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    I think the easiest way to educate people is with documentaries. The “Koch Brothers Exposed” documentary was made by “Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films in collaboration with the Center for Media and Democracy. I used to belong to a movie group and have seen a lot of documentaries. I have met Robert Greenwald and [...]

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    If the stupid Tea Party can take over a significant part of the Republican Party, the progressives can do the same to the Democrats. I don’t think it would take a revolution. Hitting the streets can stop a war. A lot of Democrats don’t want to do anything but complain or start a new website. [...]

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    Warren and Sanders voted for all the necessary wars and actions to get the endorsement of aipac. When Clinton feared he would not get elected because of scandals he decided he needed the help of Wall St. and went for the big bucks instead of the issues. Once the decision was made they can not say no to the big bucks because they do not have a lot of issues to run on. There is something wrong with a party that claims it is much different than the other but can not convince 51% of the people to vote for them.

    Whenever a Dem gets elected they will chose the same Clinton and Obama advisers so don’t expect any changes. My guess is that we have a war economy and Obama needs war to keep the economy going. If a candidate appears too progressive he /she will be destroyed by the press the same way Howard Dean was.

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    I do not believe the Khorasan group exists.

    Glenn Greenwald

    From Commondreams:
    In an effort to win support for its bombing campaign against Syria, the Obama Administration concocted a new terror threat—the so-called ‘Khorasan Group’—and got the mainstream media to run with the story, according to reporting by Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain, published at The Intercept over the weekend.
    “After spending weeks depicting ISIS as an unprecedented threat—too radical even for Al Qaeda!—administration officials suddenly began spoon-feeding their favorite media organizations and national security journalists tales of a secret group that was even scarier and more threatening than ISIS, one that posed a direct and immediate threat to the American Homeland,” Greenwald and Hussain write. “Seemingly out of nowhere, a new terror group was created in media lore.”

  • I am not using ACA because I have Kaiser through Medicare in Los Angeles. I have had Kaiser for a long time. I had an appointment and noticed there were a lot of people there so I asked about it. I was told that due to ACA there were 90,000 new members of Kaiser.

    Kaiser Medicare has been good to me. I had a blood transfusion in 1971 and contracted hepatitis C. At the time there was no way to test donor blood for hepatitis. Over the years I developed liver cancer. Kaiser sent me to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fl. 2 times, once for an evaluation and another for the liver transplant. I spent 3 months in Jacksonville twice. There are good doctors in Los Angeles, but there is a scarcity of livers. Mayo in Jacksonville is the best place in the country for a liver transplant. They paid airfare for both trips, hotel, and also paid a per diem which I used to pay the caregiver. The surgery was done on April 1 and I do not feel normal yet but I am feeling O. K. It takes about a year to feel somewhat normal. I don’t know how much it cost, but it was probably less than 5 or 10 K. I asked the approximate cost at the Mayo and was told it cost about 350 K.

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    There must be a few people that are not aware of Ray McGovern’s position on war, but the forgetful American can be found everyplace even at Firedoglake. He is not extinct.

    I saw him before the Iraq war started speaking at a church in Venice, CA. He is a member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity and was speaking against the war along with Scott Ritter, a former weapons inspector, and Mel Goodman Phd., a former CIA employee, author, and also a member of VIPS. Because he was speaking out either before the war or in the beginnings of the war I am sure he was despised by many warmongers, Republican and Democratic.

    All 3 speakers were very credible and knew more than many activists because they had some inside knowledge of the threats. I thought Scott Ritter was particularly credible because he said that it was his job as a weapons inspector to find the weapons and destroy them and he did not believe there were any left.

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    I heard him talk about it on kpfk for about 20 mins. Listening to it may give you some ideas more in depth questions.

    jon wiener the first 20 mins Wednesday, September 24, 2014 4:00 pm

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    I used to go to kos more often. I remember when Obama was running for office and it became obvious what his position was on an important issue and kos quit supporting him financially, but he was never really against him. I do not remember the issue, but I was quite surprised. Blogging there must [...]

  • I would like to know if they are sharing in the oil revenue, or are doing it to rid the country of heathens.

    The US will certainly not let our fighters share the oil revenue.

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    If I did not have health problems I would be hitting the streets with The Answer Coalition. I have met Brian Becker of the Answer Coalition, bought his book, and think he is very intelligent. I took adult ed classes in progressive history subjects and Becker compares well against Phd historians I have met. I [...]

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    I have a list of progressive economists so I can avoid trickle down types or Greenspan types. Krugman is OK, but I think he is a capitalist and not that progressive. I like Stiglitz from Columbia better. I think my favorite is Max Wolff who is a socialist and went to the best schools.
    The U. of Missouri has a group of progressive economists. I also like Robert Reich, William K. Black, Max Fraad Wolff, Richard D. Wolff, Dean Baker, Brad Delong, Robert Kuttner, David Cay Johnson, Michael Hudson, and Yves Smith.

