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  • Shame on Obama and Biden.

    Taking YET another swipe at Social Security.

    Mr Obama plans to kill it.

    I can not support him nor Biden again

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    There is no choice, bad and bad.

    You see the issue with Obama is he governs as part of the GOP, handing them anything they ask.

    So they already won with or without him

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    Its depressing how low this nation has sunk. A democratic president and his justice department refuses to look into war crimes, refuses to go after the too big to fail CEO’s who destroyed so many lives, refuses to impeach judges who violate every ethics principles that any lower court judge must live by, refuses to [...]

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    Just one basic question. With the governor acting as a dictator in total control can we trust the election results? How are they being counted?

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    While the party seems to weak to fight Obama, Obama will inevitably lose the next election if he continues to compromise the people.

    To win he needs voter turnout.

    With a very broken democratic party he will never have that kind of turnout.

    He disgusted the left who worked their hearts out to get him elected, made the calls, had voter registration drives and more. Few of those people have the incentive to work again for the only change that happened was Obama changed or morphed into a very weak condescending republican whose anger generally only emerges when speaking of the left.

    I cannot see a large voter turn out for him.
    Seniors are turned off
    The middle class is losing their jobs, labor is defeated without representation by the democrats, pensions are being destroyed and now social security and medicare is being minimized. Add to that the great health care debate became an insurance industry bill and workers everywhere are finding their premiums are rising in untoward ways while their salaries decline.

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    This democrat has zero faith in Obama and yes I voted for him.
    Since that time he has basically become a republican.
    He governs as George Bush and his first inclination every time is the sacrifice the people.

    He spends on war like a drunken sailor but denies people.
    He is vacuous in principles and seems more of an opportunist than a genuine human being.
    His concept of meeting in the middle is to abandon the left totally and hand the right 99.5% of everything they ever wanted.

    I cannot afford 4 more years of losing everything I worked for.

  • Face it, the US is no longer a genuine democracy.
    Mr Obama never brought change. He only changed the democratic party into something unrecognizable

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    Mr Obama is still voting present! He cannot truly take on the responsibility its not in him. Funny, he has no problem, however, joining the GOP in destroying the future of seniors all over this nation.

    I am so ashamed of this government and what it has turned into.
    NO longer is this a shining beacon of anything other than political self serving greed and the people are not even part of the equation

  • I dont know who they are polling but were I live no one believes in Obama any longer and some of our associates campaigned for him.

    I know he is change I can not believe in.

    He changed the democratic party into the new conservative party and I can no longer support this movement

    Mr Obama as president is everything he campaigned against:

    1 He indicated his would be completely transparent – note all his negotiations are private

    2. He promised to stand by labor. He stands as far from labor as he can.

    3. He promised affordable health care yet let the insurance lobby write the bill – ever since my on the job health care premiums are rising now by over 60%

    4. He promised to remove the influence of the lobby groups. His entire cabinet of advisors are Wall Street.

    I know his disdain for the left and Im beginning to return the favor.

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    The Gang of Six and their spin is all spin and no substance. They intend very much to CUT BENEFITS.


    Mr Obama cannot wait to cut our benefits. I wish to cut his.
    I voted for him and I am now sorry.
    He turned out to be a vacuous opportunist who cares more about his image than the people.

    I am ashamed of the democratic party for their essential weakness and their taking their own base so for granted. Well This base member has had it.

    I am now an independent. I will work for 3d party candidates and hope to remove the power of the two parties who have grown to misrepresent the people.

    I am ashamed of the democrats who betray their own principles.

    I am quite fed up as you can see.
    How much more shameful is a group than one that would protect corporate CEO’s at the expense of the livelihood of the nation’s seniors.


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    Destroying the PEOPLE is UNACCEPTABLE.


  • Obama is the worlds worst negotiator. He caves, he gives in and always NEGOTIATES AWAY ANYTHING DUE THE PEOPLE.




  • Obama is a vacuous opportunist
    As a democrat I am asking demanding a challenger to him for 2012
    Otherwise my vote goes to the green party

    I cannot trust Obama, nor afford this GOP style of governance for 4 more years.

    Mr Obama is the ultimate liar in chief. He flips and flops on issues and his hype is not what he is nor how he governs.

    He has betrayed his campaign promises and left us hopeless

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    Mr Obama does NOT deserve to be re elected. A challenger needs to emerge. He is untrustworthy and lacking in values. He is a vacuous opportunist who finds it easier to compromise the people than stand up for them. We cannot afford 4 more years of his capitulations. I have voted democrat all my life. [...]

