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  • Unfortunately for most of us on earth, though Bush & Cheney are no longer in power, the neocons are still running policy. Obomber, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and all of Congress continue the murderous, suicidal imperialist foreign and domestic policies of the arrogant U.S. Empire.

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    I think you’ll get the pony long before that other wish.

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    “Neocon” is a synonym for violent sociopath.

  • “… most Americans don’t think we have a responsibility to act in a country on the other side of the planet with no clear American interests at stake.”

    Unfortunately, the Plundering Class doesn’t give a damn what most Americans think because it believes that the entire planet is an American interest, meaning the obsession of the Plundering Class to dominate and control every inch of the planet, regardless of the destruction and death which result.

    The Empire will do what the Empire wants, sanity and morality be damned. Only the collapse of the Empire will stop the sociopathic thugs of the Plundering Class.

  • Smedley Butler said he was a gangster for U.S. capitalists. Essentially, that is STILL the main role of the U.S. military, but on a global scale.

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    How about patriarchal religious fundamentalists?

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    Regardless of this divide about evolution, Democrats and Republicans alike still believe in fossil fuels, unlimited material growth based on raping the planet for resources, the mythical and imaginary “free market”, continuation and expansion of the U.S. global Empire, invading and occupying countries “to protect our freedom” to steal their resources and overthrow their governments, bloated militarist and spying budgets which devour funds needed by infrastructure and social safety net programs, capitalism which should more accurately be termed parasitism, and perpetuating a thoroughly corrupt economic/political system which causes misery and destruction every day, both here and abroad. So let’s not applaud how “enlightened” the Dems are compared to the pre-scientific Rethuglicans.

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    Saying that “Evolution is not a fact, it is an hypothesis, meaning a theory waiting to be disproved”, you make the same mistake all anti-evolutionists make: mistaking a scientific theory for an individual’s personal “theory” about something.

    You may have a “theory” that some professional athletes get complacent once they get mega-million dollar contracts. Sounds reasonable, but, unless it is tested, it is merely your personal “theory”.

    In science, a theory is a hypothesis which is continually subjected to proofs of its validity or falseness via rigorous applications of testing, evidence, research, and so on.

    Evolution has stood up to all these proofs since Darwin promulgated it as a scientific theory. More evidence has fine-tuned it since his time, but none has disproved it.

    A theory in science has a much more precise meaning than the casual way we usually throw the word around.

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    Congress now has a 6% approval rating, even lower than used car salespeople. But as long as the Plundering Class bribes the politicians at all levels, the Working Class will continue to be the victims of austerity while Congress and the Prez and SCOTUS will continue to luxuriate in their corruption.

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    I understood AitchD’s comment very differently. I think what was written means that all future major party presidential candidates were warned by JFK’s murder NOT to stray from the policies of the Empire by its CIA & military forces. Indeed, since then, none has.

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    Paranoia is unrealistic fears. What I pointed out is what has happened and is still happening.

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    The Plundering Class knows that human-caused catastrophic climate chaos, already accelerating beyond human intervention, will bring unprecedented social/economic upheavals in the decades ahead. That is why they created NorthCom. That is why they are militarizing police forces all over the world. That is why they crushed Occupy, with the help of Obomber, the police, FBI, CIA, and NSA. That is why their willing, enthusiastic lackey Obomber signed the NDAA, which now authorizes indefinite detention without trial. That is why the NSA is spying on everyone. That is why the Plundering Class allowed Obamacare, not Medicare for All, so that still-uncovered people will die and “decrease the surplus population” while Obamacare adds to the wealth of that 1% class. That is why the Plundering Class will get the Grand Betrayal it wants from Obomber and Congress, which will cut Social Security and Medicare, also decreasing “the surplus population” of the poor, minorities, and elderly. That is why unending, illegal U.S. wars will also “decrease the surplus population” of U.S. youth as well as Muslim people worldwide, while also adding to the wealth of the Plundering Class which owns the Military-Industrial-Political-Media Complex. And that is why the 1% will continue to steal wealth from the rest of us and the earth, so that they will be better prepared to survive the coming climate cataclysms and have the food and water and everything else all the “sacrificed surplus populations” would have needed to survive. No Soylent Green for the Plundering Class!

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    Slight correction: The NY Yankees lost the 2001 World Series to the Arizona Diamondbacks when usually-reliable relief ace Mariano Rivera give up the tying and winning runs in the bottom of the 9th inning of game seven.

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    I recommend Patrick Cockburn, Jeffrey St. Clair, Margaret Kimberley, Glen Ford, and William Blum for this project.

  • More lies from “Mr. Hope & Change”!

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    The loyal servants of the Plundering Class in D.C. and media will simply ignore any such sensible options, as they always do.

    The System isn’t broken. It’s fixed. Only complete system overthrow will change things substantially, and I don’t see that happening until the global-warming seas start flooding Wall Street.

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    We are in extreme trouble if we need to rely on Tea Party/Republican racism to keep SS & Medicare from cuts.

  • OK, fair enough. So what is your opinion about team names such as “Redskins”?

  • Yet another reason to not subscribe to the NY Times, the Empire’s most prominent print propagandist.

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    Democrat Steve Israel (NY CD 3) supports U.S. military action.

    Republican Peter King (NY) also supports it.

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