By tomorrow all the candy will be gone and all the children will have tooth-ache with costly doctor visits.

    That is Our middle class, so our economy will be gutted out and it will take a long time, huge human costs, wasted generation if by any chance we stand back on our feets.

    Lets get to the Plain Right solution of Repealing Mandates which is what Republicans are talking about.

    Then we can fight for the Progressive Agenda of Public Option or Single Payer or Competition in Market Place with Heavy Trust Busting in Health Care Sector.

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    And the only person who could possibly be recommending that Obama reduce the deficit on the backs of Social Security beneficiaries must have some kind of death wish for the Democratic party.

    Let me state this whole thing in a simple way.

    Every one works all the life. Saves thanks to FDR a huge percentage of his paycheck every paycheck fully redeemable by Treasury Bonds safest currency, same currency which rest of the world saves in. In his golden years he comes to know of one kid who has HUGE wisdom & smarts according to MSM which is fully paid to say that, on how to spend those treasury bonds. This kid wants to pay totalitarian regime their due amounts since they get very angry if cheated but deny his older now weak generation their nominal dues from their younger year savings. He is told that Great Depression can happen by removing ability for this generation to create ever-present stimulus in the economy and in this depression environment with his money he can become super-rich by buying stuff he wanted at dirt-cheap prices which was not affordable before. I do not consider these actions as moral at all and I do not think any human being thinks it as moral.

    Thanks Jane for pointing and flagging this Democratic party gutting MSM nonsense as always.

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