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  • rapier51 commented on the blog post Stop the Secrecy: Make the TPP Text Public

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    TPP is losing it’s importance. The T-TIP, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, is the big game now. Don’t lose sight of this one.

    In either case I think people are missing the prime driver, the primary strategic goal, of these. All the stuff about regulation or lack thereof and the myriad ways specific corporations and industries will get benefit are just tactical. The overall goal is to try and maintain the US Dollar as the defacto world reserve currency. Especially in regard to oil and the trading of financial assets. Trading denominated and settled in dollars. Everything you know or think you know depends upon king dollar.

  • rapier51 commented on the diary post Keystone XL Review Extended, Delaying Final Decision Until After 2014 Elections by Steve Horn.

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    Everyone knows it will be approved so it is cowardice to delay. The purpose being to not lose the few marginal Democratic voters who might stay home and not vote if the go ahead was issued. The ones who still have hope.

  • rapier51 commented on the blog post Kiev’s Military Campaign In East Ukraine Collapses

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    The Ukrainian military collapse started the moment the coup took place and then really went downhill after the Crimean separation. At any rate the new president who we selected oversees something that can’t really be called a government.

    It is difficult to say exactly what the NY Times on Sunday call Ukraine’s “security forces” really are. Certainly salted among them are US paramilitary contractors and an equally shady NATO special force, some disheartend Ukrainin soldiers, probably various pickup groups from the neo fascist right, and who knows who else. Who is paying all these people? I think we can guess. Here is a hint. Ukraine has no money.

    By the way we just guaranteed a $1bn loan to Ukraine who will use it I suppose to pay half the $2bn Gazprom is demanding to keep the gas flowing. A bridge loan I suppose waiting for the IMF and EU to fork over the first of billions needed to sort of keep the place running or at least give that appearance.

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    The Saudis relentless expansion of their oil reserves and sending almost every drop to market for 40 years is the best way to understand the history of the last 40 years. All of it up to and including global warming.

    The mostly good supply of oil these last 40 years allowed those in power in the Western world to stay in power. Allowed the burial of those who spoke of limits, and goals other than ‘growth’ and the list could go on and on. So we burned 50 years worth of oil wastefully, and made the rich richer. The later in concert with the financialization of the world and the explosion of debt done by and for the rich.

    This story is ending. It was a desperate futile game. Energy supplies are still adequate but not cheap and only cheap oil allows real ‘growth’ of the kind everyone wants. (Even if they don’t want more C02, not realizing you cannot have one without the other)

    The Saudis, our partner so long as they ignored Israel, has made our world.

    As to the political status of the Saudi state now ,the worlds only absolute monarchy, it is a mess. The king, the last son of the founder is going fast. The family will not hold. The natives are restless. Stay tuned.

  • I like Lewis a lot and since Liar’s Poker his books are invaluable but this discussion is sort of off base. It should be noted the 60 Minutes piece really put this on the front burner.

    The thing is it is a secondary sort of thing in the big picture. First of all Lewis is misstating the case with the word rigged. While High Speed Trading could be an instrument of rigging for the most part it simply acts as a tax.

    In the big picture the true rigging is done by central banks, particularly the Fed and Bank of Japan. Their QE is a direct rigging of the markets by means of adding demand for financial assets, mostly stocks and bonds. This is why stocks are at a new high.

    Most everyone here is bamboozled into thinking QE is good, good for jobs. Actually there is no correlation. There is no correlation because there is actually no mechanism which would transfer the ‘printed’ money into the jobs economy. It starts and stays in the financial economy. Well a bit does trickle down.

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    “The dolts in Michigan don’t realize their water is far more precious…”

    The refinery is in Indiana and as these things go the lake at that point is in Indiana. As if that makes a difference. The refinery has been there a very very long time and I assume this leak only got press because they recently spent a ton of money to refine dilbit.( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dilbit) That is the stuff from tar sands which isn’t oil, as a technical matter.

    My point is over the decades much oil and refined products have certainly gone into Lake Michigan it’s just not reported. The Indiana Illinois border area near the lake is an industrial wasteland. Just imagine an industrial wasteland, . Whatever you imagined this area would fit perfectly.

    Not to mention industry on the 1600 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline has or had thousands of polluters over history. Still the water is pretty good with mercury I think being the worst issue and much of that accumulates from rainfall. Safe human use of Lake Michigan water is not really in much question going forward.

