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    I wonder why the Ft Lee mayor is so accomdating towards Christe.

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    Right on Priscilla. You are a better person than I. I never respond to idiots such as agourabum. I usually leave them alone at the back of the room facing the cornor until they learn just how stupid they are.

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    I was so damn angry last night I had trouble falling asleep.  It’s no better this morning and afternoon.  I use the name Zimmerman but believe me it’s more than just little pudgy Georgie who has me more upset than I have ever been in years.  I’m really quite astonished that I am reacting quite [...]

  • Geesh Guy, did you forget anyone? If all of those liberal groups are against us we are truly f**ked. Who’s left with any hope? Carefull not to toss the baby along with the dirty water.

  • If That LIE was the reason they told pollsters they supported Walker, then the Repubs are even more a bunch of dishonorable liars then I thought

  • In response to ‘tjbs’ @ 11. They sure kicked Gray Davis out in California and he hadn’t been involved in any criminal activity or corruption. This had little to do with political revenge. This was getting rid of a bastard that took bread off their tables.

  • I’m not buying that as the reason they voted for Walker. What about all of the reasons to NOT vote for him, that had nothing to do with political payback? Like LYING to the people, like being a target in a criminal investigation, like trying to end labor unions that help poor workers.

  • I haven’t been here in a while but I wanted to hear what real progressives were thinking and not be bothered with being edited out by ‘moderators’.. Of course Walker benefited because of massive money from the ‘filthy’ rich rightwing conservatives and I accent the word filthy for good reason. They’re dancing and partying over [...]

  • I would normally agree with your take on what Mr. Gingrich did with John King but we all know what his agenda is. Newt the populist? I don’t think so.

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    Yes Alan you gotta be a bit careful posting here on FDL. There are some perfectos here that will scold you like nobodys business if you don’t meet their unrealistic view of what it is to be a progressive.

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    Tambershall your point is well taken, but so was Jesus’ when he spoke of the rich man passing through the eye of a needle. A hypothetical to you: Had you by fate somehow amassed the wealth of an Ali or Jobs, how would you have dispersed it to meet the approval of the 99% or [...]

  • What an angel. She really hit it on the head when she made the comparison to Nazi Germany. Which proves to the politically correct media that not all such references are somehow disrespecting the holocaust.

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    San Bernardino is no Oakland. Same is true of the entire Inland Empire. It’s flooded with right wingers and corporatists and they will do everything they can to make Occupy look bad. I’m in Rialto a small place next to San Bernardino and i know of a few people who are planning to begin an [...]

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    President Carter also said of the Tea Partiers: “I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he’s African-American. I live in the South, and I’ve seen the South come a long way, and I’ve seen the rest [...]

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    Tea Partiers are hurt by the same corporatists that the OWS protesters are. They won’t come out because they see too many faces of color out there. And they be damned if they join hand in hand with such filth. Poor misguided souls.

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    That wasn’t intended to be divisive. As I’ve posted before. I cannot see myself standing next to a Tea Partier, no matter what our common objective. Anyone who sees other humans as sub-human deserves to be alienated. Sorry but I disagree. I heard their greivances and they don’t come anywhere close to mine.

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    Actually in all seriousness the one thing that concerns me about OWS’ers is what happened to the Idealists of the 1960′s(of which I was a part) and what they turned into. The Materialistic Yuppies of today who totally lost their way and forgot all of what they preached back when. It all began to fall [...]

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    Very insightful post. Thank you. You know the difference between Tea Party protesters and OWS ones? I’ll take you 2 years searching a Tea protest to find 2 people WITH a degree.

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    Thank you for keeping ACORN from being just another failed liberal left-wing spineless bunch of lazy and shiftless minorities. Iwonder why no one ever mentions them in the media anymore. Maddow said she wouldn’t ever give up on them but where did she go? I’ll never forgive Obama and those useless Dems in Congress for [...]

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    I don’t consider myself a progressive. I feel that it’s a term the useless Democrats hide behind after allowing the right to disparage the word ‘liberal’ so effectively. No, I’m just what I’ve always been and what I feel we all are. European-like Socialists and I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of.

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