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    We could have an equal amount of money and still lose because Obama and team have a shitty, uncrafted message. They are running an undisciplined, unimaginative campaign. His little mistakes like the private sector is fine are ones we can’t afford. Because the other side knows how to message better.

    Obama’s new metaphor? (A bunch of guys go to dinner, run up a big tab, and leave you with the bill!” ) It’s a figleaf and it’s supposed to hide the fact that he hasn’t done enough on jobs to satisfy the American people? That’s ridiculous. It works only with his solid supporters, not going to swing a swing voter. NYT said it’s just a riff off 2010′s equally ineffective metaphor: They took the keys got in the car and drove it into the ditch. Now they want the keys back?”

    Shit — Pumping billions into TV ads that peddle that junk-thought isn’t going to turn any swing voters. Meanwhile Professor Know It All completely ignores people within his party who have been Messaging Champions, such as Robert Reich — with his latest MoveOn “instructional video” that is dynamic, informative, and NO BULLSHIT > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozMpjCSUuWk

    It’s a red herring to presume Obama’s got pressure from a lopsided playing field when he: doesn’t have the strength to go to Wisconsin and take a stand; doesn’t go to Netroots Nation (again demonstrating loud and clear he doesn’t give a shit about progressives, but only wants your vote); and he doesn’t address economic issues forcefully, with less bullshit slogans and more straight talk a la Robert Reich. that’s what I think.

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    Suzanne, I am thrilled to see this video. First time ever to see this classic series of live performances captured on video; the anthology albums Live at the Fillmore have long been considered amongst the top live performances made by any band any decade. The original albums lacked the full versions of Elizabeth Reed due to album space constraints, so when it was re-released on CD, for the first time we heard the extended (full) live performance.

    I can tell this is a different night’s recording from the album/CD published one, and even with distorted images and lo-fi sound I just was swept away by this video version. For one thing, I had never noticed that there were 2 drum sets/drummers on stage — which was pretty cool. Another thing is just how unadorned those kinds of performances were back then. Real artists center stage playing real instruments, no gimmicks.

    Thanks for posting this.

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    (( Oh, and how can we lobby to get you onto Keith’s show? Now that the MSNBC minders do longer have sway you would add a lot! ))

    That guy? He’s small potatoes… Though, technically he would be her boss, afterall, he is Chief News Officer. but given she’ll have here own show, 7 minute segments aren’t enough to contain her. And especially not with the new flourescent orange lipstick..

    What’s that?… You didn’t say flourescent orange? … That was someone’s tennis shoes? … Well there you go, that’s why we need you on TV, so incompetent text readers like me can get the story straight.

    That said, I think readers would agree, flourescent orange would be pretty hot.

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    Marcy — I love you!

    AND — I am so thrilled to know you took my advice and accepted Al Gore’s offer to take the slot after Keith’s show on CURRENT TV. This is what I have been waiting for for 8 years.

    yah-hoooo! Marcy building her brand! More thorough investigative pieces, connecting the dots, keeping us back from distracting shiny objects like a traffic cop with whistle and hand outstretched — STAND BACK! All that AND saying cock sucker on national television… or maybe it was blowjob.

    Anyway, she doesn’t mince words!

    I can’t wait!! I bet you even show up with a tan after some 2 week pause at Cabo San Lucas.

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    AstralTechnician April 24th, 2011 at 1
    Geez, Sometimes I think that what remains of the American Intellect has retreated to the pages of FDL. That makes this place where the lines in the sand are drawn.

    Language is important. And though I agree with your premise, more or less, and consider myself part of that Intellect, the only hope at reclaiming the America with a healthy functioning crosscheck balance of power, as designed by us constitution, is in having absolute prowess with all tools of consumer media.

    Thus, to even self identify and classify what goes on here as merely intellectual — in its breakdown & capturing of the current situation — is poison. I of COURSE refuse to accept labels pushed out on us by FOX-OP Party especially O’reilly smashing his stale meme “far left” down viewers throats every night.

    I consider myself more mainstream american than THEY are, and really wish this progressive left could learn cooperative framing so as to leverage strength by 4-walling this theme & meme everywhere… backing scientific advancement and entrepreneurism that got us to Moon, more american in out respect for privacy etc.

    evet since pelosi & reid squandered the gift we gave them in nov ’06 using dean’s 50 state strategicmaterials, being complacent, accomodationists, fearful, failure to punish & hold accountable criminal award crimes, it was clear to me the battle lines are not in which are elect: most will be collosal sellouts, but rather the line in same is directi to people via tv and video clips.

    and yes. that means “relateable”
    not those intellectual elite perceptions.

    great article.