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    There are no Ukrainian forces. Over half of the armed forces in the East and Crimea have essentially joined the Russian army. Nowhere in the Ukraine does the military leadership follow orders or even recognize the so called government in Kiev.

  • So of course Bill thinks people must serve the system. That’s a given. Also a given is that he is too cowardly to take this to its logical conclusion. That is that the system does not need probably half of the people. Obviously corporations are not going to hire people they don’t need which would cost more than the often sub 5% real rate many of them pay now. The logical conclusion is to abandon them. Not kill them probably but short lifespans would help, but just abandon them.

    Sector 12 anyone? The vast middle of the continent 20 miles or more from an interstate should suffice.

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    This is the age of Economics but it will pass.

  • rapier51 commented on the diary post Was Malaysia Airlines Flight #MH370 hijacked and hidden? by Masoninblue.

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    One possibility is that the plane depressurized, by total accident or by some incident like gunshots from a hijacker. In either case mismanagement by the crew could have lead to them losing consciousness and control. The supposed turning off of communications systems adds all sorts of possibilities within this theory but I wouldn’t take these [...]

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    RE:Any wonder why there’s never been an Al Queda attack on Israeli soil…? Al Queda like all Salfi Jihaidists spring out of the Saudi form of fundamentalist Islam. Neither are that concerned about Israel. The Palestinians were and are very secular and Salafi’s are concerned with sectarian issues among Muslim peoples and states. The very [...]

  • rapier51 commented on the diary post Supremely disturbing constitutional analysis changes bill of rights by patrick devlin.

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    Old habits are hard to break. Like the quaint old ideas about individual liberty. It’s been obvious for 30 years that only institutions, government, corporate or in between and those who are part of them have liberty and that single individuals have none. Still it’s jarring when one sees it being codified. Roberts and Alito [...]

  • It’s been my assumption since day one that the contractor corps was filled with real spies and those willing to sell information. Obviously having thousands of poorly vetted people with access is an invitation to snoop.

    I had thought this would soon be a scandal for Booze Allen and the rest but no thy seem to be off the hook. Soon after this happened Booze sold a billion dollars of bonds and paid it all out as a special dividend. The biggest shareholder?

    Wait for it…. Carlyle Group. No wonder Booze is off the hook and all focus is on Snowden.

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    In the end Saudis, citizens that is and not necessarily official government actors acting for the government, such as it is, a monarchy you will recall, are the founders of Salafi Jihadism. The natural outcome of their brand of Muslim Fundamentalism. Our partnership with Saudi Arabia, actually cemented by Jimmy Carter has been the defining [...]

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    I wonder who among the throng beating the Benghazi drum know how many US personnel were killed during the Grenada action?

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    It’s twilight of the elites baby. You could not possibly invent a person more devoted to the elites than Obama after all. They wrote ACA after all. He didn’t have a thing to do with it. He said, in essence, Max, work it out with the interested parties. Those being medical, pharma, insurance and lastly, somewhat, governmental agencies serving the poor. So they worked it out, It’s a mess but may work, kind of.

    ACA isn’t really the point. Nobody believes in the economy anymore and even the biggest players no longer believe in the financial markets. The MSM assumes everyone believes in these things so all appears normal butconfidence in the system(s) is a mile wide and an inch deep. And there is no possible way out. The last best desperate hope for chance was Obama who has adopted no change to the status of fetish.

    Change you can suspend your disbelief in.

    I don’t have any answers.

  • It’s raw clout. Holder was and is a lawyer for those with clout. Let me step back. Do you remember that word,clout? An old Chicago Machine standby. Obama was selected, really by Rahm, on the basis that he looked and sounded different but he, Obama, would defer to clout every time. The permanent defense and intelligence apparatus, check. The largest corporations, check. The largest banks, check. So Holder, an apparent expert on clout was made AG.

    The only surprise is that the meeting was official or not handled through back channels. Or why Dimon even thought it necessary. He’s a made man after all. Holder would sooner put a sharp stick into his eye as mess with the likes of Dimon.

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    Posner is a fruitcake.

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    Substitute Not a company man or not a team player.

  • GS,JPM, MS and other banking giants entire model is conflict of interest. You don’t make trading profits on 95% or more days for over four years without conflicts of interest between the banking biz, the trading biz, the exchanges, the Fed, the Treasury and the regulators or in other words the government itself.

    It matters not if this is now sealed because the story is out and has already come and gone. Nobody who is anybody cares. In two or five years the suit will end, perhaps with the plaintiff winning some money, end of story.

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