• having known many people who got sucked into the military for college and left the military with no actual skills, about the only jobs open to them were security and law enforcement.

    I don’t think they have to have PTSD. Policing and the military are just different. I mean the military is about killing the “enemy” not about “protecting and serving”.

    And really no one really wants to talk about the people who join the military. There are many fine people in the military. But then there are also many people who join the military because they just want play with guns and kill people. Or who have no other options. They are not the best or the brightest.

    The police in general are also mostly full of right wing, racist, tea bagging, dominationist types. It just attracts those kinds of people.

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    when you are arrested, its pretty much the same for everyone. They will cut off piercings or any jewelry if you cant/wont remove them.

    really this woman just needs to deal and frankly get over her medieval religious beliefs

  • my experience has been its a usually people who were not in board with the revolution. Sometimes they remind me of Cuban exiles in Florida who think that one day they will get their villa back

  • Persians get upset when you call them Iranian!

  • my feeling is that the thought is just to let this be Putins Afghanistan, just let him bleed money and resources till he had to pack up and leave

  • i guess that quote indicates they don’t like the Russians

  • ok… I have not been following this… but the original Nazi’s weren’t to keen on communists or Slavs. What is the relation of the neo Nazis to the Russians. Like if the neo’s took power would they be against the Russians or buds

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    Anyone else notice he is off book. Bush used to have to pause as he turned pages

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    Yeah that version should be broadcast everyone.

  • we mean here in texas – they spent an insane amount of money to get cruz elected – and that was just the primary !!!!!

    It was a safe R seat and would have gone to Cruz or Greg Abbot regardless.

    So there is some reason they were/are backing Cruz.

    My point was that he isn’t there auditioning or begging. He already has the part, its just a question of the role he was hired to play.

    (Seriously, campaigns in Texas are like in Oct when we are flooded with commercials. It was a year of Cruz commercials everytime you turned on the TV – Like in July even. You rarely if ever see any actualy campaigning in primaries let alone constant TV spots)

  • I just bring this up again. Cruz is already bought and paid for. There is something VERY sketchy on the amount of money they spent on a race to get him elected. I would have been an R pick up regardless.

    So I still ask the question why the Koch’s needed Cruz over Abbott so badly.

    He doesn’t need to go there begging, he will do what ever they tell him to

  • SONY is a JAPANESE company… just sayin’

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    Can we have a discussion about these wealthy. Back in the 19th century when there was no tax and workers were glorified slaves, at least the top 1% gave back – building schools, libraries, concert halls, establishing scholarships, etc.

    Today its more or less buying naming rights for stadiums they didn’t actually build.

  • that’s the problem and why I tend to side with the righties.

    First, all that “wealth” has been taxed already. And will be taxed again when the assets are transferred. This is just an extra tax.

    Second and most important, this doesn’t just effect the Waltons and Kochs of the world but people who aren’t the 1%. The 1% have annutities and trusts and what not. So they are protected.

    Who suffers are the middle class people. Maybe your parents bought a house in the 1960s and no simply because of its location its appraised at million dollars.

    Maybe your Dad owned a gas station, small farm or some other small business.

    My parents are in their final years and one of the more distasteful things we are doing is getting everything we can transferred into my name. They aren’t even upper middle class.

    This is something everyday people deal with not just the country club crowd

  • I actual prefer the alternative – the mayor decrimilizes without all the regulation and taxation.

  • “Do you think the use of marijuana should be made legal?” provides very limited value. What every major reform group is pushing for legal marijuana to be restricted to adults, tightly regulated, and taxed.

    I’m just shaking my head. “Limited Value” ???? Most of these so called reform groups seem to be working more for the government than the people.

    In the real world I don’t see many people wanting it to be “tightly regulated” and heavily taxed regardless of your polls.

    The issue is likely polling people who do not smoke pot and will never smoke.

    Its much the same as cigarette legislation. You have people who don’t smoke offering opinions on how tobacco should be taxed and used. People who never go to bars deciding people cant smoke in bars.

    The black market is pretty safe for the next 50 years IMO

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    i think you may have misread Arkansas entirely.

    A lot of money was poured in by the industry. If you could have stores anywhere then you wouldn’t have to drive miles to ABC Liquor and pay their prices. There would competition.

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    which is why a lot of what Jon posts about is funny to me. People act like there is no MJ industry and we are starting this all from scratch and it needs a lot of thought and study and committees and hearings

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    I forsee a future where we have to prove where we bought the weed, oops you don’t have the packaging with the tax stamp…..

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    or the absurdity of some of the laws… you can have X amount of weed or this many plants or this many plants but they can only be a certain size.

    So maybe in Hooterville I can have an ounce but then I drive into Pixely and its 1/2 an ounce or a joint.

    Most urban police have better things to deal with and having pot isn’t really a big deal now unless you are being charged with something else… move out into the suburbs and you have cops who have nothing better to deal with than if your push scooter is street legal

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