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  • At this point, Obama simply lies on auto-pilot. I can’t bear to listen to him speak on any matter – I get a visceral ugh! response much like I had with Dubya.

  • radhika commented on the blog post Too Many 420 Road Signs Have Been Stolen in Colorado

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    419 should be reserved for Bicycle Day.

  • radhika commented on the blog post Pope Francis Seems to Be Making Republicans Nervous

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    The American Right Wing is faced with two impossible scenarios – things that just CAN’T be happening: 1) there’s a black man in the White House and 2) the topmost prelate of a major faith advocates FOR the poor and AGAINST greed.

    End Times indeed:)

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    James Woods recently had a nifty story arc on Showtime’s ‘Ray Donovan’. He was a mob guy, with scores to settle with another character played by uber-wingnut John Voight.

    Both actors did solid work (Voight was amazing, frankly). But I’d love to be a fly-on-the-wall when these two schmoozed about the state of the world between takes.

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    That’s the Kiss of Death. Whenever the majority of Americans want something from the government, it doesn’t happen.

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    Why is it so hard for the Democratic Party to come up with a candidate who voters could actually WANT – on his/her own merits? Not just to block a sociopath. Ugh, I think we know the answer to that one…but it’s still tragic.

    I’m sick of holding my nose and choosing the least odious.

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    I searched online using ‘Sharia law + abortion’. To my surprise, most schools of Islam, and most Islamic nations are more flexible and open-minded on that topic than North Carolina Republicans.

  • Everyone in the Health Services industry knew this. Every part of academia and the insurance industry knew this. Plus Max Baucus, lobbyists and rich donors.

    None of this was brought forth in a clear, public way during the odious healthcare debacle of 2009 that swept Obamacare into law – after nullifying Public Option, Single Payer and mandatory price controls.

    This is how end-stage capitalism works.

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    I’d like to spend my next 4 years working to create alternatives: alternate economy, media, candidates that are 100% progressive and legal strategies. By the last one, I mean we need to find ways to keep activists on OUR side out of prison, alive and in their homes.

  • Charter schools have the option of deciding after a few months or a year that a specific child ‘isn’t the right fit for us’. Bounce back to public school.

    Gee, what kinds of kids do you think this happens to?

  • I am fully with you in support of public ed and against charters. It would help future reporting if news articles added some clarify however to whether problem schools report to the Super, or if they are independent and perhaps report to a CEO or shareholders. For me, that has policy implications – beyond the indictments.

    Out here in CA, we are flooded with charters (1000+) and there are 250+ just here in LA County. Tracing back this movement – well funded, with professionally-hyped ballot initiatives – it’s clear that corporate elites (hi-tech and venture capitalists here) have co-opted ‘School Reform’ for their own needs.

    I agree charters do NOT out-perform public schools, broadly speaking. When I work at the community level, it do not stress that fact alone. I stress that when corporate objectives dictate a nation/state’s approach to education – we are all in trouble.

    The investor class wants freedom to outsource, trash the environment, resist healthcare and worker protections, pay little or no taxes, keep wages at a minimum and undermine unions and smaller enterprises. Our kids are not getting broad brush training as trades people, small business owners/cooperative formers and non-profits advocates. They are being channeled into the skill set that global corporations want NOW, and to settle for the pay rate offered.

  • I agree. I checked multiple news stories. They all describe the schools as public schools in the traditional sense. Administered by the District, not independent.

    I am totally anti-charter, but the headline is misleading.

  • What happened to being barred from the securities industry? For a time, or for life.

  • It’s useless to push for a settlement freeze. It just won’t happen. Modern Israel under Netanyahu is totally fine with ignoring BHO and anything else the US/UN might say.

    No one in US politics has the eggs/balls to get tough on this matter.

  • I live in the LA Metro Area (Henry Waxman’s District) and noticed that of our local Dems, only Maxine Waters has put pen to paper. What DID surprise me is that Henry Waxman is no longer part of the Progressive Caucus. He was in that group for years, now is not. I called his office, [...]

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    I smiled when I read Eric Holder’s response to Rand Paul – about drones.

    “Does the President have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil?” The answer to that question is no.

    Sounds good on the surface, thanks Eric. But with all the parsing, twisting and sophistry our government does what does ‘engaged in combat mean”? Is it a civilian using a cellphone or IPAD in a cafe on the suspicion someone is sending some signal or other information? And how is this decided, how does a person know he or she can be considered a combatant by using tools of modern living.

    Continue to press Brennan, Obama and everyone on this question.

  • Last night, Maddow responded to one of the most frequent questions online: Why now? So we know the network is watching our reactions.

    Maddow did NOT mention the other big online question: Media’s role in general, MSNBC’s role (include dumping Phil Donohue). In another 10 years, maybe NBC will do another doc about warrant-less surveillance and Obama’s kill list, pointing fingers at everyone except themselves.

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    She is a blood-sucking extractor that unfortunately thrives in today’s predatory society. Recent coverage of this case and Aaron Swartz may nix her Governorship dreams, but she’ll always find a plushy home in bureaucracy.

  • If foetal Obama was able to pre-plan his fake Hawaian birth, he’s smart enough to pre-plan his fascist takeover for a second term. It all makes sense when you examine the patterns.

  • radhika commented on the blog post Frontline Exposes DOJ’s Failure To Prosecute Wall Street

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    Just wiki’d Lanny Breuer. Seems like he has built his career keeping Banksters out of jail.

    Latest insult was letting HCSB off with a fine equal to 4 weeks profit for world-class money laundering. Before that BP got a fine for 11 counts of crminal manslaughter. His whole professional arc is a metaphor for the corruption of our public institutions.


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