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  • Here’s a data point for a timeline consideration, given the news that a Presidential Finding was signed a couple of weeks ago. My cursory survey of the daily news had the people of Tunisia holding massive demonstrations and expressions of discontent, followed by the retreat of the country’s dictator. A similar scenario began to unfold in Egypt. Then the same thing began in Libya. Suddenly “the people” or “the protesters” began to be called “the rebels”. Did I miss some step in the evolution of events, or did this change in nomenclature coincide with the Finding?

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    Must be kinda hard to get back to the safehouse with those two bird-dogs onthe cycle. “Lets see; how to shakem?”

  • Today’s posting that included JSOC in the title reminded me of a something that had been swirling in the back of my mind since we first learned of Aaron Barr. In his emails his truncated use of language and overuse of military jargon suggested someone who doesn’t think in complete sentences, let alone coherent paragraphs; yet nevertheless has an agenda. It all seemed familiar; then I remembered another contractor wannabe, who wamted to make money applying technical force to “enemies”: the infamous “Dr” Mitchell.

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    “…which put P and HBG together for the… GIG?”

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    RE:”having these classified”. To me this indicates that the lists of individuals associated with the groups in question, and their background info are not available for work product, as they are in the form of classifed documents. So to produce said work product requires drafting the info in a format more complex than cut and paste, which takes time and effort. And all that possibly for free. I don’t pretend to understand the technical parameters of this; I only offer what I understood the words to mean, as you asked.

  • That remark about business professionals placing a higher value on their careers than their causes (as if it were a truism), reminds me of Gibb’s term of reference: “the professional left”.

  • A couple of thoughts for the language police: 1) there is a at least a subtle difference beween an assassination plot and an attempt. 2) what exactly is meant by the phrase “restoring stability in Egypt?

  • Perhaps the immediate concern was more narrowly focused on what cables were about to appear in the press, than on what had been leaked.

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    Thanks for the info on interviewing. I thought that would be appropriate even if not always done. In the Ivins case, the hired gun aspect seemed obvious.

    You think the “contact us” is a good way to do what I want here?

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    Wow. Whe I read your comment, the hair on my neck went up. I had just written a comment, but after submitting, it disappeared. After wondering for a while, I decided to rewrite it. Then, oddly, both comments appeared.

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    Jane, thank for your continued interest and assistance in Manning’s case. In my graduate studies in Clinical Psychology, I did not encounter the term: forensic psychiatrist. That is, until we all began to follow the travails of Bruce Ivins. You may recall his group counselor reported to the press remarks made by “his psychiatrist”; this struck me as profesionally inappropriate and got me digging. Turns out these remarks were generated by a forensic psychiatrist who apparantly was working for the FBI. A quick look at wikipedia indicated that this specialty constructs profiles for law enforcement and gives expert tesimony in court. The do not generally observe nor interview their subjects.

    Mannings attorney may well have used the words of such a specialist to his client’s advantage, but people here and those close to Manning should not mistake this testimony as being the opinion of a practitioner with a fiduciary interest in his client’s well being. I smell a rat.

    Jane, I have other information that I prefer not to disclose in this format. This information regards Manning’s health and well being. You have access to my email address, and I welcome your contact.

  • Recently saw a rerun of Alice’s Restaurant, where Guthrie asked if the police thought he might hang himself over the guilt of being a litterbug. “Kid, we ain’t takin’ no chances”.

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    Piggybacking on my comment @ 24, the story I read was that Ms Gates was lunching with an IBMer who told her that their new personal computer was ready, but they needed something called an operating system to run it. She said her son knew something about computer software and would ask him. Bill told his mother that there was a small company that had developed a simple program that could work; he contacted the owner and made an offer to buy it. Looking for R&D capital, the owner took the offer. The rest is well known.

    In the technical lore of behavioral psychology there is the concept of an opportunity to respond. Here behavior which may or may not be rewarding can only occur if there is, let’s call it, an environmental niche, that supports that activity by allowing it to occur and allowing positive consequences to occur as well. This can very well account for the expression,”the rich get richer”, and why moving in the “right” circles advances those who learn to exploit the opportuities afforded by their circumstances. It seems to me this situation divides politically into those who wish to monopolize such opportunities from those who liberally wish to equalize them.

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    The Economist’s article is recyling the same old arguments that have been advanced to justify the European aristocracy. Whenever the Britons have toyed with the idea of abolishing theirs, someone always advances the notion of the need for role models of excellence, a liesure class whose sole occupation is showing others how to live properly (and well).

    This posting is coincident with an encounter I had yesterday with a youth on the street who tried to work me for a cigarette. It got me to thinking how the “lower” class people tend to think that the only thing that separates the classes is money, while the “uppers” think it has to do with character. They worship several idols, one of which is “intelligence”, which has been long cherished as being inate.

  • Not being a lawyer, I seems to my untutored mind that this is a matter for the state courts of Ill, and the federal executive has no standing to register an opinion; so what’s the fuss? Obama can lead a chorus of squawkers if he thinks it will improve his image, but to what avail? Surely there is no mechanism that would cause state judges to be intimidated by some federal whimsy; that would be a sign of..what,corruption?

    Nice picture,(especially with that anguished face in the background). A model of governmental decorum.

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    Should read $172K

    ==modnote: fixed===

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    I did a bit of math on the salary as well, and came up with a bit more than 50 cents, and more than $19 an hour. I simply do not accept the 24/7 hype. No one can do that, not even the highly exploited hospital medical interns and residents. Being on-call is not the same as “working”. Even if one is at the command of events 24/7, there are few circumstances that require the level of commitment Matalin is claiming. So given $172K a year, 50 weeks, and a grueling 70 hours a week, grosses close to $50 an hour, not 50 cents. Such is beyond spin; it is flagrant lying. The one can wonder why this matters so much as to generate the lying.

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    King reminds me of Lester Maddox, George Wallace, Haley Barbour and others of that ilk. These are polititians that take scapegoating positions that they believe to be supported by their constituents. Rather than blaming them for their unprincipled crassness, maybe the scorn should be directed at those who do the voting. Can you imagine the NYT editorializing about that?

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    Thanks for your response to my inquirey @ 10, regarding altering my screen name. I got to the profile page and upon selecting the option to change the profile, I was connected to the Saturday Art page. What now?

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    A good new year to you EW, and to all. I usually try to start new things after New Years, and one of the things I want to do is change my user name. Could you or someone advise as to how this can be done? I suppose I could unsubscibe and then re-up, but that would cause a change in passwords, and that’s a no-no.

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