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    this is exactly why people will just keep using that black market you hate.

    Sorry but I don’t see any situation where I would pay a $35 tax. you can still get a 1/4 for that.

    How about we just charge a normal sales tax like any other product and the state can just make due with its 8%

  • ummm… maybe if she hadn’t spent months talking about some old incident where some lady was raped by a vacuum cleaner salesman or going on and on about ted nugent and discussed actual issues – fracking, Medicaid expansion, for instance. The election is in a couple of weeks and all I know about her is she’ll “cut standardized tests across the board”. oh and greg abbott is a greedy lawyer.

    but at least people know who she is. I couldn’t even tell you the names of the last few dem candidates for gov

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    well as a Texan, what is left out is the fact that there many “one issue voters” and abortion is that issue

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    i agree with lordgoogoo. You seem to be very negative about a “black market”. The “black market” only exists because of illegality. Not all the “black market” are cartels. If there was no prohibition, we would just call the growers growers or farmers. I know where a lot of my “black market” pot comes from.

    Another thing is that you seem to think home cultivation is “difficult”. It isn’t. It really, really isn’t. I know so many people who would doing it if they government wouldn’t take their house.

    You seem to be very big on the government inspecting and what not. Funny how we have gotten along quite well for 5000 years without government inspection and labeling.

    And as usual you seem really big on the state getting revenue and regulating.

    How about we simply treat it as just another plant and as little government involvement as possible.

    One reason why many people aren’t that supportive of your group is the incessant push for regulation and taxation.

  • no. in my area the commercials and persistent emails are obviously geared to women. the strategy for the last year for the “party” has been to get women fired up and to the polls. Someone somewhere decided it was a demographic they could tap. Im sure the math works out. My point was really its just a very narrow focus

  • maybe because the candidates are just “meh” at best? I mean when you’re entire raison d’etre is “we aren’t republicans” it tends to wear thin after awhile. More or less all the Dems want to do is preserve the status quo. No ideas, no plan. boring and in some cases not very personable candidates – I mean really Alison Grimes reminds me of a hard ass principal I had in high school. Same Old, Same Old Boomers.

    And if I could be really frank…. There is too much focus on the “war on women” in an attempt to motivate female voters. The message is lost on most men and doesn’t deal with issues everyone is concerned about. Not to say we don’t care, just that its not getting men all revved up.

    Just pick 1-5 issues – it doesn’t even matter what they are and have everyone run on it everywhere.

    I mean can anyone name anything the dems would do if they had control of both houses?

  • Are blacks inherently more criminal? Just asking. I mean crime rates are higher in black areas

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    its not “WalMart”. They are just an easy target. Im in the “underemployed/discouraged” demo now. A couple of years ago I applied at MACY’s thinking that if I had to work retail at least Macys would be an OK place to go.

    There were no full time positions outside of management and corporate. These jobs were all called “flexible”. They make it sound like its a great thing and you just aren’t working set hours from 9-6 daily. In reality you get maybe 18 hours a week. Since they have so many people on “flexible” hours they don’t have to give anyone full time benefits. And to top it all off they only paid $8 an hour. If you were a good boy in a few months you get the full pay of $8.25! I would actually be better off working at Walmart

  • its disingenuous to call people “independents”. All that means is they aren’t the D or R candidate. Generally they are Republicans. Like Im technically an independent but would never vote R.

    This situation is why we still have Rick Perry here in Texas, more people voted AGAINEST him than FOR him.

    And you had the usual “netroots” suspects spending all their time trashing Kinky. If the dem – seriously I cant even remember his name – had dropped out we likely could have had Gov Kinky. But that was deemed worse than another Perry term

    Wondering how the “elect more democrats” crowd is going to handle this as it becomes more and more common. LOL. But then they are willing to embrace anyone who decides to run as a dem. In Florida you have two former Republican governors running and its OK.

    I live in a ultra safe district gerrymandered district. They will keep anointing the same person until she dies. So anyway, people feel free to vote how they choose. The Greens and Libs do very well but the Repubs are usually in 4th place. Many people simply vote D because there is no alternative and if there is it just splits the vote so someone who is technically a loser wins.

