• has noticeably evolved

    if I hear Clinton has “evolved” on an issue again this week Im gonna PUKE!

    This woman doesn’t “evolve”. She just takes whatever seems like the safest position at the time to pander. Whatever current polls show is the trend on any issue what she will support at any given time.

  • really… I thought we were done with all this… need to dust off another I TOLD YOU SO!….

    Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if

    1) The Bushies hadn’t decimated what was – regardless of its brutality – a very functional government and army.

    2) Maybe this wouldn’t have been happening if, I don’t know, a decade ago they split the country into the 3 states the people seemed to want rather than a fictional country invented by the British a 100 years ago?????

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    They also give the base reason to turn out.

    Why am I going to bother to vote when its been the same candidate for 30 years and districting assures there is no chance of the seat changing hands.

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    The story here is not Cantor’s defeat. The story is that Dems run pitiful, gimme candidates in race after race after race. They don’t play to win. So when these opportunities arise they are left with candidates that probably couldn’t even win a city council election.

    This is the main reason, IMO, Texas has been strangled by the crazies for so long. The Dems simply don’t bother and no one has much reason to turn out for these bland candidates

  • i still go back to the fact that the drug testing and rehab industrial complex and The PharmCos are owned mostly by right wingers and created mostly in the repub heyday of the 80s. Once pot is legal those businesses will go the way of the yellow pages or CDs.

    Really, those of us of a certain age remember when every other commercial on TV was for Quiet Pines or Oak Meadows Treatment center. Piss off your parents and get a vacation to one of these centers until the insurance ran out.

    Rather than helping Rick Scott, I bet if we take a closer look at Adelston’s empire we will find he stands to lose money somehow. Some shell company probably owns a chain of Whispering River Recovery Centers

  • http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/10/doj-drug-sentences_n_5479049.html

    this is what I read a few minutes ago. It seems to say the DoJ is BACKING the proposal

    The Justice Department is formally backing a proposal being considered by the U.S. Sentencing Commission that would shorten the amount of time that federal drug offenders currently behind bars would have to spend in prison

  • ok… I am very confused…

    the DoJ seems to be raising some objections to making it retroactive.

    The DoJ is executive so that ultimately means Obama and Holder. My understanding was that Obama was in favor of this. Yet HIS DoJ is raising objectives to a policy that he is supporting?

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    one thing you didn’t touch on, that I think is relevant is that police are often ex military. Sometimes its the only option younger people have when getting out since a good deal of the time people get out of the military with no real usable skills. It wasnt as bad back in the 90s. Then we had Iraq and Afghanistan. So it doesn’t at all surprise me that there is more deadly force and brutality.

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    and became a cultural phenomenon in 2011

    see I think your premise is wrong. you seem to coming from a mindset of it being important or successful. to most people outside of the movement – im not sure it was a movement either – it was a blip of the usual suspects camping out. there was a zeitgeist they were a part of and just because something happened after doesn’t mean occupy was the inspiration.

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    They need to figure out a way to change voting habits

    maybe, I don’t know, run decent candidates. ones that actually stand for something. Maybe have an actual party platform that says we will do X, Y, Z if elected. Maybe not run the same fossils election after election after election.

    I mean to most people all “democrat” means is that that aren’t as crazy as the republican. maybe give people something to vote for rather than against.

  • until the head of the DEA is replaced I don’t believe any change is happening. Currently its similar to having anti-UN Bolton as the ambassador to the UN.

    Really, I would just eliminate the DEA altogether. Most of what it does is already under the purview of other agencies. I mean its the army fighting the “war on drugs” so if you want to end the war….

  • Taxpayers finally seem to understand that spending vast sums….

    these types of comments are always hilarious to me.. yeah… like taxpayers suddenly “get it” when in reality its the government and laws who are 20 years or more behind the times

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    they sell the info if its a big operation. The most likely uses are that they would create new accounts using your personal info. Its doubtful they would ever raid peoples bank accounts since that is very traceable. More tech saavy operations might clone your current cards. But the money for the “hackers” is in selling your info rather than using it.

    Like i said earlier. If we are hearing about it now, it could have been going on for 6 months. any damage has already been done. Changing passwords is just a closing the barn door type move

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    i was reading an article back last fall about that issue. The retailers just have to update their checkout things but are unwilling to spend the money on new machines… ironically, every store I frequent has replaced their machines in the last few months. LOL… but they are still not current safer technology. No support for the cards used by the rest of the world or the ability to use smartphone payment methods. Just the same old tech.

    Had target used the machines that everyone else in the world does, their breach would never have happened

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    having been thru this with other services, Sony for instance, people were reporting issues about 2 months before Sony ever acknowledged there was an issue. Likely at this point, changing your password is just a feel good measure.

    “Ebay shares have recently been trading up on rumors that Google is looking to acquire them.”

    hey jane, isn’t it odd that for some reason Google puts ebay results very high in both web and image searches. i have more to say on the matter but Big G is watching. its nearly like the they want to funnel users to the site

  • While undoing decades of anti-marijuana government propaganda is not easy

    I don’t think that is true. I don’t think their propaganda worked. most people of a certain age have been exposed to pot – and drugs in general – and know its complete BS. Even older people are getting ok with it lately, its very common for my friends to get their parents stoned so they can eat or ease some pain.

    The propaganda has largely been ineffective. If anything it just made people be less open about it for a while

  • I wonder what the comparison is to DUI. Back when I got a DUI, I would say 90% of everyone in the mandatory “classes” and then in the probation waiting room every month was white.

  • @Jane I was reading some other articles today about Michelle Leonhart. To be honest I had no idea she had been there 30 years and just always assumed she was put there by Obama and/or holder.

    I think we need to put pressure on the admin to get rid of Michelle Leonhart. Its really time for her to go. She either needs to resign or be let go.

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    Hey DSW, no one is really talking about how this is already happening and has been.

    I am an avid gamer and there are times when I cant log in to certain games. People with a more IT oriented background have investigated and they believe that its connected to a certain ISP throttling connections. So more or less I cant play a game on the week end because there is heavy Netflix traffic. Magically, late sunday night or Monday morning everything is fine. Of course no one will admit they are throttle or limiting our connections.

    So I kind of have an idea of how this would work in the future.

    What I find very worrisome are the buyouts and mergers. I kicked ATT to the curb the minute I could and would never be a customers of theirs ever again. Same goes for TW. If they are the ones making decisions I can assure you that customers will suffer.

    It might look like the late 80s. Where your city decided who you cable or phone company was and you had no choice. Just pay the over priced bill and shut up because there is nothing you can do.

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    see, that’s what i think. china is going to fall and fall hard. at one time it was going to be Japanese world. The reason though china is going to be a bigger mess is they have created these preplanned megacities with millions of people crammed in them. it could easily turn dystopian nightmare.

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