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  • RFShunt commented on the diary post Detroit, Gaza, and the continuing erosion of traditional media by danps.

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    You’re so right.

    I sheepishly accept the rebuke.

  • RFShunt commented on the diary post Detroit, Gaza, and the continuing erosion of traditional media by danps.

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    Here’s a documentary – NOT done by the mainstream “media” – that does a great job showing the issues. http://vimeo.com/99499580 Warning, it’s 40min long. So I’ll summarize a bit: In 2006 the Detroit city council was presented with a plan to subsidize low income people’s water bills. They watered it down (forgive the pun) with [...]

  • RFShunt commented on the diary post Pull Up a Chair: Blade Runner: An Examination by cmaukonen.

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    I’d bet there were a number of scenes shot that include exposition about the artificial animals – and were cut out in editing to keep the story moving. I see this as more feature than bug. A movie is a movie and a novel is a novel. Bladerunner works wonderfully well, it’s a terrific film. [...]

  • Tell the idiots their tax dollars are paying for said lawsuit and they’ll shut up quickly.

    There’s something to this.

    What turned the non-batsh*t-crazy republicans (they exist) away from the tea partiers was in part the $24Billon that the gov’t shutdown cost.

  • What this article describes is actually the way education has been since the beginning. The time of populist land-grant colleges and the wide-spread access to higher education they offered is a fluke.

    The very word “scholar” comes from the Greek and means “person of leisure” Education was always something reserved for an elite and functioned to indoctrinate the young in the proper way to act as a member of that elite. We’re just reverting back to that model.

  • But, but, but Free Market Science assures us that the magic ju-ju of the marketplace always keeps companies from abusing their customers in any way.

    Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand told us so, and they wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

  • And there’s where we are with computer security. Handwashing, not advanced microbiology.

    False dichotomy. You conveniently leave out water and sewage treatment, tracking epidemics, indoor plumbing, etc, etc – the vast world of public health measures that did a whole heck of a lot more than handwashing.

    You’re working hard to make using open source look like brain surgery – it ain’t.

    But I also recognize that if they make an unequivocal statement like they did, the worst outcome for them would be to demonstrated to be liars. I trust Apple to know that, too.

    Yes, corporations have such a stellar history of instant and complete transparency after they’ve been busted, rather than being dragged kicking and screaming to owning up to the whole truth.

    Good luck with your credulity.

  • Yes, I agree. Good analogy. I thank you for correcting the impression my comment gave that open source and propriety software writing tools present roughly equal security risks – they don’t.

    It’s more than just trusting the author of the tools, it’s the openness itself.

  • So you’re saying what – security is difficult so let’s not bother? Be like the doll with the voicebox that says “math is hard?”

    Public health is hard too – should we give up and let people die of preventable infectious disease?

    As to having to go all the way back to the compiler – yep, it’s true. And you know what, I trust Richard Stallman and the gcc compiler more than I trust Apple and the NSA.

  • Using these services requires that your phone be unlocked and that you’ve “trusted” the computer to which you’ve connected the iPhone.

    This is what Apple says, but without access to the source code of the operating system there is no way to be sure.

    “way to be sure” is the definition of security.

    Given the recent history of bald-faced lies by the NSA, and the power they wield with the corporate community, you have to ask yourself how much you trust Apple.

    You have to ask that because that’s your only option – unless you go with open source software – and look forward to the day when we can roll our own open source hardware.

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    A preposition at the end of a sentence is something up with which I will not put.

  • RFShunt commented on the diary post Freedom, Money & Control by joe shikspack.

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    This is an outstanding and thought-provoking post. It’s also a depressing one. Because the capitalist system needs a certain (sizable) amount of poverty to sustain itself, we find ourselves in the position of the most powerful forces on earth insisting on large scale suffering. The only way to end that suffering is to replace that [...]

  • RFShunt commented on the blog post Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg Converse at HopeX

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    This conference’s level of geekery is above my pay grade, but the presentation titles tell an interesting story. It’s obvious that when it comes to communications we’re going to have to roll our own if we’re ever to be secure in our conversations with one another.

  • So when you give people at the top more money…..people at the top end up with more money.

    Who knew?

  • RFShunt commented on the blog post Chelsea Clinton Makes $900,000 for Doing Almost Nothing

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    WTF, you don’t really think that the Clinton clan is on “our side” in any type of real definition do you?

    See the word “claim” in the excerpt of mine you quoted.

    From Mirriam-Webster:

    verb ˈklām

    : to say that (something) is true when some people may say it is not true”

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    It cheapens FDL.

    On the contrary, I think it’s to FDL’s credit.

    You say in an earlier comment “I thought progressives are supposed to be tolerant.”

    Tolerance of behavior on the left that would earn criticism when practiced on the right has a name – it’s called hypocrisy.

    You can (and do) call it “bile” or “churlishness” or “unnecessary”, but I call holding the people who claim to be on your side to the same standard that you hold for people on the other side integrity.

    Politics ought to be about more than just “hooray for our side”

  • RFShunt commented on the blog post Study Shows Being Rich Makes You An ‘Asshole’

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    The filthy rich behave like assholes.

    In other news, sun rises in east; sets in west.

  • RFShunt commented on the diary post Andrew Levine on Tea Party Smarts and the Poison of Ted Cruz by cmaukonen.

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    this collection of insults and smears

    Sometimes hearing a bunch of people, like many tea partiers, who were born on third base and think they hit a triple complain about how put upon they are in an era when America has the lowest tax rates in decades, on top of begrudging the slightest bit of help [...]

  • RFShunt commented on the diary post Saturday Art by Bird, plus Birds ‘n Critters by wd by wendydavis.

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    There are people from back in the day when I was a young buck myself that will tell you it was a bad idea to approach me during rutting season :)

  • RFShunt commented on the diary post Saturday Art by Bird, plus Birds ‘n Critters by wd by wendydavis.

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    No kidding around, this is gorgeous photography! The fact that you’re not using long focal length lenses makes it all the more impressive. You must be a patient soul indeed.

    Thank you for sharing – generously, considering you’re allowing downloads.

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