• I thought everyone knew that. He never faced a trial, ergo he can in the future.

    It will be interesting to see whose feet get held to the fire for the most recent remarks indicating the fix was in all the way.

  • The fix HAD to be in, because the FPD didn’t bother with any of the accepted procedures after the shooting. The dumbest attorney in the world would have zeroed in on the bungled “investigation.” People would have been on the stand explaining why they lied about stuff. Nobody wanted that, not the cops, not nobody.

    So they went a little beyond mailing it in, like torture it was all for a good cause. If they took dive in a public trial, ti would be a lot more obvious. Better in the GJ. Difference is that there is no double jeopardy, and Wilson is still open to charges.

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    i was present for the “First Waltz,” the first public performance of The Band at Winterland in 1969. The band I roadied for, Sons of Champlin, was second on the bill. The Sons finished their set, and Graham gestured frantically for them to keep playing. They did, but they had played all their best material. [...]

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    I paid attention to every minute of the Simpson trial. Fuhrman was not a racist, or if he was he was ne3ver shown to have acted in a racist fashion, but he had found the evidence that proved Simpson’s guilt. The only way to confront the fact that Fuhrman had found the killer’s glove and hat on Simpson’s property was to destroy the life of a police officer who had solved the case.

    And you piled on.

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    Woke me up, thought at first the wife was shaking the bed.

    I logged it at 3:21, we’re about 30 miles from the epicenter where it took place at 3:20, so I guess it took about a minute to get to us.

  • The victim here had no prior record. Calling him a “thug” because he is a large Black man who MAY have shoplifted a pack of Swishers is racism refined to its purest form.

    Fifteen years ago I hired two Black men who had just gotten out of prison. They did a lot worse than anything this kid could possibly have done, and they paid with several years of their lives. One of my DEAR FRIENDS has done two stretches totaling eight years. After working for me for nearly a decade, he did three years on a weapons charge. He describes himself as a former “drug dealing thug.” He has a bullet still in him from losing a gunfight with another dealer.

    Trust me, I know real thugs, and Brown was not a thug.

    Two months ago I sold my business to my former employees. Black, ex-cons. With a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, they have already done better with it than I did in the last few years.

    It turns out that being a successful drug dealer in a competitive environment is good training for any business.

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    Not sure whether everyone knows this, but “Ain’t nobody here but us chickens,” is the punch line of a racist joke.

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    I have four old Webers in my back yard. All of them have lost the little closures on the bottom, but I always cook with the lid on. I put the fire on one side, not in the middle, because you can move things farther away when they are done. I use mesquite charcoal. I [...]

  • I hope Christie settles in for a long siege. All the farmers in Iowa should plant extra popcorn for the spectacle.

  • Since the magazine has run at a loss for its entire 50 years of publication, perhaps the editors should pay some attention to the result of their attempt to participate in the “free market of ideas.”

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    This is great news for the McCain campaign.

  • Wonder what the Quitter Queen of Matanuska-Susitna will have to say on the subject.

  • Our Mr. Brooks is getting an earful in the comments, and as far as I can tell he is absolutely alone in his view of the “morality’ his position. Jesus may love him, but everyone else thinks he’s an asshole.

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    How does anyone vote for a sleaze like the Cooch? McAuliffe isn’t a gem, but he won’t be insanely anti-abortion.

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    As a non-shaver myself I was rooting heavily for the Beards. A note on the derivation of the term Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. The late David Sheridan , the artist who created the original Furry Freak Brothers characters for Rip_off Press comics, lived in my town. Many of the characters and locations in the comix were easily [...]

  • Patrick,

    I was a participant in The Next Right, which is now logging fewer visits than my own, static website. I’m so liberal that I would have been prosecuted in the ‘fifties. I am also an Army vet (E-5, Honorable Discharge, ETS 15-FEB-1968). You can look up my posts on your old site under the same handle. I tried to represent without trolling.

    That said, I found the same hysteria on your site that led us to say,
    Sarah Palin being taken seriously.

    Seriously. Sarah Palin? And the Pizza guy? Bachmann? I’m glad you’re here to explain these mystifying political phenomena to us.

    Hopefully you will find that we deal with ideas on their merits, not on their origin.

    My service in a military medical capacity has convinced me that we should be offering similar tax-paid medical services to any person who walks into any medical facility in the country. Doing so would save billions of dollars and put the insurance company death panels out of business. You probably don’t have any experience with military medicine, which is designed around large-scale treatment and multiple traumas.

    The only people who say government can’t work are those with a stake in not making it work. The only people who want wars are those who don’t fight them. I would rather take my chances with Al Qaeda than allow my own government to monitor every thought I care to communicate.

    Tell me where I’m wrong.

  • Just called Feinstein’s office and expressed my displeasure with her attempt to limit First Amendment rights by allowing the government to decide who is “press.”

    The only people who would oppose MORE transparency are those with something to hide.

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    Called that very office today. The staffer I spoke to was interested to hear that the event had been posted on the Internet, and he asked me to spell firedoglake for him.

    It was actually a reasonable and polite discussion, even though I was geared for confrontation.

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    I coulda been a pretender.

  • “…(V)iolates the 4th and 14th Amendments…”

    At the risk of sounding like, “No, DUH!”

    No, DUH! What was the first clue?

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