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  • Just a tip: “Arabic” is the language. The person is Arab–both noun and adjective. They do get irritated when peole get it wrong.

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    I guess they don’t pay their spokesmen much either. That one should have learned in elementary that it’s “a large number of protesters” NOT “a large amount of protesters.” Individuals as opposed to mass.

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    “Christian chose Nov. 5 because of its association with 17th century British folk hero Guy Fawkes, who tried to blow up the House of Lords but was captured on that date in 1605.”

    Rubbish! Guy Fawkes was the villain,i/> and his villainy is still celebrated every year in the UK when he is burned in effigy on bonfires all over the nation and fireworks are let off in celebration of his failure. Blowing up monarchs and elected parliaments is frowned on in the UK.

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    Obama is not on the side of people who ARE clever, either! Just look at his refusal to listen to our most eminent (including Nobel prizewinners) economists.

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    It may be legal but it is certainly unconstitutional.

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    This is true. Just go into any pub in England and you’ll find people of all social classes discussing politics and world affairs, not just domestic affairs. They are politically engaged and, unlike so many Americans who consider themselves politically engaged, the Brits are actually politically informed; they don’t get their talking points from wingnut blowhards–probably because there are no wingnut blowhards over there.

  • It’s important to recognize that the western province of Libya, where the capital is and where only small demos have been taking place (and those very recently) is dominated by Qadafy’s tribe (I forget its name) while the eastern province is Sanoussi territory, the territory of the king of Libya deposed by Qadafy’s military cabal in 1969. The rebellion in which Libya drove out the Italian occupiers was led by the Sanoussis. Qadafy’s “free officers’” coup deposed the king and curtailed the influence of the eaterners. I mention this because it no doubt accounts for the greater uprising in Benghazi than in Tripoli and perhaps also for the need to import foreign thugs to put down the demos in Beghazi.

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