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    Thanks so much for the kind words, Wendy.

    There’s interesting things brewing among young staffers at a lot of unions and with some of the rank and file.

    Things change, you know.

    And as Mother Jones said, mourn the dead, but fight like hell for the living.

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    Too, too few are aware, petal. That’s my reason for posting. You make me happy by what you say.

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    Priscilla – the Chicago teachers are possibly the most inspiring example of a union doing everything right. Don’t know if you’re involved with them, but as a fellow teacher, you should be proud.

    Solidarity forever.

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    Burning in the eternal fire and teaching Satan how to burnish his image.

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    Thumbnail Closer view of the destruction at Ludlow On the morning of April 20, 1914, agents of the Baldwin-Felts detective agency along with Colorado national guardsmen massed on a ridge overlooking a tent city of hundreds of coal miners and their families that occupied the plain below – roughly a half mile from the village of [...]

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    I actually have some thoughts about this, Spocko. It takes a little bit of background. Some very clever recent studies have shown that infants as young as 3 months show a pronounced preference for fairness, helpful behavior, and justice. There was piece on 60 Minutes (yeah, I know) about this. The same segment, not shown [...]

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    An “audio error” is making the sound levels too low.

    Adding sound effects is treating the news like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie.

    What’s next – Leslie Stahl leaping towards the camera to escape a giant explosion happening behind her?

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    I thought it was the Vega too, but I was mis-remembering. It was the Ford Pinto that came with a portable bar-be-que for a gas tank as a extra added feature.


    Hard to keep your 70′s Detroit P.O.S’s straight without a scorecard.

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    A 1-1/2 ton 70mph operator-less piece of metal built by the same savage marketplace that gave us the Corvair and the Vega and let loose on the public streets.

    What could possibly go wrong.

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    Bravo, Mr. Spocko, well done.

    I like this so much, because more than being nicely satirical, which it is, it also holds out a little piece of positive vision. We need that so much on the left and I know you know that.

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    If you haven’t read a credible plan, then you haven’t been looking.

    There’s a number of scientists and engineers coalescing around 2050 as a target date to get off of fossil fuels entirely – and have mapped out a pathway to get there.

    Here’s one:


    There are others who have similar ideas and initiatives.

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    I don’t know nearly enough to judge whether or not markets are “emergent” in the way this economist describes. But I know when somebody is trying to have their cake and eat it too.

    If the benefits of markets “arise” naturally in these ways, then so do their hazards – monopolies and income inequality and exploitation of workers and fouling of the environment. Seems to me you can’t cherry pick and claim the good stuff for yourself and explain away the bad stuff by muttering “the evil gummit done it” as these “economists” invariably do.

    And further, if markets are “emergent” then so is government and laws and rules and regulations. Unless that ilk of economist want to claim that aliens or bigfoot brought us government and not people wanting to keep from being screwed over.

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    One problem is in the very name itself: “free” markets. Free is the favorite word of advertisers – marketers if you will. Everybody likes free. We yearn to be “free”, we want to get something for “free”, Americans think of themselves as standing for “freedom” Maybe we should start calling it the outlaw market, or [...]

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    Your catalog of shortfalls of the Occupy moment all have validity. (I call them shortfalls and not, as you do, failures. Failure is too loaded and un-nuanced a term) There’s a shortfall in your critique however, and that is to ignore the advances (I won’t call them successes for the same reason as above) Advance [...]

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    Great post – you explain this almost-too-much-to-be-believed story beautifully. I’d like to add that you did miss the cherry on top of this snark sundae – the lawsuit that Tillerson has signed onto to halt the watertower has, as it’s principal plaintiff, Dick Armey. Yes, that Dick Armey. Here’s a link to the suit (warning, pdf). [...]

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    It’s interesting to learn that this Perkins reptile is no longer with his firm. It’s pretty apparent he’s making these statements without the advice of any competent communications pro, because they are insanely damaging to his case. Bonus for us in the 99%. What we have is a rich arrogant asshole trying to make the [...]

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    What a terrific posting this is. It’s so pleasing to see somebody with genuine experience who knows exactly what they are talking about explain it in a clear-eyed way.


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    Several times a year, in a video production house where I used to work, a big PR company would come in with an editing job. They specialized in celebrity endorsements of “good causes” sponsored by one company or another. The edit was always the same, although the celebrities, causes, and companies differed. The edit was [...]

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    Probably too late for this comment to get noticed, but i’ve worked in both union and non-union shops. Union is BY FAR much, much, much, much better.

    Did people in the union shop growse about paying dues, unresponsive union officials, etc? Yes they did. So what? People will growse about anything, and if nothing exists they will make something up.

    I will bet this months mortgage that if I called up the people I worked with at that union shop who are now working without union representation and asked them if they’d like to get back to those days, I’d here nothing but a resounding YES!

    You are shoveling manure here.

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    I love the way people talk about “the market” as though it was some free-standing natural phenomenon that existed for millenia until people stumbled upon it.

    People talk about “the market” the way they talk about “the ocean” or “the forest”

    It’s just people coming together to buy and sell to each other. And like other equivalent pursuits, say traveling on the highway, people work out ground rules. We decided to drive on the right (here in the USA anyway), we decided that red means stop.

    And in a similar way, we decide what the rules are when we buy and sell to each other. A market isn’t some holy artifact, like a statuette dug up by Indiana Jones.

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