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    I don’t understand what the amount of “profit” a company has to do with how they treat their employees or the suppliers employees.

    In fact, you could rationalize that excuse for anything egregious that is done to a worker. To say that “Well, we would like to treat our workers better, but we just can’t afford to” could only be meaningful to someone who values profit over ethics and morals.

    This canard is used to excuse egregious behavior by companies on a regular basis, and unfortunately, you have bought into that philosophy.

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    I understand the need to focus on Apple because of it’s dominance in the industry, but please remember that Appl is only one of at least a dozen major tech corporations that do business with Foxconn, and some of those corporations have a larger marketshare than Aple.

    The reality is that much of what is going on here is a sustained and quite successful attempt to manipulate the share price of Apple, which has become a cottage industry for Wall Street firms, so please don’t assume that this is all being done for the good of the average Chinese worker.

    I am not defending Apple’s business practices, they are just as disgusting as any other business, but that’s the point. Almost everything you buy is being manufactured the cheapest way possible, and very, very few companies give a damn about the plight of workers across the world.

    If you want to change the way corporations do business, you will have to do a lot more than not buying an I-pad. As soon as the media and Wall Street get tired of this story, so will most of the consumers, unfortunately.

  • Most of the Baby Boomers will be dead by 2050, 12 years after the benefits will have to be reduced. So unless there is some kind stealth effort to create a new baby boom generation, there really is no crisis. It is simply the fact that the government has stolen the trust fund and does not want to pay it back.

    Which brings me to my second point. Why would anyone in their right mind agree to anything the government claims they want to do to fix the problem. My gut tells me they will just steal whatever they can, as often as they can from an ignorant, naive public that still believes their government actually cares about them.

    Oh, and when I say government, I mean corporations and wealthy, powerful, soulless monsters posing as government.