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  • radhika commented on the blog post Richest 1% Set To Own Over Half Of World’s Wealth

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    I just don’t understand my species – humans. We passively accept whatever passes for a society or economic system. I rarely hear it expressed “that just isn’t an OK way for OUR world to operate”.

    And just take back those assets, or use the rule of numbers (99% duh) to change the rules of the road. But we don’t. Worse, we peons are actively supporting those elites through elections, policing and prayer.

    It is said that humans are social animals, implying we work together. I think we are pack animals willing to defer to a pack leader.

    I give up.

  • Local activist called on Gov Jay Nixon NOT to appoint McColloch. The reasons sited included: multiple family members in the PD and his track record of letting police off the hook. Lots of conflicts of interest; lots of bias.

    Jay Nixon was fully prepared for this topic to just go away, but safely. Under the make-believe shield of an impartial Grand Jury of everyday folks. He is as much part of it as anyone else.

  • Ah the illusion of power. We get to see who is really running the Vatican show, and who is really controlling the purse strings. Just like we’re seeing on the national level. Good topic for dissertation, IMHO.

    Ye old infallible, duly elected Pope gets full-Obama treatment when crosses the old, male, cosseted RC Baggers in red robes and palaces.

  • You just gave Big Pharma one more reason to oppose legalization.

  • I’m a Californian. Originally, I thought the top-2 primary might accomplish some overall benefits. That may indeed happen, but there is much evidence that the system can easily be gamed.

    Example: Rep Henry Waxman is stepping down, making his seat open for the first time in decades. He was so popular in his heavily BLUE liberal district that was often unopposed at the primary level. Okay. Now the seat is open, and a ton of local liberal/centrist Democrats (with hi-profile resumes) stepped up, plus a Progressive indie. OTOH: Two Republicans with name visibility also ran. The left/liberal votes were split, the Republican got the top slot. Polarization again for November, but not based on policy position just on math.

    Other races in other parts of the state had the same result (or near result). The long term (liberal or conservative preference) of a certain district can be excluded from the General Election. Simply by one faction (not necessarily Party, but values)running several decent choices on one side of policy – and the opposing side observing disciple and offering only one or two possible alternative choices hence funneling votes.

    Whether you find that good or bad is your business. But the thought of a district or county ending up run by officials that got there by playing the numbers game distresses me.

  • They aren’t lying. It is part of customer service, but users are not their customers. We are the product sold to their customers.

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    Buddy is a Mormon. Until 1978, his church excluded blacks. He grew up with those attitudes enforced by dogma.

  • radhika commented on the diary post Let’s Stop Letting Bundy Supporters Off the Hook by spocko.

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    I still amazed by remarks from Bundy’s militia-style boosters. The idiot who suggested ‘putting women and children’ in the front lines – while they bunker with guns behind barriers – daring the Feds to gun them down. Hey, because, Freedom. IMO, that nails white, Right, patriarchy. Not just above the law. Or non-whites. Above even [...]

  • At this point, Obama simply lies on auto-pilot. I can’t bear to listen to him speak on any matter – I get a visceral ugh! response much like I had with Dubya.

  • radhika commented on the blog post Too Many 420 Road Signs Have Been Stolen in Colorado

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    419 should be reserved for Bicycle Day.

  • radhika commented on the blog post Pope Francis Seems to Be Making Republicans Nervous

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    The American Right Wing is faced with two impossible scenarios – things that just CAN’T be happening: 1) there’s a black man in the White House and 2) the topmost prelate of a major faith advocates FOR the poor and AGAINST greed.

    End Times indeed:)

  • radhika commented on the blog post James Woods Goes Off on Obama via Twitter

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    James Woods recently had a nifty story arc on Showtime’s ‘Ray Donovan’. He was a mob guy, with scores to settle with another character played by uber-wingnut John Voight.

    Both actors did solid work (Voight was amazing, frankly). But I’d love to be a fly-on-the-wall when these two schmoozed about the state of the world between takes.

  • radhika commented on the blog post Majority of Americans Want to Cut Off Military Aid to Egypt

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    That’s the Kiss of Death. Whenever the majority of Americans want something from the government, it doesn’t happen.

  • radhika commented on the blog post Poll Confirms Terry McAuliffe Holds Slim Lead in Virginia

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    Why is it so hard for the Democratic Party to come up with a candidate who voters could actually WANT – on his/her own merits? Not just to block a sociopath. Ugh, I think we know the answer to that one…but it’s still tragic.

    I’m sick of holding my nose and choosing the least odious.

  • radhika commented on the diary post North Carolina GOP Tack Multiple Abortion Restrictions Onto Sharia Law Bill by RH Reality Check.

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    I searched online using ‘Sharia law + abortion’. To my surprise, most schools of Islam, and most Islamic nations are more flexible and open-minded on that topic than North Carolina Republicans.

  • Everyone in the Health Services industry knew this. Every part of academia and the insurance industry knew this. Plus Max Baucus, lobbyists and rich donors.

    None of this was brought forth in a clear, public way during the odious healthcare debacle of 2009 that swept Obamacare into law – after nullifying Public Option, Single Payer and mandatory price controls.

    This is how end-stage capitalism works.

  • radhika commented on the diary post Time to Bell the Obama Cat by Norman Solomon.

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    I’d like to spend my next 4 years working to create alternatives: alternate economy, media, candidates that are 100% progressive and legal strategies. By the last one, I mean we need to find ways to keep activists on OUR side out of prison, alive and in their homes.

  • Charter schools have the option of deciding after a few months or a year that a specific child ‘isn’t the right fit for us’. Bounce back to public school.

    Gee, what kinds of kids do you think this happens to?

  • I am fully with you in support of public ed and against charters. It would help future reporting if news articles added some clarify however to whether problem schools report to the Super, or if they are independent and perhaps report to a CEO or shareholders. For me, that has policy implications – beyond the indictments.

    Out here in CA, we are flooded with charters (1000+) and there are 250+ just here in LA County. Tracing back this movement – well funded, with professionally-hyped ballot initiatives – it’s clear that corporate elites (hi-tech and venture capitalists here) have co-opted ‘School Reform’ for their own needs.

    I agree charters do NOT out-perform public schools, broadly speaking. When I work at the community level, it do not stress that fact alone. I stress that when corporate objectives dictate a nation/state’s approach to education – we are all in trouble.

    The investor class wants freedom to outsource, trash the environment, resist healthcare and worker protections, pay little or no taxes, keep wages at a minimum and undermine unions and smaller enterprises. Our kids are not getting broad brush training as trades people, small business owners/cooperative formers and non-profits advocates. They are being channeled into the skill set that global corporations want NOW, and to settle for the pay rate offered.

  • I agree. I checked multiple news stories. They all describe the schools as public schools in the traditional sense. Administered by the District, not independent.

    I am totally anti-charter, but the headline is misleading.

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