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    The number of dictators that we have supported during the last 60+ years is insurmountable. This support has usually been in the training and arming of rough regimes which have put down popular support in their own countries and all done for the lowly American dollar which goes to the corporations which we are beholden to.

    We were able to decimate most of Central and South America – people who should be our brothers and sisters. But of course when it comes to money, we are so ever adept in our multitasking in taking on the Middle East, Asia, and Africa at the same time.

    And all this is done with our money!

    I am Indian born Canadian whose parents emigrated to the US 20 years ago. I have never felt as much peace as I do now after having moved back to Canada. I will never, ever pay another tax dollar to back up these thugs so corporations can become rich while the lower and middle class is send to hell in a hand basket. Of course I had a choice which most Americans do not.

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    A lot of US backed dictators seem to be falling these days – Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia. After years of supplying these thugs military equipment and funding which they have have used against their own people only to stay in power. Now their citizens are fighting back to say NO and get the puck out.

    But where do we stand (as indicated by hillary’s support for Mubarak) – we stand for these dictators! And we have made it clear that if our puppets fall, so will our support for these countries and to hell with their people.

    Welcome of the US of A – where we love our dictators but only as long as they do what we tell them to. But the moment they turn our backs to us (saddam is a perfect example), we b10w the shit out of them.

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