    The rich love economic crashes because they can buy up property cheap. My father told me all houses in the neighborhood where he bought were owned by Prudential Insurance.

    I do not think I will vote for any war presidents, because I don’t like paying for the wars.

  • I am not sure that Codepink is the conscience of America, but it has a strong voice. Codepink has sent or helped individuals arrange trips to areas of conflict to report events and I have seen a Codepink member report on Israel’s bombing of Palestine, but I do not remember the year. The individual also took pictures.

    Another strong voice is Brave New Films because it is easier for many to learn visually through documentaries.

    I also like The Answer Coalition because they have frequent demonstrations and protests. I attended an anti-Nazi demonstration when the Nazis decided to have a march in LA. Without their organizing there may not have been many protesting the Nazi event. They also demonstrated in front of the Israeli embassy to protest the recent war.

  • It is a great virtue to screw up countries that do not want to be invaded by non-Moslems and are dedicated to getting rid of foreign invaders, and keep screwing them up. That is right, when you invade, disband the army, civil service, and all institutions and then because you are so stupid keep invading and killing until you get it right.

    What did Wesley Clark say? “Invade 7 countries in 5 years”. Google it.

    I think Power is a fool. Google chomsky on bombing of Kosovo or Parenti on youtube. They had it right from the start. I am familiar with progressives justifying bombing and killing and witnessed a debate between 4 progressives on the humanitarian grounds of going to war with Iraq. And one pro invasion advocate, Michael Ignatieff, was from a Harvard human rights group, just like Power.

    From Counterpunch (I not only like Counterpunch, but trust them more than most sites):

    Power’s faith in the therapeutic possibilities of military force was formed by her experience as a correspondent in the Balkans, whose wars throughout the ’90s she seems to view as the alpha and omega of ethnic conflict, indeed of all genocide. For her, NATO’s bombing of Belgrade in 1999 was a stunning success that “likely saved hundreds of thousands of lives” in Kosovo. Yet this assertion seems to crumble a little more each year: estimates of the number of Kosovars slain by the province’s Serb minority have shrunk from 100,000 to at most 5,000. And it is far from clear whether NATO’s air strikes prevented more killing or intensified the bloodshed. Even so, it is the NATO attack on Belgrade—including civilian targets, which Amnesty International has recently, belatedly, deemed a war crime—that informs Power’s belief that the U.S. military possesses nearly unlimited capability to save civilians by means of aerial bombardment, and all we need is the courage to launch the sorties. Power has recently admitted, perhaps a little ruefully, that “the Kosovo war helped build support for the invasion of Iraq by contributing to the false impression that the US military was invincible.” But no intellectual has worked harder than Samantha Power to propagate this impression.

    The reason they keep invading is because of oil. The reason they did not intervene in Africa, there is no oil.

  • It looks like the Dems will have to run on whether or not the public likes Obamacare. It does not sound that good for them. To have the one big program Obama is sure to be known for evaluated by the public as not being affordable or easy does not make Dems look good at all. How can a president almost copy Romneycare, implement it, and screw it up. The majority of Massachusetts residents like Romneycare, but the majority of US citizens with Obamacare do not like it? Methinks there is something wrong with Obama and the Democrats.

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    We all know that votes like this may or may not mean anything. Politicians that are sure the vote will win know that voting against it does not mean much. Furthermore, it may be a statement to be used in case they have future political ambitions. Politicians say one thing when running for office and [...]

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    I understand. I used to be a techie and am reluctant to pay someone to do techie stuff for me so I played with some. I fooled with one called TextPattern, a newspaper like organized software, and Wordpress. I found it interesting that you stuck with Wordpress. I thought there would be more advanced stuff [...]

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    If groups are supported by the people it simplifies many logistical problems like food and supplies. I have seen “The Battle of Algiers” and know how the opposition was organized for secrecy. To say it is just Psyops implies the people would never organize against the status quo because they are happy the way things [...]

  • When Kerry was young he had courage because he did not have much to lose. I have noticed the same in some of my friends. As they got older they accumulated some wealth and they would never do anything that threatened their position or their wealth. Kerry would hate to jeopardize his Heinz fortune or lose his corporate friends. I used to know some progressive people that have totally changed and become very conservative. They are not the same people.

  • At the moment I am listening to Sonali Kohlhatkar on the radio as I usually do in the AM. She is the host of a radio program called Uprising. I do not believe I have ever heard her recommend US policies toward women in Afghanistan or any other place. I have volunteered to do work for Codepink and I like the group. Medea Benjamin is intelligent and courageous and I have heard her speak about her book about drones. The other anti-war group I like is The Answer Coalition. Michael Prysner of Is a member and active in working against the war.
    Sonali Kohlhatkar,

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    He is just following through on the Bush Plan.

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