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    It doesn’t matter WHO supported them, the fact is that it was a socialist group where the government controlled all manner and facets of the economy. THAT is extreme left wing, and once again the extremes of communism/socialism and fascism has always ended badly, with millions of senseless deaths and lack of freedom.

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    I don’t let anyone form my opinions. I know what I saw on the video. The only reason I used the term “black man”, was just stating the fact that a black man was beaten. Just because someone mentions race, doesn’t imply racism. Yes, the attacker was black. However, the observation was that the beating came from people with SEIU shirts. SEIU leadership has proclaimed on multiple occasions that they are against the free market, workers of the world unite among a plethora of left leaning/socialist agendas.

    The blog that you site as a ‘research source’ is nothing more than a St Louis based ‘progressive’ blog. I don’t see objective facts, backed with video/audio, only speculation, opinion and conjecture. If this wasn’t a left wing/SEIU attack, show me the proof…. not an opinion blog with progressive agendas.

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    So you are saying that those two writings are ‘right wing’ documents? Remember, the NAZI’s were National Socialists (left wing), regardless of what is said in the media, and Carl Marx and all his writings are left wing. If you are trying to argue that point, your own ignorance is only surpassed by your blind following of an ideology that history shows always ends badly.

    Try to avoid personal attacks, as it only weakens your argument and makes you look angry. Spelling aside, if that’s all you have… you have nothing. Instead of resorting to anger and personal attacks, maybe you could look objectively and realize that there is truth in my statements.

    The bottom line of what I had said is that we all have (hopefully), the best interests of the nation and freedom at heart, just different ways to get there, and peaceful discourse in order to find solutions is the answer, not violence.

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    The fact that the majority of the people here have the desperate need to politicize a tragic event like this is disgusting, but shamefully typical. Even a cursory look at this guy shows him to be a disturbed and unbalanced person. His videos are incoherent. He was refused military service and kicked out of college due to his mental state. When you look at his ‘favorite readings’, they are Mein Camp, and the Communist Manifesto. I’m afraid that his influences are decidedly from the left.

    In truth, the violence very rarely comes from the right. You can rant and rave over the Tea Party people all you want, but the facts show that no violence has ever been shown to have taken place at any rally or from any Tea Partier. When Nancy Pelosi paraded through the crowd before the signing of the health care bill, she felt the need to lie about being harassed and spit on from the ‘racists from the right’. I say lie because if this happened there would have been video everywhere, because EVERYONE has a camera…… But nothing but crickets exist.

    When one looks at the violence in this country, remember the left wing SEIU beating of a conservative black man at a rally? Then let’s look at Europe, ALL of the violence is from the left, as well as the extreme left in the form of anarchists.

    The statements from Palin of ‘targeting’ districts is a metaphor, and most of you know it, but you still insist on reaching to advance an agenda. On the other hand I have heard one of the heros of the left, Francis Fox Piven, call for actual violence. I have also heard Van Jones talk viomently about violent uprising. You also have Anita Dunn describe Mao as one of her greatest political philosophers. In case of memory loss, Mao was a communist, left wing leader, who was responsible for 80+ million deaths. I could go on and on, but I have better things to do.

    This tragic event should not be used to advance an agenda, or point fingers at the left or the right. And should not be used to further strip our Constitutional freedoms. Perhaps it could be used to bring us closer and advance talking instead of arguing. I disagree with much of Rep Giffords political stances, including her asking General Petraeus if he was fighting the war in Iraq in an environmentally friendly way? But violence never advances a side, or brings people together. Perhaps reasonable people on both sides can come together. Hopefully, we all want the best for our families, neighbors and country. We may disagree on how to get there, but we want the best. Stop pointing fingers, and use common sense.

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