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    Hi athena1,

    Great stuff. What do you think about this one?

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    kevin, you are doing great work covering this.

    maybe you can get this info to some folks…

    the 1% will be attending the ft lauderdale international boat show at the end of the month (oct 27-31). the normally outrageous displays of wealth will be over the top for this event. seems like a good occupy target. as a bonus, i just came from there and super committee member, john kerry’s yacht is docked prominantly . for details

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    Social Security “has NO impact whatsoever on either the national debt OR the deficit.” No true. The trust fund loaned $2.5T to the federal government and that debt is a part of the deficit. The “crisis” in social security is that outbound payments are about the exceed inbound collections meaning that the trust fund will [...]

  • david, love your reporting on this topic. keep it up.

    was wondering something: isn’t the fed eyeball deep on this stuff too? not that they sold the securities, but because they own or back so many of them. as i recall the fed audit, didn’t they both buy 100′s of billions of dollars in MBS’s and loan even more with MBS’s as collateral? could this explain treasury and fed reluctance to engage on mortgage fraud/relief?

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    I think this passage really sums up the beltway idiocy:

    “The Brotherhood remains the only well-organized institution in Egypt other than the military. It has been underground for generations – jailed, tortured, infiltrated, but still, somehow, flourishing.”

    They just don’t/won’t/can’t understand why people insist on fighting back against violence, repression and torture.

    Mr Cohen, they are not flourishing in spite of repression but because of it

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    Oh and I think this NYT story explains why states need to reneg on pension commitments:

    They want to upgrade to a new bigger yacht, but they can’t sell the old one. The horror!

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    very interesting. i clicked on the mary williams walsh link on the NYT story and she has written story after story in this same vein each accompanied by startling headlines. she is clearly working this. i have to think her sources are guiding her. the whole series is too one-sided to believe that there isn’t [...]

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    i think kuttner is spot on.

    john sonunu wrote an oped in the boston globe today lavishing praise on erksine bowles and alice rivkin as the saviors of sanity and “adult” seriousness.

    this to me signals that the game has already begun and republicans are up to speed on what will be proposed. it certainly looks like sonunu is prepping the battlefield in advance.

    (click if you want to be ill

  • historical comparisons are not going to help him. i say x and i do y is rarely cured by rationalization.

    it bothers me that he keeps talking about the uninsured like that’s the problem and it’s solved. the uninsured are not the problem. they are the symptom of unaffordable healthcare. people can’t afford healthcare for themselves, companies can’t afford healthcare for their employees and pretty soon the gov’t will not be able to afford its healthcare obligations. to pretend that the problem is fixed is just plain irresponsible.

  • who else is he supposed to blame? he had a great scam: cut lucrative deals with the crooks behind closed doors while claiming he was battling industry interests in public. the republicans played along faithfully. the press was on board. how did all those rubes figure out what was going on? who kept bringing up campaign promises? how many people even knew what a public option was before 2009? yes, the bill is bad, but the reason so many people understand that is because liberals did a good job of building that case and exposing the process, lies and doublespeak. that’s what team obama is mad about. liberals (and firedoglake prominently among them) called them on their bullshit instead of playing along. on that level, liberals shouldn’t feel put upon by obama’s anger. they should welcome it and take pride in the accomplishment of effectively informing fellow citizens about sham reform marketed as the “most progressive legislation in a generation.”

    having said that, i don’t think critics of obamacare or other policy sellouts should stand for being called sanctimonious. if good policy isn’t possible in washington, change washington. that’s what i voted for. when you compare obama’s rhetoric to his actions, the dude has a lot of nerve calling anyone else sanctimonious.

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    you give these guys too much credit for creativity and work ethic.

    first thing boner does is change the house work week to start wednesday morning and end thursday early afternoon. gotta have more time for communing with constituents at golf resorts.

    that’s not gonna leave a lot of time for exotic hearings. gonna have to stick to the basics:

    CP, consumer protection/communist party
    citizen armament, the merits mandatory gun ownership
    final solutions for immigrants and homosexuals
    preservation and construction of america’s golf courses