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    if a nation can make money off its sick and needy and its wars for corp profits then it can make corp profits off its folks in prison. in fact it is a win win. the more people we put in prison the more corp profits to be made. this keeps the lawyers busy and [...]

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    americans are trying to make an economic ideology work that goes against every valid leadership principle that I know of. it is a survival of the fittest you are on your own system of beliefs. it caters to individualism and profits over people even profits over sick people and poor people. its belief is one [...]

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    a nation that makes mega corp profits and mega CEO bonuses off the sick and needy is a nation destined for third world status.

    look around it is coming like a tidal wave.

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    a nation cannot have universal health care and the private sector providing the insurance. that simple but way to complex for most americans that love their capitalism more than their bibles.

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    you actually used the word systemtic in this article.

    wow. in an individualistic culture like america this is a rare occurance.

    the repubs know the american people the very best.

    racist, selfish, imperialistic, greedy, fearful, war like, or as I saw on one mans license plate Idid Ok if he had more room it also would have read sorry you did not; screw you.

    one must go to europe to see how the other parts of the world see americans.

    wealth and power can create such a society. history tells us that.

    religion and capitalism go togather like ducks and water.

    most that blog on there have a love affair with capitalism as it takes us to third world status. ie systemic thing. love ya jane.

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    the fruits of capitialism has come to america but it has not had any affect on americans love affair with it.

    the top two per cent are smiling all the way to their banks that cannot fail.

    and they are plotting how to get that tax education and social security money for their scams on wall street.

    any nation that makes massive corp profits off the sick and needy by allowing corporations to figure out ways not to pay like pre existing conditions is a nation destined for third world status. that simple that complex.

    the what we sow we reap thing not as a religous statement but one from the universe. americans dont have a clue what it means. they think they can have their wars for corp profits and not pay a price for it.

    welcome to the new america that looks just like any latin american nation. ie third world and if you think those rich folks like their poor folks take a trip there and find out how they really feel about their poor.

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    there was a ton of money to be made for these machines.

    in america always follow the money.

    at my age the only people left on this earth that want to pat me down are now the tsa folks.

    next someone will figure out a way to share these x-ray pics of a movie star with a journal for a million bucks.

    this is america and it will get worst as we slide down the scale of self destruction. much to learn as this nation self destructs. we are here to learn and america is giving anyone that wants to learn ample opportunity to learn how greed and power and wealth can cause a nation to self destruct.

    hey look at it this way it took rome 600 years to self destruct we are doing it in one generation. give us credit for something.