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  • The basic reason our “health” care system is a classic giant fail is because it is not “health” care at all. It is “sick” care. Now in Europe people practice preventive health care, or what I call “wellness” care, like massage, acupuncture, polarity, chiropractic, colonics, detox, etc. and this is included in the cost of doing business. Their population is much healthier than ours in America which relies on pharmaceuticals and 4 minutes with a doctor, which might turn out to be no help at all. In fact, it could be deadly. The reason 78% of all Americans are now paying out of pocket for alternative wellness care is because they get what they want from it—results. Which may be why draconian laws like North Carolina’s Senate Bill 31 is being pushed by big pharma which turns alternative health practitioners, like midwives and aromatherapists, into class one felons right next to child molesters. How sick is this paradigm? Wow. Really really sick.

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    I hope you vote on paper ballots in WI because the machines will rig an election this close (of course the “machines” have been programmed by unknown third parties) even with a 92% turnout and high voter anger. It is virtually impossible to audit machine votes except with a scientific exit poll (which apparently anymore only overturn elections in Ukraine). The ONLY advantage scanned ballots have (scanners can be rigged too) is the fact they cannot be turned into instant cyber trash. They can be audited efficiently by competent audit teams with hand counters because paper ballots have substance. The trick here is that you MUST get swift record request fulfillment before they have a chance to reprint the whole stack. Take it from this old election protector from Ohio too burnt out to do any protection on the suspicious 2010 goobernatorial race. OMG.

  • It sounds as if Prosser is displaying the classic signs of anger at his impotence.

  • Is Geithner leaving a loophole open for offshore tax cheats????? Looks like it.

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    These boys with toys have no idea WTF they are doing. These ops go horribly wrong all the time. Look at Napolitano getting it wrong shutting down 84,000 websites in a child porn sting op that unfairly ruined the lives and reputations of thousands of innocent business owners. Thank God for Anonymous or we would [...]

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    The Right wing wants to destroy unions before the elections of 2012. Now that they can buy elections outright because of the Citizens United decision, with unions neutered they can take them lock, stock and barrel, with or without rigged voting machines and tabulator malware. That is their strategy. Pure, simple.

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    Obama isn’t concerned if Mubarak stays or leaves. If plutocratic/fascist governments all over the world keep treating their people like this with U.S. supplied weapons, and they will, who is to stop them? I think America should be concerned that Obama has chosen to keep the torture facility at Guantanemo OPEN and that all the tear gas canisters lobbed at Egyptian protesters have a big “made in the USA” stamp on them. The U.S. gave a billion and a half dollars to this regime last year. Then O tells Mubarak to be just, fair and sweet to his people. He can’t speak out of both sides of his mouth and get away with it. How stupid does he think we are? Apparently, pretty stupid. Why do we allow this and how can we stop it? Will we only stop it when those tear gas canisters are being lobbed at Americans in the streets of America? When the Blackwater/Xe mercenary drones are flying over our houses dropping rabbit flu on us where we live? We are next sheeple.

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    My I smell a rat decoder is going off again. In light of WikiLeaks doc dumps, I would be watching closely for not only certain heads of state to announce “their retirement so they can spend more time with their family” schtik, but also diplomats, corporate and media moguls as well as their well-paid parrots, [...]

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