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Genki Apocalypse

About Me

I am a writer with a lot to learn.

I do not pretend to know every damned thing. Neither can I remain silent until I do. Since I must be wrong somewhere, I choose to be wrong here on FDL.

Seems like a good place for it.

More enlightened cultures than our own once used argument as a mutual means of arriving at truth. I, for one would like to get some of that back.

Maybe it’s a good place for that too.

Issues I care about

Foreign policy. Human dignity. The global wreckage of the American dream. And bastards.

Political Views

Stumbling toward more effective Liberalism. Something like Machiavelli in service of Plato.

My Website

Don’t have a fully decked out digital home yet, but I also blog at http://www.chicagonow.com/third-coast-third-world