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  • Ralph commented on the blog post Late Night: Wet Firecrackers

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    I had actually forgotten how angry I was in about 2005 when a (probably well-meaning) realtor stuck little flags into everyone’s lawns in my neighborhood. I called the realty office and loudly fumed at whoever answered.

    Today I regret having yelled like that, but at the time, I felt besieged by all this militant patriotism — or should I say, nationalism. I may have ruined somebody’s day, but on the other hand, flags no longer appear on our lawns on 4th of July, for which I’m glad.

  • Ralph commented on the diary post North Carolina GOP Tack Multiple Abortion Restrictions Onto Sharia Law Bill by RH Reality Check.

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    So in the process of outlawing the Muslim law of Sharia — which oddly enough has never been proposed there — they started building up the Christian version of exactly the same kind of legal system, by taking women’s reproductive decisions out of their own control.

  • Ralph commented on the blog post Bolivian President’s Plane Grounded On Snowden Fears

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    Exactly, which is why this is turning into a very sad story. Obama begins to remind me of Lyndon Johnson, obsessed with pursuing a military victory which existed only in his own mind. Stopping that plane was an astoundingly bad idea.

  • Any fool can see that more guns means less shooting.

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    Somehow, people (of all ages) will have to become immune to the mind-altering technology we have built around ourselves. That would be difficult enough, but the situation is even more challenging, because we are inventing new intrusive technologies faster than ever.

    The problem, of course, is not just about sex-related material, but actually involves everything we take in from the electronic environment that increasingly surrounds us during every waking hour.

    Right now we are all sitting inside a gigantic technological experiment, waiting to see what happens to our minds as we spend larger and larger fractions of our time interacting with a computer screen. Who can say what the outcome might be? We either have to become smarter as humans — maybe with the help of some of our own technology — or watch our civilization implode as a result of overpopulation and resource exhaustion.

  • Mark Twain wrote something like, “A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on.” At this particular moment in American history, we can see with great clarity just how right he was.

    My only remaining question is, how did human civilization ever get as far as it has? Believing all those lies should have killed us off long ago. But no, here we are. It is a puzzle.

  • You just have to laugh. We do the funniest things, our species, don’t we?

  • In terms of their respective organizations’ longevity and overall importance to women, there is no comparison. The organization that became Planned Parenthood has been helping generations women with reproductive and autonomy issues since before Susan G. Komen was born. Margaret Sanger’s first birth control clinic opened in 1916. She continued opening birth control clinics, and in 1939, her organization, Birth Control Council of America, combined with the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau to form the Birth Control Federation of America. In 1942 that organization was renamed Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

    Planned Parenthood has worked not only for sexual and reproductive rights for women but also for the rights and health of pregnant teens, for community reproductive health education for both sexes and for many related issues.

    The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in 1982.

    The above and much more historical information can be found in the Wikipedia article “Birth control movement in the United States.”

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    That just makes no sense. Wait until the Republicans nominate someone, then make up your mind. I would definitely consider voting for Ron Paul. I might not do it, but I would consider it very seriously.

    Paul seems to be honest. Unfortunately, that means he probably has no chance to get the nomination.

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    You mean arrogated, not aggregated.

  • Ralph commented on the diary post Obama Crowned Himself on New Year’s Eve by David Swanson.

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    This is paranoia. There is no reason to believe Obama wants prison camps. What purpose would it serve? He already does whatever he wants.

  • Ralph commented on the diary post Obama Crowned Himself on New Year’s Eve by David Swanson.

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    That is paranoid thinking. Obama is not a traitor. What would give you that idea?

    He does not seem to be a good president, but that is a different question entirely.

  • Ralph commented on the diary post Obama Crowned Himself on New Year’s Eve by David Swanson.

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    I imagined Obama might finally be the president who would tell people the straight truth about what is going on. What a disappointment. Nevertheless, I don’t think it’s right to call him a “house negro.” Historically, the slave imagery is irrelevant. Obama turns out to be either a closet fascist, or a weak leader, or [...]

  • To me the whole practice of American Football as played by young people under the supervision of adults is inherently abusive. In my individual, biased opinion, the whole activity is a waste of kids’ time and health that takes place for the gratification of adults.

    I am sure football has redeeming characteristics related to camaraderie and leadership among the kids who play it. It encourages competition among kids, which can work out very well in some people’s lives.

    But I don’t like it.

  • Ralph commented on the blog post Townhall Hosts the Worst Defense of Religious Bigotry Ever

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    The fact that Bachmann believes the Pope is the Antichrist somehow makes me feel better. If these people really hate Catholicism so much, it’s not quite so surprising that they also hate blacks, jews, gays, immigrants, the government, and so on.

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    I don’t think it is going to be possible for 7+ billion selfish, argumentative, jealous and often sadly misinformed human beings to change course. I comfort myself with the idea that within a few million years (only a coffee break for geologists), everything will be more or less back to normal, sans mass human technological [...]

  • Ralph commented on the blog post Lynndie England Testifying Before Grand Jury Today

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    What a story. Everything is rotten, it seems, in the state of ‘Merca.

  • Ralph commented on the diary post The 22 Children of Guantanamo by Phoenix Woman.

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    It is so shaming to learn that my native country, which I once thought of with such pride as “Your land, my land,” has imprisoned minors in the manner of the British Crown in the time of Charles Dickens — and likely treated the Guantanao kids even worse. Looking with open eyes at both the [...]

  • The Executive Branch no longer pays attention to any laws that might restrict its actions.

  • Just take what you want. Just make sure you do it in the next two … or maybe three … or who knows? years

    Marcy, don’t trouble yourself about their limited time left to act before things are finally sewn up tight. By then numerous countries and groups — some working alone, others collaborating — will have installed so many trojan-horse information-dispersal software robots (and maybe some hardware ones as well) that the existing DOD computers will never be secure again.

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