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    When getting to the bottom of things never forget cardinal rule #1: FOLLOW THE MONEY!

    When has John McCain NOT been in thrall to savings and loans, banks, and/or oligarchs? When has Barack Obama NOT been in thrall to banks, hedge funds, and/or oligarchs?

    How did the list of “rogue states” come to include only states that prohibit interest and refuse to join the Bank of International Settlements? What are those “rogue states?” Syria, Iran, Somalia, North Korea, Cuba and, previously Iraq and Libya. Regime change has been accomplished in two plus Afghanistan.

    Syria is next and then the neocons/neolibs move on the big enchilada: Iran. And the shills will be as busy as Kerry is now trying to construct bullshit arguments to cover over the fact that it’s being done so the banks have no enemies left in their takeover.

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    How many CIA types no matter the title found out what the inside of a jail looked like from the other side of the cage bars?

    One that I can think of: John Kiriakou.

    But, of course, he stands rather more on the “whistleblower” side of things with B. Manning these days.

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    Excellent comment, bigchin. I wish I could recommend the comment.

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    Recommended. My largest “swallow” with your piece is the obnoxious use of “entitlement” used as Republicans have defined its use since before Reagan. SS and Medicare are simply social goods — as the giving over multi-trillion dollar monies over to banks and corporations in order to cover the egregious failures of the MOTUs are NOT [...]

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    Thank ya both, blue & 21st. Glen Ford is always good for a take down of new black hopes like Cory, although the comments by Enlightened Cynic do give one pause about going too hard at Booker, or even Barack.

    Difficult choices.

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    Cory is a shrewd media hound, choreographing his mayoral waltzes quite well. But, hell, ow is that different than 95% of all the elected officials in USA? Personally, as a Jersey Girl, I’d have liked to have seen a more thorough deboning and filleting, but the writing is excellent and the content is above-average. Recommended. [...]

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    What they believe is that each of them will eventually be the last one standing. They definitely believe their “survival of the fittest” bs. What hey cannot conceive is that life will prove that they are not the fittest. Lotsa the rest of us will die for this pipe-dream, but those left behind will be [...]

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    The extension & pretension of the legacy parties to give everything to the pirates for looting and the subsequent “playoffs” to congress critters in both houses & both parties needs reporting for what it is: the death rattle of an over-extended, bloated, tottering, zombie empire.

    USA currently allows a cooperative arrangement between the Fed and the Chinese government to allow the “printing” of USA money. Why are such items not reported on television news?

  • the apology and the hug are NOT going to make up for the trauma this young man went through.

    Yes, they are not.

    In point of fact after I have been undressed and searched by someone is the “hug” a means of “making-up” or just more abuse tacked on to make the moron who did the strip-search feel better about herself?

    If she were male and the incident took place at a workplace would she be charged with a crime?

    If yes, then what makes this different?

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    Casey was safe. She was a girl.

    Actually, no she was not. And the statement itself tends to follow the Roman bs that all of the pedophilia is related to gay males. What utter tripe.

    Pedophiles prey on children. The pedophiles are pedophiles, neither straight nor gay. The Roman Catholic Church has spent centuries — most of two millennia — being a safe haven for pedophiles. Period.

    Please, educate yourself about priestly pedophiles and the fact that they have been non-sexist in their choices of children to sexually and physically abuse.

  • The problem is, when you ask people with high inocomes to pay too much, they put their money elsewhere to shield their incomes from taxes.

    Umm, no. The Repugs just say they do that. You’ve been listening to Rush again, haven’t you. Actually, they don’t. Not in the 50s and not now, they stay and have their accountants and attorneys lower the bills to about 35%.

    The “the job creators” are gonna go to China or Bangladesh is utterly bs on two accounts.

    1) They do not create jobs, that would be too much like work. They create financial instruments and up usury to above 20% levels. That way they can sit at the track and sip cognac and make more in two hours than you’ll make in a career.

    2) They’ve already exported most of the jobs outta here already. But they won’t export themselves. They are just too addicted to the game to understand how they are cutting their own throats. All that social and infrastructure that makes for a good place to live at a rather modest expense? That goes up by a whole lot when you have to pay for your own security army and its training, build your own roads and educate your own children.

  • Catherine,

    In reading your response it seems like you’re asking for a finished product to be provided before the production line has even been built.

    Bradley Manning said: “everything started slipping after that… i saw things differently” That sounds like the beginning of a process, not the culmination of it. Perhaps there were no records of the event left. Perhaps he could recall the event, but not the particulars. After all, when he’s chatting with Lamo, he’s removed from that original set of actions and thoughts by some distance. Naturally, one might make one’s conversion as a particular time (which you evidently would prefer.)

    But he seems not to be doing that. Manning seems instead to be saying “as I look back I think this is where I maybe started to feel like something had gone wrong. After pondering and watching more I eventually camr to the conclusion ….”

    I dunno how you think, but that pattern would follow my conversion experiences pretty much to the period. I seldom arrive convinced and ready for action when I first see something that makes re-think a cherished belief (America first, last and always, for instance, we are always the good guys.) That belief would require some wearing down over time. There’s very little, I imagine, after the sort of indoctrination that most of us go through, that could/would make an abrupt change in our thinking and acting. Why would bradley Manning be different?

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