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    You had me goin’ on this one. Kerry is such an incompetent nincompoop I could almost believe he would say and do things like this. He is the the joke here.

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    You are absolutely correct, old hippie. You hit every point I would make including the third party issue. I am still angry about how the Democrats treated Ralph Nader at the debates. I have come to the conclusion that voting at the national level really is a waste of time. But I will continue to vote for third party or write ins just to deny either of the two major parties my vote. Of course, I will continue to hear from the professional Dems who scold me that a vote for someone other than a Dem is a vote for a Repub. But I am encouraged that more people than ever are beginning to see the truth now about our failed corrupted system. If we can not change it, at least we can refuse to cooperate with it.
    I do still believe that our local elections are still relatively fair and honest. I have to believe that because it is just to demoralizing not to do so.

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    Never before in this history of mankind have there been so many oldsters on the earth as there are today. Not only are we living longer than previous generations, but there were more of us born in the baby boom. I often think that the accumulated wisdom of all of us who have lived thru [...]

  • Very well stated. You have clarified an important point of view that is almost never heard.
    The Native American Indian tribes considered tobacco sacred and used it regularly. There are no reports of lung disorders as a result. It is when industry driven by profits, created a toxic mimic of the natural plant that it became a health problem. Other substances have met the same fate. The natives of South American chew the Coca leaf. Opium was a godsend in early medicine. We all know what happened to those drugs. There are other examples of substances whose natural state serves an important positive role in civilized society. But profits have driven us to create a toxic mimics of substances that overshadow their natural purpose and usefulness. Even Cough syrup that we used to buy over the counter and give to our children, is now closely regulated because it’s close relationship to the making of the toxic drug methamphetamine.
    I believe that everything that grows on the earth has a purpose and a reason for existing. That includes tobacco and hemp.
    The book, “The Botany of Desire” , by Michael Pollan speaks to this issue and shows how plants respond to our needs by producing what we want from them in return for our cultivation. Pollan uses Cannabis as one of his examples and how the herb now produces more THC than in years past due to our massive cultivation efforts. PBS produced a documentary based on this book and it is well worth seeing.
    I have some concern that legalization of MJ could lead industry to create toxic mimics of the natural substance and that could do great harm. It is why I am skeptical of efforts to sell mixtures and tinctures of cannabis when the herb alone would do as well or better for medical uses in most cases. The consumer can always convert the substance to edibles or drinkables, but when it is sold that way, we run the risk of being exposed to other more harmful additives.

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    Excellent. The only thing I would add is how the drug war has corrupted both law enforcement and the courts. Real crime is not profitable for law enforcement. Most murder scenes don’t have piles and piles of untraceable currency on display. Murders take months or even years to resolve in arrest, but drug offenses are [...]

  • WOW! I think this is a big deal. I know it will be ignored by some countries (USA) but it is a powerful argument and WHO is an impressive ally for decriminalization. I cannot be ignored forever.
    I am impressed…and encouraged.
    More good news from Jon Walker. thank you Jon!

  • My idea precisely…lol.
    Lock them all in the capital building and hot box with MJ smoke for about a week or two all the while running Michael Moore and Oliver Stone movies (as well as other leftist stuff). Make them all hold hands and sing “Give Peace a Chance”.

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    Maybe you have something against good news for a change? The fact is, this is about war. The War on drugs, which started with the Marijuana Stamp Act of 1934, is a war against the people of the USA and has killed thousands and destroyed countless families. It has stopped scientific progress and research which [...]

  • I would like to hear Obama’s reasons for vetoing this bill. I have already concluded that he is a huge hippocrate on this issue.

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    This is the bosses’ collective and long desired wet dream. Essentially, a return to serfdom when workers have no rights and can be easily exploited and disposed of at will.. There is a defense against this, of course. It is workplace solidarity. It is hard work and risky, but it is the only answer….and it [...]

  • Where does the buck stop? Maybe it never stops for the Elites.

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    I hope that Germany is just the first to say “enough!” to the USA. US is past due for some comeuppance.

  • I wonder if this happens in more enlightened and civilized countries like Norway and Sweden and Germany. Do they let Corporate interests dictate health care policies? Somehow I think not. I don’t think Big Pharma could get away with it there.
    But I do concede that I am not very familiar with those countries policies around pharmaceuticals. I think I read somewhere that their patent laws allow for most drugs to go to generic brands quite soon resulting in great savings for the population. That would indicate that people come before profits and suffering is reduced overall.

  • The CIA and other nefarious organizations (many of whom I would guess we have never heard of) get their funding from drug trafficking. I don’t know what the $7Billion was used for, but I really don’t believe it was to eradicate the opium production.

  • wow. Beautifully put Malcom. You are right on every count.

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    I really hate the 4th of July. I hate the fireworks and especially the flag waving. But most of all I hate how it terrorizes all the animals with the war sounds that are somehow fitting celebration for a nation that represents the biggest threat to world peace. The guns and rockets and firecrackers have [...]

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    Oh my Dears……
    I do hope this is a good intentioned bill by senator Leahy, but even if we get all the language we want, how will we ever know if NSA will honor it? We can never know when they are listening or not. When they are watching…or not. They say they aren’t when they are, they imply that they are when they are not. Nothing NSA tells us can be believed. Nothing congress passes these days can be assumed to mean what they say it means. The same applies to the other two branches of government.
    I wish I wasn’t so cynical now in my old age. I wish I had an iota of hope that things will get better. But I do not believe they will…at least not until they get much worse and I will be long gone by then. Anything that is labeled “National Security” or “Homeland Security” is really just the propaganda machine in operation and it is way out of the reach of congress to moderate. That is just my opinion, of course, but my instincts on these issues are usually proven correct…unfortunately.

  • I am so sorry that you can’t get the medicine you want and need and that would be better for you than what you are taking now for your migraines.
    It infuriates me that you and so many others have to suffer because Big Pharma and the stupid drug warriors are profiting on ignorance, prejudice and racism.
    I wish you well and sincerely hope that you will get the meds you need very soon.
    good luck to you.

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    YES! You have indeed named the real problem and it is ACA or Obama care, so called. It is infuriating to be dismissed as a teabagger because we hate Obama care when the issue really is that it is a big give away to the already overpriced insurance industries. None of this would be an [...]

  • Very well put, erik. I wonder how low these stats will have to go before the people rebel. I hope it isn’t much more…it is very much overdue, IMHO.

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