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    Your letting him off much too easily. Postponing the start date was just a small wave in tidal sellout to the health care industry that was ACA. We could have had universal health care if he had stood up, said that is what he is for and all he will settle for. If he had fought for it we would have had it in place by now.

    Politically the delay is a mistake, that was obvious to anyone with a sense of history but ACA was a total sellout.

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    What I wonder is who this prosecutor is, who was he appointed under, etc. I’m sure there are really incompetent people who come in under Dem regimes but this just tastes like left-overs from the Gonzales.

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    I think it’s a mistake to read very much into this election at all, except perhaps that the republicans are at risk of splintering over traditional vs. tea party republicans. If you combine the tea party and republican votes you get the majority vote. I’m glad to see a dem win and maybe it makes good propaganda to say this is a repudiation of the republican agenda but if we actually act on that claim we’re deluding ourselves.

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    Let me start out by saying I despise Obama. He is the worst kind of sellout, one who actually continues to pander while he empties your pockets. I was skewered in the past on this site for saying I was opposing Martha Coakly for senator in MA. So I have no love for corporate democrats [...]

  • Sadly your right. Who is actually moving the progressive agenda forward. There are lots who claim to want to promote the progressive agenda but those same folks gave us a health care plan designed by neo-con republicans, a tax structure designed by neo-con republicans, no regulation of the most out of control industries (oil, finance, [...]

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    And your point is? BTW: if you respond, please provide some sound economic theory that takes into consideration the true nature or money and government debt when the debt is in the national currency and when the nation controls its own currency. If you don’t get the importance of those two points to the discussion [...]

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    Well, if the dems actually supported something remotely like a progressive agenda they would earn that support. “Elect us so we can screw you with a smile rather than how the the evil bastards will do it” only goes so far.

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    Obama will throw his weight behind any progressive sounding thing he knows will go no where. It’s only when there is a real opportunity to move something progressive that he can’t be found.

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    Yea but what about the MSNBC staff who donated to republicans? They’re OK?