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    LIHEAP will pay up to $350.00 if you are going to be cut off. But that is one timely only and then usually, but not necessaries, two times a year. You may keep your lights on but the bill keeps on coming. Living in a southern state, and being housebound and with no way to [...]

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    Liberal arts, you don’t know what your missing. No really. Most of those who are poor don’t get a chance to know better care. And, I dare say, most of middle class don’t know hoe substandard it is. So I’m going to tell you my experiences.

    I am a very sick woman. I spent over twenty five years working as a therapist/Interfaith minister, nationally certified addiction counselor. I worked in hospitals four five years and then went into private practice, bla bla was middle class bla bla…but will have used Medicaid Insurance the past two years. Medicare starts very soon. Yea! Having exhausted my own insurance and savings and over seven years with no care I went on SSI and then the ‘Caid to ‘Care.

    The truth about Medicaid.

    1). As is said, “Beggars can’t be Choosers”. Repeat ad-infinitum.

    Medicaid pays for my at-home-care, doctor visits minus $3.00 deductible. If I have to go to emergency Room it will pay for the ambulance and visit. Exceptions are if I have the expensive tests run. See $2,000 bills. Medicaid pays for normal blood work panel. Sounds OK so far, huh?

    Now, most Drs. don’t take Medicaid. The ones that do, run what I call Medicaid Factories. This means pact clinics or free-standing nasty offices, office staff that are undereducated and have lived and worked a good 200% below the poverty level, 3 minute face time with Dr., and only able have one problem per visit. Awful record keeping. One report stated I am African American. I am white. Oopsie!

    Most reports have at least 2 incorrect items in what I told them. These mistakes make serious differences in care and are passed on to other Dr’s. One Dr. wanted 35.00 dollars to print out two sentences that she couldn’t even read. I had been there 4 times. So this is the norm. Records of visits are short and inaccurate. Sub-substandard care is the norm. Did I mention the Drs. don’t care about my name. Hate that. They will not enter into discussion about kinds of care that I will receive. Questions irritate them. God forbid I go in with any expectations.

    For example: I had an appointment at 1:30 with GP. I was scheduled for right after lunch. I have to lay done due to my illness. The DR., whom I saw was in his office on the computer, didn’t come in for over an hour. It was Friday. He probably wanted to leave early and most Drs. wait until past-due time to write up reports of findings. You may find this hard to believe but I got up to leave, opened the door, and the Dr. snarled “Where do you think your going?”.

    Long story short he screamed at me and told me to “Get out of [his] office”. In fulled disclosure I did remark about his being on his computer but only after he screamed at me. My bad. Names were traded. I did say he was “an an a$$-hole with too much power”. Not sure about that one being my bad. As I left, the waiting room was packed. Some patients were clapping, or smiling, or doing thumbs up to me. As my Aid pushed me out in my wheelchair it had became a joyous experience. Lol.

    Too tired to go on.

    Next time I write about this I will talk about the mostly non-existing specialists that take Medicaid. And the few who do. And maybe the state of home-care services.

    Time to write: 4 hours.

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    No equal rights for LGBT’s then NO LGBT money. Hey, DNC, Harry Ried, and Nancy Pelosi quit sending me those letters asking for money. It is not happening.