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    If Obama goes with Baucus, Im done with the democratic party.
    I will resign and be voting GREEN

    I am disgusted by the Obama neo conservative policies.
    I am done with politicians caving into every lobby group except the people they are sworn to represent

    I am more than disappointed in the Obama administration.
    If he sells out the people again it will NOT matter if he is a one term president. He is no different from the opposition party.

    He deserves to be a one term president

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    Here are my thoughts.
    there are very few progressives.
    Anthony Weiner had some good political points and at least reminded people about the middle class and our seniors.

    I do NOT think he should resign.

    For those who claim he lied, why are we not holding ALL LIES ACCOUNTABLE?
    Most of the Congress and Senate tell the people lies every single day.Those lies directly affect our lives most often to our detriment while they are praising themselves for the bribes they take to destroy our security.

    Why should I be angry at Anthony Weiner for having a few quirks.
    He did NOT run his campaign based upon morals, or a god complex or religion!
    As such, unlike the Sanfords, the Gingrich’s, the Vitters, he is not a hypocrite. He lied because he was afraid of the 24 hour press.

    But at least he is not lying about Medicare, Social Security, and taxes.

    Everyone else including the White House is lying.

    When they speak of job creation they never mention the percentage of jobs slinging hamburgers at McDonalds. That will not pay the mortgage nor make up for losing one’s pension. They do NOT talk about the thousands of public service workers being laid off in droves for political expediency. They pretend the Congressional Health care plan is free when we pay for that with tax monies. Our politicians speak of freedom of speech but jail whistle blowers when they are embarrassed. Our politicians lie all the time without any accountability due to the corporate press which pays them.

    Until you go after ALL the liars, I wonder how in your right minds can you be so outraged at Anthony Weiner. He did not steal, he did not break the law. He has a few quirks. So do most of the people on the web today, facebook and twitter. And the young who publish everything by this standard will never be able to hold office.

    Go after the lies that affect our lives and damage our nation and our welfare.

    Its time to go after those who want you dead when you turn 65. After all, when you run out of cash, there will no doctor available to help you with this current crowd in Washington.

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    The problem is with Obama the capitulator in chief is there any difference?

    He has governed as a republican

    Not unlike Andrew Cuomo is doing in New York as Governor.
    Not a damn difference. They call themselves democrats BUT govern as Republicans and the people are left scrambling for peanuts!!!!

  • Sometimes Timing is everything.
    Obama lectured a day before a scheduled meeting.
    That was perceived as every bit as disrespectful as some are viewing Obama having to listen to the Israeli prime minister lecturing him.

    He should have waited and acted like he was in actual discussions to help.
    Instead he lectured prior to any meeting.
    Perceptions are everything.

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    I agree Obama never connects the dots. He is also talented at excusing his own behaviors and laying the blame on others.
    However, a speech is just that talk.
    In practice Mr Obama has governed as a republican.
    It was Mr Obama who chose a) not to fight for lower drug costs by making back door deals and signaling the House and Senate to ignore Byron Dorgan’s call for just that. b) Mr Obama allowed the insurance lobby to write the health care bill insuring costs remain high c) Mr Obama failed to fight and handed the GOP the Bush now Obama tax cuts for the wealthy and he added a payroll tax cut himself inflicting the 1st wound to Social Security.

    Mr Obama always relies on a speech. He fails to act, however. And he always capitulates and sacrifices the People in favor of the GOP’s wealthy lobby group.

    I can not trust such a weak individual who chose advisors all from Wall Street to salvage Social Security and Medicare. And sorry, you do not save a program by decimating it.

    These programs work. They are only in danger because lack of leadership allowed government officials to extract the funds and never pay them back. I do not know about Mr Obama nor the GOP, but my paycheck has two boxes in it, one showing the FICA taken from my check another for Medicare taken from my check. I pay quite a lot for these programs. I said for these programs. If they are general fund monies they should not be in a separate box on my check but simply federal tax. They are segregated because it is a fund and insurance contract made with the people. The government stealing those funds for general fund activities which cater to their personal special interests is a theft and a breach of contract.

    I wish Civil Liberties and others would begin litigation.

    It is unconscionable.

    But Mr Obama thinking a speech will win back those he long turned his back on is kidding himself. Fool me one, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. A speech does not undue Mr Obama’s republican governing style. Without real actions taken PRIOR to the election, I could never trust him again.

  • French, Im thinking the problems he has with his birth certificate are hiding the fact that he is truly a Bush.

    He sure has enacted the third Bush presidency.

    The man is no democrat.

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