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    “And by pop-up I mean, well…” V*agrah-dependent?

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    Like our Free Market Fortunate Sons such as Mitt Rmoney and Donald Chump, Jesus showers us with his wonders from above. God: The Original Trickle-downer!

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    Yea, and the “free market” determines that she gets paid multiple six figures each year for her talents and accomplishments. See, the unfettered free market will always promote the cream of the crop and pay them accordingly…Those Republicans are so smart!

    And speaking of Republicans falling on their asses…

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    I know you’ll all be relieved, as I was, that golfer Phil Mickelson is probably going to win a golf tournament today. After learning of his family’s hardship with a 3% increase to his tax rates, I was worried for his children. They’re such a great story with all the sacrifice that family has made to make America great and keep it safe, just as his soon-to-be ex-neighbors, the Rmoneys have done.

    Yes, my family owes a great deal to the Mickelsons. I wish my grandpa and grandma were here to give their thanks to the Mickelsons and the Rmoneys for their great sacrifice, especially since my grandpa sustained a major disability in battle in WWII, yet still went on to start a successful-for-40 years family farm with my grandma, where they raised 6 kids, until the economic policies and changes to laws brought on by the Reagan Administration, which allowed conglomerates to buy up everything in the region and collude on prices, drove my grandparents into bankruptcy in 1990 along with almost every other family farm in the area. They died basically penniless after 50 years as pillars in their community. If only he would’ve thought to open a P.O. box in the Cayman Islands! Thank you again Republican trickle-downers such as Phil Mickelson!

    And my father who served in Vietnam and came back with a major case of PTSD, and my public school junior high school teacher mother, who helped him as best she could and provided as nice a home for us kids as possible despite the challenges. As the economics changed through the 80s into the 90s in our blue-collar town, as off-shoring became the norm and factories were closing left and right, my mother reported the anger and violence at the school increased substantially over time, and even led to some scary situations with out of control students where she feared for her life. That along with the stress of the Vietnam-induced issues with my father are considered major contributors to the aneurysm that caused my mother’s death at the age of 50. If only we could understand the sacrifices of the Mickelsons and the Rmoneys who literally commute to their jobs on their own private jets and have multiple mansions.

    Even though George Rmoney, Mitt, nor his 5 able-bodied sons ever served in any military or any sort of public service whatsoever, I’m sure they understand what sacrifice to America means from all that tax money they pay, since they’re clearly struggling too, just like Phil Mickelson. That $1 million dollar prize Mickelson will likely win today for less than a week’s work, should be able to keep this great family afloat…at least for another month after the gubnint takes all it from them. Thank you Phil Mickelson and the Rmoneys for showing us what “We, the people…” is all about. God bless Republicans for showing us the way.

  • Wonder what Justin Brieber thinks of raw milk?

    Hoft needs to sent out to pasteur.

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    Clearly, this is Obummer’s fault!!! Jill Stein would’ve kept you phlegm-free.

    Maybe someone can cart you up to Casa de Rmoney, and you can hack up some loogies in the car elevator and infect that parasitic family that leeches off America. Lemons into lemonade and all that.

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    Oh, you silly people. So many lies…wherever to begin?!? By the way, CA’s taxes have been high for a long time, so why were so many people moving there in droves over many decades?

    Not sure where you’re getting the 49 school ranking for CA, especially since some recent studies I’ve read had CA in the 30 range. A recent study just had CA ranked 30th for math and science. The 20 lower-ranked states? About 95% of them were “red states.” And I won’t even start with the red state stats for literacy, teen pregnancy, poverty, wages, and similar stats where the red states almost entirely fill up the worst rankings.

    And of course, it’s dishonest to compare CA to other states without taking into account how much more difficult the challenges are in CA just by the population size and the demographics alone. On a money-spent-per-student basis, CA ranks anywhere from 28-30 depending on which stat and year you look at (careful at this link, this will take actual work and thinking for yourself…don’t want you to get hurt):

    CA should be spending much more on its educational system, when comparing to other states, and so should the red states if they actually cared about educating their populations.

