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    (by scentopine)

    Right-Wing Action:
    Decriminalize Torture
    Decriminalize Wall Street Crimes
    Appoint Wall Street insiders to Treasury policy positions.
    Trillions of tax payer bailouts for the rich
    Decriminalize Mortgage Fraud by Banks
    Decriminalize ISP/Phone Co. Wiretapping
    Pass drill, baby, drill
    Decriminalize blowing up an oil rig, killing a bunch of workers, and dumping 200 million gallons of crude onto Gulf Coast
    Start a third war
    Smother significant clean-air legislation
    Health reform with no cost controls while making prescription drug price negotiation illegal
    Appoint Monsanto insiders to FDA policy positions
    Outsource millions of jobs to India and China
    Tax breaks for outsourcing millions of jobs to China and India
    Appoint GE tax evader and outsourcing king of self-bonuses as job czar
    Tax breaks for the rich
    Rewards for Wall Street crooks
    Punishment for teachers
    Raging Unemployment
    Pretending Wisconsin doesn’t exist by removing it from Google Maps

    Left-Wing Reaction:
    “What the fuck? I am PISSED! I would have helped elect a republican if I wanted this shit!”

    Right-Wing Response to Left-Wing Reaction:
    “The president has limited powers. ”
    “Obama is not a dictator.”
    “Obama cannot make ponies appear just for you”
    “You don’t understand the reality of what Obama can accomplish, given his limited power.”
    “You don’t understand limits of the executive office, Obama needs 60 votes before he can do anything.”
    “Obama is limited by what he can do with a republican controlled Congress”

    Right-Wing Remedy for Stubborn Cases of Left-Wing WTF?
    “I see you don’t like Officer Obama, perhaps you’d like a visit by Officer Perry? He’s fond of water boarding. It’s legal now, in case you didn’t know. And if you demand a third option, we’ll throw in a few felony terrorism charges.

    1. Obama’s right wing record
    2. is defended by claims that Obama cannot do much because a Democratic President’s power is weak
    3. while threatening that Perry can do much more because a Republican President’s power is strong

    This democratic party strategy must have been designed by a bunch of MBA douche bags

    Is the Dem Leadership really this incompetent? Or is this a deliberate political strategy by right wing group-think that has ruptured the democratic party to keep liberals disillusioned, angry and away from the voting booth? It’s looking more like the latter.

    I can hear how it went down in campaign staff meetings: “it polled very positive in our focus group of basset hounds and DNC leadership”.

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