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    I am not familiar with Jim Webb’s views on war, but about 1 or 2 weeks ago I heard Ralph Nader recommend him as an anti-war candidate. I think he was an admiral in the Navy and know he was promoted on some websites when he was running for Senate.

  • I am surprised they did not coordinate with The Answer Coalition. They have a lot of protests and work with many organizations. I did not think of it until I went to their site, but fear generated by Ebola media hype helps foster racism against blacks and Africans. The first thing that got my attention [...]

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    There may be another bubble after all. Maybe just in the US. Other countries may have cleaned up the corruption.–the-definition-of-insanity-145304611.html

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    I don’t know if ISIL is paying the fighters, does anyone know? How is the Iraqi economy? Are there jobs? Are there jobs for the 400,000 Iraqi military that were fired or disbanded? I don’t think the war is over philosophical differences. If the economy was doing well I don’t think people would be quitting [...]

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    I generally tend to use websites that have well known progressive authors or organizations that I think are reliable. I have a friend that used to go to Prison Planet and looked it up before. It is an Alex Jones website. Of course not everything there is a conspiracy, but I prefer trustworthy authors. I [...]

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    When I worked in the District I thought the State D was at least a partial cover for some employees of other agencies. I don’t know, but I had some strange jobs there.

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    This is in response to the TPP and copyright issues. I stay away from copyright issues but I resent wasting computer cycles running around checking copyrights via hardware and software. I use Ubuntu on 2 computers I have and I googled Linux and turning off copyright checking which looks like it is possible or will [...]

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    I like William Blum, met him, and bought his autographed book. I think he is a reliable source of information even before all the facts are well known.

  • New York has a Pacifica Station, WBAI, and some of their programs are broadcast on other Pacifica stations. Pacifica accepts no corporate sponsors. I listened to KPFK this AM and Ralph Nader was on. He is one of the best straight shooters there is.

    The more people on with leftist views the better. Jimmy Dore, a comedian, is on for an hour once a week and he also appears on the Young Turks. Pacifica has reporters in many countries, but I forgot the name of the news service. They also license affiliate stations in areas not covered by their stations. They have a station in New York and I do not know what they would do if someone in NY wanted to be an affiliate. I suppose with an affiliate license some news could be re-broadcast interspersed with other original programs.

    The names and websites of the independent news sites keeps changing. Los Angeles has or some such name. There used to be a guerilla news network. Rather than a shortage of independent news there is a shortage of funding. KPFK is having a fundraiser now and needs about 3.5 million a year to keep broadcasting. It is the largest transmitter west of the Mississippi with 112,000 watts, but I have been hearing 110,000 watts lately.

    Someone desiring to be a host on Pacifica would probably have to have a special interest and cover areas not covered by other hosts even though many are volunteers. Most hosts are better than anything on commercial airwaves.

    Many listeners are not prepared for in depth news coverage and only desire a superficial gloss over of events.

    Democracy Now is also broadcast on some TV stations, but it may not be in primetime. It is also broadcast on Pacifica.

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    The ebola czar is a Dem and he says Bush already has ebola. He has to stay.

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    Don’t look at it as though we are killing people, look at how many lives we are saving. It is a humanitarian war and after the carpet bombing we will begin targeted killings of ebola victims, soon to be followed by targeted missile strikes of ebola carriers, those who are transmitting the virus without actually having it. If successful it will be Obomber’s legacy and people will forget about Obama care. It will be called Obomber care. Think of it as preventive disease, like preventive war.

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    It is a crime that 25% of those that want to donate their lives and limbs to Obomber’s wars can not. How in the world can we fight a 30 year war much less a forever war without their bodies? And 2 year olds with high blood pressure? What if it becomes necessary to draft [...]

  • Now I understand the Democratic strategy. It is to enact Republican policies before the Republicans do and take credit for them because Americans will never know the difference.

  • Democrats will say that Clinton created millions of jobs, but he also imported millions and exported millions of jobs. I know I could not find a job in Los Angeles and had to travel around California to stay employed. I tried to fight the importation and exportation of jobs by joining worker coalitions and guilds and writing lots of letters to politicians, trade magazines and periodicals to no avail. The names of the organizations have changed and I no longer know them. Some of the names of the workers organizations have been taken by lawyers and companies that specialize in bringing workers to the US. Clinton knew what he was doing and when he had the Monica scandal he thought he would need corporate big money to get re-elected and he passed NAFTA, etc.

    One of the worker groups posted a picture of Hillary with the CEO of Tata Corporation, an Indian company. I can not explain how angry I got and how much it angered the other unemployed in the group. It is still on the net. Google picture of hillary with ceo of tata corporation. Obama is still trying to screw the American worker with his promotion of TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which I have heard is NAFTA on steroids. I think the the neo-liberal Democrats are going to promote Hillary and I will be encouraged to hold my nose and vote for Hillary, a Democrat that wants to tax me to pay for a stupid 30 year Obama war and give me a great job as a fast food worker or a greeter at Home Depot. I knew a lot of qualified Phds, consultants, and experienced workers that were unemployed. There used to be a worker that maintained a data base of all companies that hired foreign workers and the salaries they were paying or claiming to pay but the name has been taken by corporatists. It used to be or org. There is a site called http://www.americanworker, but it takes a while to learn what they are about.

    I used to study at night to so called keep my technology current because I bought into the BS that American workers were not up to date. I would try to learn the latest newest stuff and put it on my resume. Sometimes I would get called for jobs that were so new the software just came out a few days or a week ago and get rejected. I would like to know where they found the person that knew the stuff.

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    I found some links to the movie: Vietnam: An American Holocaust I asked him how he got Sheen to read the script and he said he kept bugging him. I think the Lancet estimates of the number of dead in Iraq included things like the average life expectancy before and after the [...]

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    The figures I used were taken from an adult ed course I took a few years ago from John Marciano, a historian who taught college courses from “ A Peoples History”. His lectures were recorded at: and broadcast in England He also taught a course in empire and his lectures were recorded: I [...]

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    I never met many native Indians growing up, and my earliest introduction to Indians was when I visited Mackinac Island years ago. They do not allow cars so people get around with bicycles and horse drawn carriages. I saw what appeared to me to be an Indian sweeping up horse manure on the streets. I [...]

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    The last I heard the Smithsonian estimated an Indian population in 1492 of about 15-18 million so many historians use 16 million as an estimate. In the census of 1890 the Indian population was about 250,000. Much of the dirty work of killing Indians was done by the poor who could not afford to live [...]

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    The Montgomery story is interesting because people are still falling for the same BS. I have worked on stupid impossible projects, but for a different reason. The proposal I worked on was written by someone who was only partially computer literate. It sounded good to other illiterates and they gave the contract to the small [...]

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