    And the debt?!? Ha! It was just announced that this year the budget will run a surplus, now that Governor Brown’s plan is in place, and the debt is projected to be gone entirely by the end of his term. Jerry’s cleaning up the mess left by another Republican actor who decided to play the role of governor for a while, Arnold, just as Jerry did last time he became governor and cleaned up Ronnie Reagan’s mess:

    “After taking office, Brown gained a reputation as a fiscal conservative.[9] The American Conservative later noted he was “much more of a fiscal conservative than Governor Reagan.”[10] His fiscal restraint resulted in one of the biggest budget surpluses in state history, roughly $5 billion.[11][12]”

    So all the things you’re whining about are being improved once again by the liberals.

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    Please leave your address. The Internet needs to be sent to you. You won it. Congrats!

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    You know who fit that bill though…Adam Lanza’s mom. Without that extra $3,000 each year, how in the world was she’s expected to buy her next assault rifle and the addition to the bomb shelter?!?

    Oh, and the retired guy…Eric Holder, anyone? Just co-incidence I’m sure, in the Rupert Murdoch-owned WSJ.

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    “…it would be the best sex I’ve had in years.”

    Ironic. I just had a lunch with a fellow Obot and we briefly discussed the Online Progressive Party’s constant complaining about President Obama, yet 100% ignoring of the tremendous progress he has made. We jokingly suggested that they are probably jealous of the obviously successful sex lives of our First Couple, and that explains a lot about their insane attacks against the Obamas. In thinking about the most prominent Obama-haters in the “left media,” and comparing them to this photo and many similar ones, there may be a lot to that idea:

    It’s certainly true when comparing to the Republican Obama-haters.

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    Came here just to leave that link, and see you are on it already. That really is a beaut, eh? Another Republican putting the “mas” back in Christmas.

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    “Would any of the various proposals have actually prevented the tragedy that is the supposed reason for them?”

    Uh, yes. If the mother of the killer wouldn’t have been able own a Bushmaster assault rifle, yes, fewer, if any kids in that school would’ve have been killed. And there are several other recommended laws from leading gun safety groups that could’ve prevented or reduced this tragedy.

    Question for the GunNutty Perfesser: “In an attempt to lead readers to your point of view, how can you be so stupid as to ask questions where the obvious answers disprove your own opinions? Are you really that shockingly dumb?”

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    Wait. Are you talking about the Blightfartarians, or the Online Progressive/DROOOOONNNZZZE!!/BradleyManningBitchez!!!/UsedPushLawnmower/America’sFirstBlackPresidetIsSimultaneouslyStupidAndATrojanHorseForWallStDoubleAgent wing of the liberal persuasion? Honestly can’t tell from your description.

  • In seeing how they interact with each other, and just their general demeanor, I’m quite certain Miss Ann’s Rafalca has never been ridden all the way to gold. Ever. Would explain a lot of their behavior.

    One big accomplishment though for the Rmoneys from this election is that they get through another campaign without having to reveal what’s in their taxes, and the media is still fawning over them. I’m just trying to imagine Barack Obama or any Democrat running a national campaign and refusing to release any taxes (neither of the 2 released forms were even close to compete), and how that would be the story every single day leading up to the election. Must be nice to have the media act as your P.R. firm.

  • YouTube recommended another video to the one up in this post. I watched it and if anyone wants to see a Boyle get excised something fierce, watch this clip especially starting at 4:20 (pass the dutchie, indeed!). Joe Madison, you have the honor, sir:

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    Willard Rmoney: The Gangster of Flub

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    Now if only Obummer would put his heart attack gun on one of his beloved DROOOONEZZZ!!!, then we progressives could get our dream FDL/Brietfart/Norquist coalition to take down Ocitigroupa. It’s would be all over for the duopoly if that coalition forms!

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    invading and fingerbanging like it was just another humid Cambodian jungle outpost.

    I love the smell of mypalm in the morning.

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    Is Long Haired Hippie also a Dirty Fucking Hippie, or is one a subsection of the other? I’d like to know so I can channel my hatred for all things Obummer appropriately.

  • Jonah the Whale: Born 1969.

    Barack Obama: Born 1961 in Kenya.

    Hey Pantload, shut your Doughhole and listen to your elders.

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