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    Travel safely and well, sir. It’s been fun.

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    grift pivot

    Thank you so much for this phrase.

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    Do you mean Peter King, the former IRA groupie turned pontificator on Terrorist Threats, or Steve King, the current holder of the Tom Tancredo Memorial Award for Most Racist Member of Congress?

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    Diane Sult of Fort Wayne has her own acronym for the IRS: Irresponsible Regulatory Service.


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    I think they buy in bulk.

    Buy gingham by the furlong and make the wimminfolk sew it up.

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    The post says he was caught at home. Can one take that as meaning he lives with his parents?

    Not quite, though the complaint says that the phone number that the Feds tracked down was billed to his daddy.

    I’m not going to link, but the Twitters included some CPAC whatnots sharing creepy text messages and Facebook stuff from Master B, given that he is now an apostate for his, um, social media outreach.

    The charges are internet extortion and cyber stalking, with a 5-year max, which suggests that they’re not adding any hacking-related charges for the moment. Harder to prove, perhaps, especially if he wiped (eew) his digital assets (eew) before the Feds arrived. But they’re there if the prosecutors want to pursue them.

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    And here’s the complaint.


    And that’s at least a dozen instances of hacking into email or Facebook accounts, which, if you’re going to apply the book that was thrown at Aaron Swartz, should put Little Master Baiter in the slammer for 957 years.

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    No, it’s not a metaphor, Pegs. It’s right there: live a life that doesn’t require thousands of armed police guards to be called up for your funeral.

  • 2.16pm? So, insulting Gabby Giffords on Tennessee taxpayers’ time. Charming.

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    If it’s every two weeks on the dot, then I’m inclined to agree with Jay in Oregon that there’s something automated sending out a periodic login attempt that’s forcing a reset. But I wouldn’t expect it to be stored anywhere, because Apple doesn’t cache those IDs in Keychain for an extended period.

    Open up Keychain Access on the MacBook and look for “Apple ID”, and see what shows up.

    (T: do you have Apple kit, and did L&TC ever use her Apple ID on that kit to buy things? I know that lots of families share IDs for store/application purchases but use separate ones for iCloud and other personal stuff, and Apple’s okay with that, but it can complicate things.)

    If it’s more irregular, I’d say someone’s trying to access her ID, and it’s probably worth changing the email address associated with it.

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    The cardinals would prefer to elect Richelieu over Dogtanian.

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    I can’t decide whether those 1%ers are humblebragging in public via McMegan’s Advice Booth, or are just too fucking stupid to hire a financial professional.

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    We’ve met the mother of a future Ryan Lanza.

    Nah. She believes that shit precisely to the extent that she’s getting paid to believe it, and spout it in coordination with the other Koch-funded bullshit that was neatly planted in National Review. If anything, that makes it worse than the gun fetishists who believe it without being paid.

  • I do not believe that in France or anywhere else in Europe where there is a knowledgeable tradition for making cheese, the standard is ““Everything we do is held responsible to God. His Word, the Bible, tells us how we’re supposed to act.”

    That’s a wee bit unfair. If you look at a lot of the small dairy producers in MO (and elsewhere) a lot of them are Amish/Mennonite, and they’ve stuck with old school crop rotation and pasturing practices. And I imagine that the monastic cheesemakers (blessed be!) and brewers of Euroland wouldn’t consider that standard invalid as a broad sense, even if they accompany it with non-medieval sanitation.

    There’s a sweet spot somewhere between “my religion guides me towards being a good steward of the land and the animals I farm” and “there ain’t no bacteria in the Bible”.

  • Ah, I dunno about this one. I can well believe that the state milk board gets polite phone calls and brown envelopes from Udder Cruelty, Inc. with its 5,000-cow automated moojuice factories about those raw milk dairies run by yokels. But that’s good ol’ boy state politics.

    The big corporate conglomerates who put actual shit into the food chain — and bacteria that actually kill people — don’t get shut down.

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    Ah, the Responsible Gun Owner.

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    What this ad says is simple: “Hey, advertisers! We don’t sell our paper to poors! Sell your expensive shit through us!”

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    Couldn’t the Ole Perfesser be put to better, uh, “use” wanking out jeremiads aimed at gun-nut fetishist fap-pr0n??

    He could, but the subject of this piece is J**f G*ldst**n, suburban survivalist.

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    The point was to put one set of horrible facts in perspective to another

    I bet people get a surprise at the ingredient list for your extra-special apple pie.

    Told you, big boy, your line of conversation has reached the point of absurdity and can now be tossed into the garbage. Schools are not going to be militarized; teachers are not going to be packing heat. Try something else.

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