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    I’d never try to convince anyone who lives in a state that has any chance of tipping the election red to vote green. The idea that there’s no significant difference between the two major parties boggles the mind.

    But that said, where electoral politics is already rigged solid red or blue, folks are free to vote for the candidate with the policies and ideals they most want to see enacted, even if only to send a message to the major party most likely to move in that direction.

    No, you’ll likely never get Sparkle Ponies, but a little more glitter on the same old grey donkey might be a step in the right direction… …if it’s something that enough people in a position to ask do so, that is…

    I’m all for practicality over idealism, especially anywhere there’s any chance it may actually make a difference…but you don’t get what you want by accepting whatever they give you, either. Some folks have to make demands for planets and stars, even if they settle for “only” the moon, later on…

    We on the left have to work together wherever we can–and after Bush and now Obama, one would have to be a fool to ever let the right regain control or to think there’s no significant differences between the two major parties. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want more liberal candidates, preferably inside the Democratic Party, but elsewhere when necessary and possible. If the polling and whatnot here in NY allows, Dr. Stein may even get my vote…but only because I likely can… YMMV…

  • On the other hand, being able to say I never once voted for Joe Lieberman really pleases me. ’nuff said.

  • It’s always easier to campaign when everyone (including you) knows you’re never going to be elected, I’ll grant you that…

    But beyond that, what you choose to spit at folks or swallow is all up to you, my friend. While I’ve come to see the value of voting at least as much with the head as with the heart–especially if one lives somewhere where it actually matters, which given the way the electoral college works, a whole lot of us don’t–I don’t regret any vote I’ve ever cast, third party or otherwise. The day we on the left stop dreaming big and believing in ideals–even if we don’t vote according to those dreams and ideals, because the only way for our candidates to effect change is to actually be elected into office–is the day we might as well become Republicans.

  • I can’t speak for all Greens… but that wasn’t me, then or now.

    Because NY is a pretty safe state, I can vote for whatever candidate comes as close to saying what I would, if I were him/her. I vote my values, in the hope that candidates who want to earn my vote will come my way and be a little more progressive in future.

    Were I in a swing state, though, I’d vote for the candidate who 1) can win, and is better than the other one who could win.

    But to your point about campaign funds, when it comes to electoral politics, money counts. I wish it weren’t so… …but it is. If there’s a candidate or party who has never done anything in the interest of campaign funds or donations, I have never heard of ‘em. (which is kinda the point, I s’pose.)

    People choose and vote for the candidates they do for all kinds of reasons, including more’n a few that others might think unworthy… It even happens among loyal Democrats, I bet…

  • Prettier’n mine.

    Shorter, too.

    And exactly right…

  • I get idealism.

    Before (and during) the 2000 race I was all about voting your heart, no matter what. (I don’t know how far back the archives go–and I haven’t been there in a few years, probably–but there may be even now yahoo group (that was egroups, that was…somethin’ even before that) posts where I was the Green Party’s own EVANGELIST on voting for Nader, and why it IT MATTERED…

    And then Bush stole the race–

    (and damned straight Bush stole it. Nader wasn’t to blame. Something like 2000 elderly jews voted for a rightwing nut bag like Buchanan, according to those screwy ballots. Even Buchanan said he didn’t earn those votes, and it was awful clear that Gore, did…. 537 votes made the difference in the election. And besides that, no one is entitled to votes… Ya gotta earn ‘em. Nader did, Gore didn’t.

    Even the count that they finally did, counting all disputed votes that could be counted–I could care less about the strategy each campaign chose, at the time. All I cared about was all countable votes; and when all countable votes were counted, Gore clearly won. Folks can look it up.)

    –and then he started dismantling America. And with 9/11, it all only got worse…

    And I was all about “Yeah, Bush will screw up so bad that folks will BEG for a sane liberal by 2004.”

    It’s bullshit. Real people get hurt, in the meantime. The country gets hurt in the meantime. Wars. Transfer of the wealth to the top tier, and foreclosures and economic hardship for the rest of us. And it didn’t pay off, besides. He won (or if ya ask some folks, stole it again, in OH) in 2004.

    LesserEvilism sucks, but it really does matter. We cannot willingly let the right lead… well, anything.

    Now, if you’re in a hopelessly safe state (be it NY, where nine times outta ten there is NO WAY a Republican is going to take it, or the reddest of red state redville, where there is NO WAY a Democrat could ever win), you can still vote your conscience, be it Nader, Rocky Anderson, write in Kucinich, Mickey Mouse, … But if it matters, you shouldn’t take the chance of letting R-(money) win your state’s electors. Even a dufus like him could do some REAL HARM to REAL PEOPLE.

    Voting is a fine time to send a message if you can do so safely. But if folks really wanted to speak up about some of Obama’s worst acts, the time to do so was as they were happening. The disappearance of the ANSWER anti-war / anti-illegal/immoral detention protests, post Bush, were a really big, bad mistake. I’m to blame, and so are you. But now isn’t the time to let them slash and burn it all to the ground, and hope what grows back will be better.

    That’s what I think, anyway… Please think it through, and then think it over one more time, and don’t give away what we do have, even if it is less than you think we should have.

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    So, it was more of a “send whoever happens to be on patrol in the area” deputying, if you will… Still wrong, but not quite so dramatic.

    I don’t doubt it happened… I (like the local police and media, apparently) just question the ties to “the right wing eeeeevil one, de jure” that all these blogs are breathlessly and unquestioningly quoting Patterico alleging.)
    ((Of course ASKING such questions is “Kimberlin Trutherism” (Donald Douglas link. Get out of the boat at your own risk.))

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    he’s feeding on the negative comments, and no doubt every nihilistic, atheistical comment he gets just reinforces his twisted religious beliefs.

    All those comments opposed to the timing, tone, and general inhumanity of his posts allow him to play at being the real victim in the story; a martyr for his (or according to Donald Douglas, His) cause.

    A writer at <The Moderate Voice looked around at conservative blogs, and made an interesting point; whatever one thinks about Cons or Fundies, Donald is so far out on his own in his recrimination of Elizabeth Edwards. Many of the bloggers we know and love (or… …not) have made respectful posts about Elizabeth’s illness and death over the last several days. I know we have our differences with the aforementioned groups, but the sad fact is, Donald doesn’t say these things because he is a conservative, or because he is (or claims to be) religious. Donald says these things because this is who HE is. This kind of inhumanity toward others is a part of him, and I urge those among you who pray, to pray that Donald gets right with God, not so much for himself, but so that he doesn’t attack the next dying or recently deceased person with whom he has some imagined sociopolitical beef. Do it for the families… or at least, the children. Think of the children.