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    We know Petraeus’ weakness. Maybe Feinstein has the same weakness. How much would it cost us to fund some people to entrap these individuals and send them to jail?

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    While Brennan was lying yesterday about CIA torture, Feinstein was fact checking him and Tweeting.

    It does not rise to an important level of discourse, but it may help keep some honest.

    Dianne Feinstein fact-checks John Brennan on Twitter – Kendall Breitman – POLITICO

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    Perhaps if more whites were protesting along with the blacks “lives matter” would be a natural chant instead of “black lives matter”. I believe this is the beginning of a large movement and will not be stopped easily. I don’t know how many other groups will join this movement. It does not have a name [...]

  • An economist that has been wrong for 25 years, and looks to writers like Ayn Rand for inspiration, like Greenspan does, is not to be treated seriously. His big ideas have been wrong for years is there a need to discredit every word of his?

    I have a spreadsheet I keep on google drive that has economists I trust. I occasionally add one or 2. As far as universities that have economists I trust, I think that the U. of Missouri has more than most. William K. Black, Michael Hudson, and the late Hyman Minsky of bubble fame, are from U of M. There are others that are there and many others disciples that were educated there.

    As long as the conversation is about economics the recent interest rate drop will most certainly result in another bubble as many investments will yield more than 0%. Obama has access to almost any economist in the world and I think he is remarkably stupid. One bubble after another ad infinitum.

    The latest quote I like is there are only 2 kinds of economies, one where everything is owned by a few and another where everything is owned by everyone.

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    I thought of the name of the guy that did the zazona database. His name was Rob Sanchez. He did a lot of work.

    This link has more info about him and new databases.

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    Tech layoffs have been going on for years. It started during Papa Bush’s downsizing, excuse me, rightsizing, when lower management, pardon me, middle management, got laid off and started accepting jobs as workers. I have had possibly 30 tech jobs or more, but it becomes difficult to count because I started covering up short term jobs. I am sure there are probably workers that have written more code than I have, but I don’t know any.

    I used to write letters to politicians, trade magazines, newspapers, etc. anytime I heard stories of worker shortages. I wrote so many emails and letters that it was not funny. I never liked a lot of the paperwork associated with tech work, but I took the work because I needed a job. Software safety, software Q/A, tech writing, user manuals etc.

    I joined numerous American worker associations, guilds, and groups and no one any longer even mentions these groups. There was a guy that maintained a data base of every foreign worker that accepted jobs or every job that was advertised by corporations to prove to the government that no jobs were available. This database used to be at the web site:

    There used to be several to many organizations of workers to try to apply pressure to politicians, and I used to know many of them, but I have not read about any of them in years. American workers no longer know how to organize, not that it ever did any good, but it seems workers should be aware of worker’s organizations.

    A computer scientist named Norman Matloff at UC Davis used to testify in front of Congress and was well known for testifying that there was never any worker shortage, but no one even knows his name anymore. It seems American workers are becoming less and less competent in organizing, not that it ever did any good, but they should know what to do.

    I think worker layoffs occur to older workers and big business may concentrate on different skill sets so all workers do not feel they are targeted until they are out of work or older. When people are working they may hear of layoffs, but take credit for their intelligence and hard work when they are working, but when they are out of work they blame others.

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    From The Onion:

    5 Million Illegal Immigrants To Realize Dreams Of Having Deportation Deferred,37503/

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    As I understand it existing pipelines can be enlarged with larger pipes without a permit. Also even if the pipeline is not built a lot of the oil will end up being refined on the Gulf coast. It will cost more to ship it and there may be less oil refined on the Gulf, but [...]

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    People speak of Ferguson as if it was an anomaly. It isn’t. There is a book written about towns like this. It is called “Sundown Towns” by James Loewen. From Maine to California, thousands of communities kept out African Americans (or sometimes Chinese Americans, Jewish Americans, etc.) by force, law, or custom. These communities are [...]

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    You may not get kicked off the national stage, but you can almost get kicked off the Los Angeles stage. I saw him in person in LA and his message is too radical for this place. I tried to remember what book he was speaking about, but there were so many boos from the audience his message did not get across.

    I do not know how he managed to finish speaking the audience did not want to hear him.

    The US wants to rebuild Iraq like the US, but better.

  • I wrote this because I have not read much about it anyplace.

    I had the occasion to go to a leading medical clinic in the US for medical tests and learned from another patient that they tested for marijuana. I found out that they tested for it because if not stored properly it can contain fungus which when smoked can get into the lungs. I also learned that some fungus has similarities to human cells and can be difficult to cure. It may or may not be important to those that are healthy, but can be critical to those undergoing some major surgeries such as transplants.

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    Outside of a few big cities Michigan is largely conservative, and unions are not what they used to be. The people living in the UP are nuts. Lake effect snowfall can be very high, like over 350 inches in Houghton, MI or other cities. Years ago I read a study that compared the UP to [...]

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    I have not worked with economic / statistical / or medical simulations. I have worked with the simulation of physical things. From my experience this is what I think Gruber did. Gruber is a professor at MIT and offered degrees to students that worked for free on his economic medical insurance simulation. He may have provided guidance and organization of the project, but most of the work was done by grad students. I think it would be difficult to generalize without running his model to evaluate it for different incomes and situations. He made $390,000 for promoting the software written by grad students. I found a site that had a model for health insurance. It looks like there is a lot of useful info on the site

    This is a PDF file.,d.cGU

    I don’t know how it compares with Gruber’s model.

    I googled “medical insurance simulation’.

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    I do not believe there it was necessary to drop the bomb on Japan because first of all it is an island and it imported much of its oil. The US could have embargoed the island. I do not know why Japan permitted US soldiers in their country for so long. I have seen Gar [...]

  • At least they know what asses they are and how hated they are.

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    I can not make a case for not voting. Voting can produce small changes. The T-Party took over large parts of the Republican Party, but Democrats seem unable to do the same with the Democratic Party. Big changes require activism and if the activism has an economic impact all the better. Sit ins, Segregation, the [...]

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    I have some background in software and know that any user, governor or someone who uses the software, can screw it up if they are computer illiterate or refuse to cooperate. Governors can easily cause it to fail by doing a poor job in implementing it. Workers used to be fearful that the computer would replace them and there was always a lot of resistance to learning or working with new software. I think This would be considered a new kind of work not replacing an existing method or system so it should generate less resistance.

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    I have a single friend about 50 yrs old that told me his insurance was canceled after Obamacare went into effect in CA. It may be that it did not cover what was supposed to be covered or it may be that he could not afford it, or canceled for some other reason. He went without insurance for 6 months. He told me that he went to an insurance broker who found something he could afford. He said that the reason it was affordable was that it did not cover pregnancy or abortions, procedures he would not need anyway. I can not vouch for the facts but he sounded happy and relieved, so I believed him.

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    I am familiar with progressives justifying bombing and killing and witnessed a debate between 4 so called progressives (they were introduced as progressives) on the humanitarian grounds of going to war with Iraq. In justifying the war Saddam’s atrocities were discussed namely: From Wikipedia:  Specific charges included the murder of 148 people, torture of women and children [...]

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    I did find a Chomsky comment on the bombing on the day it happened. He quoted NATO as stating that 2000 people had been killed to date and what did the news media say? That it was a genocide or ethnic cleansing?

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