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    George Carlin said it best:
    All you need to know about the difference between the sexes is that woman are crazy and men are stupid.
    And the reason women are crazy, is because men are stupid.

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    Bravo! And Bravo to all the insightful comments here tonight. Good thinking all around.

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    I am in San Francisco. If I hadn’t been awake already, I would have slept thru it. If felt like a motor turned on and then off. Just a vibration feeling. The pictures look worse than it is….but they always do. People back east think the earth has swallowed us up. It hasn’t. I would [...]

  • I have been saying this for years and usually dismissed because I am an advocate for the legalization of cannabis, but the fact is that the “War on Drugs” has destroyed our constitution and Bill of Rights. Ending the War on Drugs would be a step in the right direction, but I fear it is already to late to restore this Constitutional form of government. The Defense Industry and the Prison Industrial Complex have become too entrenched and the profits too easy for any kind of reform to take place in Congress or at the Ballot box.
    What is happening now in Missouri is just the beginning, I am afraid.

  • Silly congresscritters….
    imagine believing that they could ever be told what the CIA and the National security State is up to. What fools they are. Don’t they know they are up against the 4th and most powerful branch of government? Even the Executive branch is no match for the real secret government.

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    Julian is one of my very favorite books. In it, Vidal imagines what it must have been like in the early days of Constantine’s Christendom I hand how his nephew tried to bring the Empire back to the old gods. It is a story I had never heard told before reading this book. I loved [...]

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    Irony is the best, seconded by satire.

  • Those of us who have been arguing that racism drives prohibition laws, have been dismissed for the last time….I hope.
    The other aspect of this story is that industrialized hemp would have hurt the Big Timber industry in the Pacific Northwest where Wm. Randolph Hearst had substantial financial interest in the ’30s. The Magazine, Popular Mechanic, had an important report in 1934 (need to confirm that date) on the value of Hemp production and new farm equipment to make it more profitable. At just about the same time, the word Marijuana appeared for the first time in Hearst Newspapers. Nobody knew what that was, but they knew what hemp was. Hearst papers made sure that they didn’t know there was no difference. They used racism to do it.
    Now, all these years later, we still have people arguing that cannabis is evil. It has no value whatsoever. It is dangerous. It would be almost laughable except for the pain, the destruction and the ruined lives that such willful ignorance has caused….and we don’t even have to mention the price of all these lies.

  • That is what Gore Vidal called the Political Class and he counted himself within it.

  • What makes Kennedy believe he is qualified to speak on this subject? Is it because he or a family member had a drug or alcohol problem and that makes him an authority on the subject? That is usually what it is. They know it all. Of course, 90% or more of us who have experimented
    with substances have had absolutely no problems. We are dismissed as pot heads,aging hippies, or worse.
    I am so tired of the phoney righteousness that accompanies the total ignorance of the prohibitionists.
    But their day is just about over now and, boy, will they try to distance themselves in the future from the words the speak today.

  • Domestic work is a valuable product that is never included in the GDP. It should be and the workers who perform these important services should be justly treated and fairly compensated.

  • I want to see fewer and fewer damn cops on the street with too little to keep them busy.

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    You had me goin’ on this one. Kerry is such an incompetent nincompoop I could almost believe he would say and do things like this. He is the the joke here.

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    You are absolutely correct, old hippie. You hit every point I would make including the third party issue. I am still angry about how the Democrats treated Ralph Nader at the debates. I have come to the conclusion that voting at the national level really is a waste of time. But I will continue to vote for third party or write ins just to deny either of the two major parties my vote. Of course, I will continue to hear from the professional Dems who scold me that a vote for someone other than a Dem is a vote for a Repub. But I am encouraged that more people than ever are beginning to see the truth now about our failed corrupted system. If we can not change it, at least we can refuse to cooperate with it.
    I do still believe that our local elections are still relatively fair and honest. I have to believe that because it is just to demoralizing not to do so.

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    Never before in this history of mankind have there been so many oldsters on the earth as there are today. Not only are we living longer than previous generations, but there were more of us born in the baby boom. I often think that the accumulated wisdom of all of us who have lived thru [...]

  • Very well stated. You have clarified an important point of view that is almost never heard.
    The Native American Indian tribes considered tobacco sacred and used it regularly. There are no reports of lung disorders as a result. It is when industry driven by profits, created a toxic mimic of the natural plant that it became a health problem. Other substances have met the same fate. The natives of South American chew the Coca leaf. Opium was a godsend in early medicine. We all know what happened to those drugs. There are other examples of substances whose natural state serves an important positive role in civilized society. But profits have driven us to create a toxic mimics of substances that overshadow their natural purpose and usefulness. Even Cough syrup that we used to buy over the counter and give to our children, is now closely regulated because it’s close relationship to the making of the toxic drug methamphetamine.
    I believe that everything that grows on the earth has a purpose and a reason for existing. That includes tobacco and hemp.
    The book, “The Botany of Desire” , by Michael Pollan speaks to this issue and shows how plants respond to our needs by producing what we want from them in return for our cultivation. Pollan uses Cannabis as one of his examples and how the herb now produces more THC than in years past due to our massive cultivation efforts. PBS produced a documentary based on this book and it is well worth seeing.
    I have some concern that legalization of MJ could lead industry to create toxic mimics of the natural substance and that could do great harm. It is why I am skeptical of efforts to sell mixtures and tinctures of cannabis when the herb alone would do as well or better for medical uses in most cases. The consumer can always convert the substance to edibles or drinkables, but when it is sold that way, we run the risk of being exposed to other more harmful additives.

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    Excellent. The only thing I would add is how the drug war has corrupted both law enforcement and the courts. Real crime is not profitable for law enforcement. Most murder scenes don’t have piles and piles of untraceable currency on display. Murders take months or even years to resolve in arrest, but drug offenses are [...]

  • WOW! I think this is a big deal. I know it will be ignored by some countries (USA) but it is a powerful argument and WHO is an impressive ally for decriminalization. I cannot be ignored forever.
    I am impressed…and encouraged.
    More good news from Jon Walker. thank you Jon!

  • My idea precisely…lol.
    Lock them all in the capital building and hot box with MJ smoke for about a week or two all the while running Michael Moore and Oliver Stone movies (as well as other leftist stuff). Make them all hold hands and sing “Give Peace a Chance”.

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    Maybe you have something against good news for a change? The fact is, this is about war. The War on drugs, which started with the Marijuana Stamp Act of 1934, is a war against the people of the USA and has killed thousands and destroyed countless families. It has stopped scientific progress and research which [...]

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