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  • I am not a violent person and I’m not suggesting that anyone do what I’m about to propose. That said, how about we gather all of the West Virginia “officials” from the governor on down and for good measure, include all the executives from Freedom Industries and then, invite them to sit in tanks of “clean” water from the polluted zone. Give them plenty of time to soak it all in and occasionally, dunk them under the water to be sure they have opportunity to ingest a few gallons of WV’s clean, pure, and pristine water! Any volunteers??

  • Did he just admit that Romney is a moron?

  • Hey Tony,

    Be careful what you say because if you take your argument to its logical conclusion, all the right-wing wackadoodles who have listened to Beck, O’Lielly, Limbaugh, and yes, YOU, were given a “license to kill” by your own words. Ipso facto … you are responsible for your minions, too!

  • I’ll bet that “Mike” Wallace was glad to hear he’s still alIve and working for Fox News.

  • Allen can require that everyone by a Glock when he’s the president … in other words … NEVER!

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    I taught at a private prep school. I remember one of my students with a “C” average getting a scholarship to Harvard, not because of some unique talent and surely not because of his superior intellect or work ethic. He was given a scholarship based solely on the fact that his father was the president [...]

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    For all the “rugged individualists” out there, could we please come up with some legally binding document they could sign stating their desire to be exempt from any medical care that they could not or would not pay for? Society, Doctors, and care-givers would not be held liable for failure to provide services. Let these [...]

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    I teach H.S. English and Swift is often lost on today’s students. They think literally and seem to have a hard time with satire (except when it’s their own). Ironically (and sadly), conservatives today are no different than they were in Swift’s day. They lamented their circumstance but refused to take any action whatsoever to alleviate the problem. Today’s Cons are the same. For example: If there’s fraud and abuse in the Medicaid program, don’t hire enough staff to root out and eliminate it, eliminate the whole program instead! If banksters crash the economy, don’t investigate to discover what went wrong and regulate appropriately … blame everyone and give your rich benefactors a multi-trillion dollar bail-out while working hard to cover up any and all wrongdoing. My only quibble with your position is the fact that by failing to eat the “takers,” we lose out on a valuable resource that could be leveraged for the “makers” profit … and we all know that profit is what keeps the “job creators” in a position of power over the “parasites.” Cheers!

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    Perhaps Mr. Obama should listen to Winston Churchill among others who have said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” How can someone supposedly so “smart” be so “dumb?”

  • I grew up in the 50s and 60s. We didn’t rebel against the social etiquette of the times … we rebelled against the HYPOCRICY of the times. We were sold a historical and political “bill of goods” that we did not see reflected in the reality of our lives or in American society as a whole. We were taught to tell the truth but our leaders lied to us. We were taught that “all men are created equal” but that some were more equal than others. We were taught that America has always been a bastion of liberty and democracy but discovered that many of our “allies” were dictators and despots. You get the idea. How about we work on being honest, treat people the way we want to be treated, love our neighbors as ourselves, and consistently apply what we profess to believe in our words and actions. Social mores cannot be maintained when they are based on lies. Republicans PREFER the mask to the reality, therefore they prefer the lie to the truth. They defend their right to be hypocrites by defending the mask. The fantasy of “the good ol’ days” is how they retain their relevance … at least in their own minds.