• This is a pretty old story, maybe 2 months ago. It went nowhere, since it was nuts. Not sure why it is here, now, unless this site just looks for stuff to fire up its readers.

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    We need drones, 30,000 of them, flying over our heads like victims of a terror government in a science-fiction move need drones flying over their heads, killing those who dare go out in the streets: ’cause it’s in the script. Next it’ll be robocops patrolling your neighborhood. Think of the contract for that one. Seriously, this is a nightmare coming down on us by a police state. Look at the speed of the implementation. WTF? Who even needs this? Only oppressors.

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    Lake Eerie, please.

  • Was this so the Pakistanis and the Taliban could play soccer?

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    I live in WI, and am a petition circulator, of course. I know a young woman who found out her cervix is compromised by Planned Parenthood reproductive care, just this fall. She is poor, has never voted, and I am trying to get her and her friends to care. This is so sad. I must say, the intimidation, obscenity, and vandalism (I have experienced all three) in the recall is all coming from one side, the republicans, if that’s what you call them. This really is good vs. evil, once you get past the ignorance and Schadenfreude of Walker backers and come to the 1%ers behind this asshole careerist who couldn’t get through college. He is the antithesis of the Wisconsin Idea, and we who grew up here know that best. And, let’s all fight these ALEC scum everywhere!

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    These people are the pawns being pushed by people like the Kochs, Pete Peterson, and the FIRE sector, with ALEC marching orders (well, pawns must be able to march, if they are soldiers, although that seems a bit grand for pawns). This is organized class war, with years of planning and buying politicians. The brazenness is new, on the state= local level, and bespeaks an endgame thrust that we got first at the national level by the installation of Bush by the FL + SCOTUS scheme. That is when democracy was stabbed in the back. Now it is getting slashed face-to-face.

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    I agree. He was a Trojan Horse, and is an Uncle Tom. He is the logical conclusion of cynical manipulation.

  • I have a better idea, that will save all us Wisconsinites a lot of money, and fit Walker’s plans perfectly: use prisoners to provide security at the capitol. It’ll be free, minus the transport, although they could walk there in a chain-gang, the orange jumpsuits would make it clear who is who, and it could count as their exercise time, esp. if they walked up and down the four flights of marble stairs in all wings of the place. I mean, he did have four prisoners decorate the FUCKING CHRISTMAS TREE, Jesus F-ing Christ! Personally, I ‘d like some female prisoners providing security, too, esp. near the rest rooms. Any of them get out of hand, we can shoot them on the spot with the concealed weapons now allowed in the capitol, THANK GOD AND JESUS. But, then, this would be a cheaper way to facilitate free speech and assembly, and that is not what Walker is about. He is for tyranny. Sic semper ignoramus. RECALL WALKER!

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    Yeah, as I wrote a German FB friend this morning, Greece’s “progress” to having a bankster PM is just progress toward debt-slavery; maybe they should just go right (back) to the generals, who might even care about the country a little. This is global banker-fascism, isn’t it, with NATO as the military enforcer for non-compliants like Libya?

  • If corporations are people, there must also be females. So, blowing is just one approach.

  • I tend to think the political class has no laws, so it’s nice to see that’s not true, they are just secrets from the rest of us. But, the only way to get Walker on laws is Fed, because the WI supreme court is bought. Yes, recall.

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    You have the real reason. Even though he’d make a fool out of Walker in any debate, assuming Walker would agree (he’d need the ALEC ear-piece, could borrow Bush’s), the Kochs would throw the store at Feingold because he is a so-called, but not actual, progressive, and his McCain-Feingold stance on election contribution limitation, even the “notion,” is the anthesis of the Citizens United treason and the rest of what the Kochs stand for, and demand. They’d simply call him a tax Jew, go right to fascist roots.

  • This notification will simply help the police to make “preventative detainments,” I’d say. Just nab them at the airport, or maybe in their home city.

  • I didn’t see the link on that page, at ;east it is not easy to find, but if it is his recent one with Thom H., I just watched it today. Pretty outraged, and a pretty bleak forecast for the common US citizen.

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    He also sated The Carter Doctrine–the Mid-East oil reserves are “ours.” This is imperialism, and he was functioning as a corporate emperor of the MIC. He was a sub commander, you know.

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    Like Walker here in WI at the public appearances he tries to make photo-ops, Obama should now be jeered and booed, at the least, if he appears and tries to flap his famous lair’s mouth. I think he may just quit, retire to the club, and work for the IMF or JP Morgan. If he is assigned a second term, I predict a lot of golf, and foreign travel to speak to colored folk, The Opening of Africa.

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    I’ve always felt the same about Carter, but, I have also read that it was he who began the corporate deregulation that Reagan-Clinton-Bush-Obama pushed along to give US Citizens United. I’ve always wondered if the hostage-rescue-desert disaster was an inside job to get rid of him. His CAFE gas legislation was the most important measure, and the end run around it by Congress/Detroit was a fatal, self-inflicted wound.

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    good link. I read it all. not pretty, and some of it sounds a lot like the “austerity” and reform that republican governors like Scott Walker want to bring into states like Wisconsin, which was traditionally a union state, essentially destroying government by ruining the wages of public-sector workers, privatizing those services at lower wages, [...]

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    Hey, we’ve got to get Bloomquist and Salander on this right away. But, if he was set up to be seduced, there is a link missing : how did this “agent” woman get him in bed? Also, did both these woman “lure” him into unprotected sex, and sex by surprise? Seems kind of far fetched. [...]

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