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    You know, if I had been attending NN this past weekend, I would totally have wanted to be sporting a bright flashy “I AM BRETT KIMBERLIN” T-shirt. Reactions would have been priceless!

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    Ah, we’re in luck! It appears that Georgie’s twats are back in (serius) bizness! Probably temporarily offline due to what I used to call the Slashdot effect (alternately known, depending on one’s political leanings, as an Instalanche, or now Tboggle!)

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    OOOH this is gonna be FUN!!!

    And you know what, I’ve seen this movie before!

    You see, there’s this super-popular gaming blog and webcomic called Penny Arcade. The creators of the long-running site, Mike Krahulik (the artist, who goes by the pen name “Gabe”), and Jerry Holkins(the author, who goes by “Tycho Brahe”) also run a very poular gaming convention called PAX (Penny Arcade Expo), which donates a lot to children through their charity, Child’s Play.

    Back around last December, Krahulik received notification that a snotty internet douchebag very similar (in attitude and looks) to George Tierney, named Paul Christoforo with a company called Ocean Marketing. Paul basically screwed over a customer, and when that customer complained and asked for a refund, Paul snottily laughed at him and boasted of his important-Internet-game-executive status by invoking, among other things, his connection to PAX. As a result, the customer notified the Penny Arcade guys, who couldn’t believe this guy’s assholery. When he continues his assholery when Karuhilk tells him that with this attitude he will be denied access to PAX, Christoforo laughs and doubts Krahulik’s bona fides. Christoforo says he loves Penny Arcade but basically laughs about getting “free publicity” from the strip. To which Krahulik replies,

    “I’m glad you like it! You will be on it tomorrow:)”

    Thanks to the strip’s popularity, and the lack of patience its readers have with douchebaggery, Christoforo soon found himself the most hated man on the Internet. Soon his messages changed to,

    “You have the power Mike Please make it stop”

    I expect that before long, our illustrious and snarkalicious host will look very like comic-Gabe in his strip forever memorializing the joy in making the online lives of assholes hell.

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    From another of Ann Franzia’s comments:

    Barry just lost a ton of black women votes. They really don’t like it when their men go vanilla. At least that’s what I’ve seen in the movies . .

    Yeah, because young Obama dated a white woman one time, thousands of black women are now going to vote for Mitt Romney and his party, which intends to make it harder than ever for them to get jobs, education, health care, child services, contraception, and which coincidentally also wants to mandate the insertion of sonar probulators into their hoo-hahs every time they go to the gynecologist.

    One wonders what’s in those wine boxes Annie’s commenters must be imbibing.

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    Sux… but somehow I’m certain the clip of that segment will end up on Youtube pretty darn quick….

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    You left off the best part…

    Bill Donohue will be interviewed LIVE about his glorious fatwa on the blaspheming New York Jew tonight (4/19) on the 7pm EST edition of “The Young Turks” by Cenk Uygur!

    Cenk Uygur… interviewing jowly misogynist homophobic zealot Bill Donohue, live. I don’t think I have enough popcorn.

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    <John Hodgman> “You’re welcome.” </John Hodgman>

    Was just chatting a bit with a co-worker who argued that if you’re using XL or other spreadsheet for this kind of massive data-munging, you really should be using another tool… As I suggested, a simple scripting language would probably do everything you need much more simply. He went really old-school, and suggested “awk” instead of perl or Python, which I mentioned earlier.

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    So sorry, estimable TBogg, but you have run up against one more example of the staggering dumbfuckery of Micro$oft. You see, that magic number, 65536 (I suspect you typo’d), equals 2 raised to the power of 16. In other words, MS Excel keeps track of the row number in your file with a 16 bit integer number in its interal guts. Now approximately every goddam computer on Earth went to at least 32 bit integer representation oh, at least 15 fucking years ago or more. But deep down below the shiny bells and whistles and glistening candy-like buttons on Microsoft office, the deepest layer of internal data is still reckoned by a hamster-wheel powered abacus held over from the earliest days of Microsoft Excel on the PC-XT, etc. when 16 bit was still moderately impressive. (Remember, a young Bill Gates once asked why anyone would need more than 640 kiloBytes of memory to do anything!)

    Unfortunately the limitation on the number of rows in an XL spreadheet that derives from this ancient hamster-wheel doesn’t really have a work around. You simply can’t have spreadsheets with more than 65536 rows. If going though the intermediate step of importing your data into a spreadsheet is needed (and really, it’s a good idea to divorce yourself from relying on the whims of the Borg of Redmond as much as possible), there are a few things I’d suggest:

    1. Your initial comma separated value (CSV) file could be split into 2 or more chunks of smaller than 65536 rows which XL could handle, and munge for you, and then maybe you could import the separate converted files into the new system.

    2. If keeping the whole CSV together is a necessity, I’d suggest trying an alternate spreadsheet program, such as OpenOffice (which is free). Although a quick Google on “65536 row spreadsheet” seems to suggest that possibly this row limitation may be present there as well. (Why??? We have long integers now, assholes!!)

    3. If the operation you’re trying to perform on this big CSV file isn’t horribly complex, get a summer intern college fresh-out to write up a Perl or Python script to munge it for you. I am sure there are plenty of them available in this economy who would work happily for pizza and beer money.