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    Joe Jervis at JoeMyGod has been amassing evidence for months that NOM is a Vatican/Catholic church front group. Same personnel, same fundraising address, etc., etc., etc. And that pretty much says it all.

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    There was a always a certain mellowness, even tenderness, in Nixon’s voice whenever he mentioned Rebozo that was quite uncharacteristic of him. I used to wonder about it. But the thought of Nixon being gay was simply too horrible to contemplate. It will haunt and disgust me all week–and probably well into the new year.

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    I agree with you, Autumn. Billy Wilder is my favorite director, and Some Like It Hot is one of his best films. I see it as being quite apart from most films in a similar vein. One of the two guys, the Jack Lemmon character, quite clearly comes to like cross-dressing–the discovers something in himself that he hadn’t been aware of before. Even more to the point, the straight man who wants to marry him isn’t bothered by the fact that he’s “really” a man. In 1959 America that was a wildly radical thing to present; the fact that it became a hit is testament to how well made the film is.

    But it is a product of its time, and its time was a half century ago. I can’t imagine it being remade today without being seriously offensive; I don’t think even a genius like Billy Wilder could pull that off. Your comparison with the racial stereotypes in Gone with the Wind is a good one. These things are best regarded as museum pieces, products of a less enlightened past. The ones that are well done should be appreciated in that context; the rest are best forgotten.

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    A “law center” named for Thomas More, the English chancellor who sentenced people to be burned at the stake for the abominable crime of reading the Bible in English. That’s a good one. Next up, the Mad Hatter Rationality Center.

  • Hey, this woman has a point. The Constitution says Catholics have the right to force their views on everyone else, doesn’t it? And it says the pope’s infallible and bread can be turned magically into meat. McDowell needs to be trained in constitutional law and stop harassing good, godly Catholics who are doing the work of the Lord by spreading hatred and superstition.

  • In a way it makes sense that Romney was the one to propose this. He may be the only Republican contender who can actually count to three.

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    In other NOM news, their financial statement for 2010 has been published. http://joemygod.blogspot.com/2011/12/noms-2010-financials-published.html
    No surprises whatever.

  • Maybe she can give him some help after the race is over, like maybe a job cutting bait on Todd’s fishing boat.

  • For as long as I can remember, there have been people in our community who argue that any attempt to further gay equality will “only make it worse for us.” When we got the gay rights ordinance passed in Pittsburgh, some of our most dogged opponents were prominent members of our own community, including several bar owners. And we’re still hearing the same guff from people with that mindset. This despite years of experience that prove that standing up for ourselves does not make things worse. Professor Downs (whether he’s gay or not) needs to wake up and smell the progress.

  • So many court rulings have reinforced the idea that “freedom of religion” trumps every other right guaranteed to citizens of this country, it’s hard to be optimistic that these clucks won’t win eventually. And since Michigan’s legislature believes that maltreating gay kids is okay if you do it for religious reasons, I’d guess that Ward’s prospects are especially rosy. God bless Amerika!

  • Child-rape is a “scourge”? No, Benny, it is a CRIME. Until Holy Mother Church deals with that fact honestly and insists that all cases of pedophilia be reported to civil authorities immediately, I guess society will just have to live with being scourged.

    To date the Catholic church worldwide has paid out more than a billion dollars in settlements and hush-money in pedophilia cases. Il Papa can bleat all he likes, but no other institution has come anywhere close to that. Granted, pedophilia occurs in all kinds of contexts, under all kinds of circumstances. But when it comes to child-rape the Catholic Church definitely sets the bar.

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    Does that figure include sales of pepper spray?

  • How exactly does calling the Catholic church to account for all their villainies and absurdities constitute “bashing”? When the GOP gets criticized or calling pizza a vegetable, or for harboring a “pro-marriage” serial adulterer like Gingrich, is that bashing too? The Catholic church has no right whatever to promulgate nonsense about bread turning magically into meat, much less to rape children and/or protect the child-rapists, and not have anyone notice. It is not bashing; it is accountability, something the Catholic church believes it should be immune to.

  • Just a guess: Maybe Law is stepping aside to make room in the Vatican for Bishop Finn, who is under active indictment for covering up for his pedophile priests. There is zero chance Holy Mother Church will let that good, saintly man do jail time, or even have to pay a fine.

  • Well. obviously only fetuses are persons, entitled to rights and dignity as human beings. Once birth occurs, all bets are off. Post-born as opposed to pre-born children have no right to education, housing, medical care or even nutrition, except of course for vegetables such as pizza. Once they reach adulthood, they have no right to vote, no right to be protected from harassment at the polls, and still no right to health care. And if they are members of minorities they have no reasonable right to any semblance of equal treatment under law.

    The only “persons” the right wing (which includes broad segments of the Democratic party) is interested in protecting are, by any sane standard, clearly not persons at all in any viable sense. God bless Amerika!

  • I used to think that watching these clucks make fools of themselves was the best ongoing comedy since F Troop. But I have to confess I’m starting to feel a bit squeamish about it. Watching them wallow in their self-delusion is starting to take on a zoo-ish dimension for me. Pay your admission fee and leer at the dumb animals! It’s almost on an order with the way madhouses in England used to let the public come in to laugh at the “loonies.”

    The problem isn’t that they embarrass themselves. They embarrass everyone else, and in a very unpleasant way. If they themselves had the ability to feel embarrassment, they’d just go away quietly and spare the rest of us the discomfort of watching them.

  • While I agree with the sentiments in this article, I have to point out that this is not “the legacy of DADT,” which lasted a mere 17 years. It is the legacy of Christianity, which pervades every aspect of our civic lives and which has been cheerfully, self-righeously tearing down the lives of gay people since the Theodosian Code was adopted in the 4th century.

  • The religious right claims–and, by and large unfortunately, the courts have agreed–that freedom of religion trumps every other right granted to citizens by the constitution. It is not simply one of a wide range of rights granted to Americans, it it THE right, the ne plus ultra of rights, never to be questioned or curtailed in any way. As long as your religion is Christian, that is. If a Christian doesn’t like your advocacy for LGBT equality and punches you in the face, that’s just fine, his freedom of religion is more important than your freedom of speech. If a trans kid makes a Christian kid uncomfortable and the Christian kid shoots him in the head, that’s fine too–his religion-based loathing is much more important that the queer kid’s right to be and express him/herself. And on and on and on. People who are concerned that we may turn into a theocracy are missing the clear fact that we already have one.

  • Now, let’s be fair. What other choice do they have? Given a choice between the Mormon pretty boy, the Mormon drip, the black sex fiend, the doddering libertarian, the Texas chucklehead, and the serial adulterer/divorcee, the last is the least offensive to their what-pass-for sensibilities.

    A good analogy would be middle America’s television viewing habits: Most people simply turn on the program that annoys them the least.

  • It’s really fascinating the way you ALWAYS try to justify the homophobic status quo–and the status quo in general. I have to admire your persistence if not your intelligence. You’re like the Little Engine that Could–except that you’ve run off the rails. For instance:

    First off, the US Congress is not in any way shape or form responsible for addressing the problems of the Economy of European Union.

    That is you at your typically clueless best. Check the news: the biggest creditors of the Greek economy are the US banks, and they are major creditors of Italy as well. If the European economy goes bust, our economy gets dragged down and we will suffer too. But our government shouldn’t lift a finger to address the situation. Yessirree, Geek, you’re sounding just as brilliant as always. Keep up the good work.

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