    If we has run off elections like Europe, IMO the Dem and Repubs would be dead in 2 election cycles.

  • but it doesn’t matter. They can catch a “kingpin” and someone else just fills the void.

    Its an endless pointless cycle which has zero effect.

    The DEA could vanish tomorrow and there would be no real difference. I mean after 40-50 years what have they accomplished?

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    I was under the impression that most employees were already “part time”. I was at a big corp temporarily once. All the jobs were office oriented and not retail type jobs. They had it set up that no matter what the underlings did they could never get 40 hours – the math worked out to something like 38 1/2 – and not be eligible for full benefits.

    Depending on their pay periods, it wouldn’t be hard for Walmart to just cut peoples hours 1 day a week.

    But the real issue here is why in 2014 is health care still coupled to your employer.

  • ummmm…. I have dealt with real drug dealers in the past. You don’t say anything on the phone. I mean if you mention anything or use silly code words they will just hang up on you or say they have no idea what you are talking about. I just find it hard to believe that anyone is going to providing any incriminating info via FACEBOOK.

    This sounds more like a way to catch High school kids or really low level people who are just selling to pay for their own habit.

    The issue though is regardless of even if they catch 100 people with her account it has zero effect on drugs in the US.

  • The thing that strikes me is that this is “young” people. Many of them weren’t alive or too young to remember “British Hong Kong”. Chinese HK is all they have ever known.

    While I can see many of the 1% types just wanting banking and what not get back to normal, IMO most anyone over 30 remembers the city before the Chinese took over. So really IMO, it all boils down to what the older demos are thinking.

    IIRC, the hand over didn’t happen quietly


    Another office manager, Justin Tse, 23, said that he had voted for the Democrats in 1995 and would continue to do so in next year’s election. But he did not think he would participate in future protest.

    “I think after the People’s Liberation Army soldiers are here, most Hong Kong people will not dare to demonstrate, for fear of being punished. At least I will not, ” he said.

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    you should read up on it… its a pretty interesting history but IMO a bit un american

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    my concern is that these type laws will just be used to fill the states coffers. It would be very easy to target certain areas or groups and just hand out tickets – my cities police force does this in a night club area now. They just show up and start handing out tickets or arresting people for PI.

    Depending on your demographics and the situation, the truth be told most people caught with a joint or “small amount” would just have it confiscated or given a ticket for something like “paraphanalia”. Police either just don’t care or don’t want to deal with the paperwork.

    I also see it where the cops are more apt to go “fishing”. Get stopped for say not signaling or a seatbelt. Well lets search you so we do fail to meet our ticket quota

  • sure i’ll catch flack for this but the last thing I want is another Boomer women bossing me around. I had my fill in the 80′s and 90′s.

  • the spreading is what I am concerned about. I have said it before that China’s economy is going to crash and its gonna turn the country into a dystopian wasteland. So I am not sure we would see some kind of Arab spring or velvet revolution.

    Beijing could crack down hard. Or what happens when a “megacity” descends into chaos.

    I can easily see the country reverting back to early 20th where you have warlords controlling regions

  • Its not an either/or. We are in reality an incredibly rich country. and could have done both.

    I could easily say the same thing and just replace war with oilco tax breaks or funding the DEA

  • has noticeably evolved

    if I hear Clinton has “evolved” on an issue again this week Im gonna PUKE!

    This woman doesn’t “evolve”. She just takes whatever seems like the safest position at the time to pander. Whatever current polls show is the trend on any issue what she will support at any given time.

  • really… I thought we were done with all this… need to dust off another I TOLD YOU SO!….

    Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if

    1) The Bushies hadn’t decimated what was – regardless of its brutality – a very functional government and army.

    2) Maybe this wouldn’t have been happening if, I don’t know, a decade ago they split the country into the 3 states the people seemed to want rather than a fictional country invented by the British a 100 years ago?????

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