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  • rich2506 commented on the blog post Citigroup Pays Just $7 Billion For Causing Financial Crisis

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    I tried to get some idea of what $7 billion means to Citigroup and found the following on their website: “Our Hedge and Private Equity Servicing business also surpassed $500 billion in alternative assets…”
    So yeah, a $7 billion fine is pocket change, hardly noticeable to them

  • Excellent and LONG overdue! From the very beginning of the no-fly list, there should have been a way for wrongly-accused citizens to get themselves taken off the list. From the very time that we learned that six-year old children were being confused with hardened jihadists and denied the ability to fly overseas, there should have been a method to get people taken off the list.

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    I grew near Boston and the Boston Globe printed Herblock all the time. One day, Soviet Life did a cartoon drawn in the Herblock style (Our high scchool had a subscription) and it featured a guy talking while stepping into a room with a printing press in it and then taking a baseball bat to [...]

  • Man, I never even heard of Saul Alinsky until a right-winger I had been corresponding with responded to a question of mine (“How many lefty blogs or other lefty media sources have you read?”). He told me that he knew everything there was to know about the left because he had read Alinsky. I found a summary of Alinsky and compared it to how lefties make arguments. Sure enough, it tracked pretty closely. Some other fellow a few years later responded to the same question and mentioned “And by the way, I’m familiar with Alinsky.” I just warned him that Alinsky is a good primer, kind of like reading Machiavelli for politics or Sun Tzu for warfare, but “Please don’t confuse it was a deepthink source that’s going to clear up all of your question’s.”

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    Yeah, I would have liked to have seen Conan played by an actor who exuded far more intelligence and canniness than Schwartzeneggar did. Conan always did a lot more than just hack and slash. I read the Marvel Comic series in the 1970s during his travels with Belit (bay-lit) and was left pretty generally unimpressed [...]

  • I’ve felt from the very beginning of the “no-fly” list that citizens need some method to get themselves taken off that list. There should be judges selected who are able to see all the evidence and able to issue final orders for people to be removed from the list. I’m thinking especially of the young children who have the bad luck to have the same names as those of wanted terrorists, but there should ALWAYS have been a formal, easy-to-access method for removing names that are clearly in error.
    I understand the whole classified information bit. I can see not allowing the defendant to see the information, but their lawyers and judges should be able to see the whole case file. If anything is able to be 1. relevant to the case and being used to deny the ability to fly into the country and 2. kept from the judge and/or lawyers for the defense, then I’ve got a Constitutional problem with that.

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    The blog Balloon Juice has been quite good on technical issues for at least as long as I’ve been reading it. I’m convinced along with them that on big technical projects like this, it’s a terrible idea to outsource too much or to put up too much wit workers outside the team.

    Software this complex should be developed in tandem with policy. The software developers should be in the room with the policymakers from the very start. The idea of composing hundreds of pages to technical details an then putting them out for bid is a perfectly good method for smaller projects, but really outdated and inappropriate for a project as big as

    How to get competition into the system? Hmm, good question. You don’t want to shut out everyone that aren’t cronies at the start. Maybe have separate teams getting real-time policy deliberations so that they can make proposals based on what end results the policymakers want to see?

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    Here’s another piece for the false equivalence watch. ALL the fashionable buzzwords are here.
    [snarky flapping of hands around] “Golly gee willikers! It’s just so…so difficult to tell who’s to blame here! I mean, the two sides are so much the same!”

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    Back when I was in the Navy, we decommissioned the first ship I had been assigned to. In the last few days I was there, I made a delivery to another department’s trailer and met an officer I had not met before. He told me he was in charge of a program that I had dealt with frequently and asked me how the program worked. I replied with a sneer that I had had a great number of problems with the program and had a number of complaints about it.
    His smile disappeared and he was startled as he clearly hadn’t heard any real criticisms of the program prior to that. To his credit, as I continued, he realized that he had trusted his people to do their own evaluation and that they deliberately skipped over interviewing their critics and only included people who really liked them and how they ran the program.
    I decided that I was in danger of being disrespectful and so stopped slamming his program, but I feel that he clearly understood how he had goofed up and had put WAY too much trust in his people.
    I agree, the only solution is to have people who are able to go to the press and to tell the American people what’s going on. I greatly respect Senators Wyden and Udall, but Senators who are only able to hint at what they’re aware of are useless. We need people who can go to the pres and talk without ANY restrictions.

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    You’re welcome!

  • rich2506 wrote a new diary post: The Last (?) Pro-Bradley Manning Demonstration

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    Thumbnail The crowd started out as a fairly modest gathering (ultimately grew to 110 people). The wall and buildings in back of us are part of Fort McNair, where Major General Buchanan, who will make the final decision on Bradley Manning, is staying. If the decision is a good one and he acknowledges that Manning is a [...]

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    Yeah, this is a problem that goes way, WAY back. Back during the Vietnam War, I.F. Stone pointed out that the US counter-insurgency, “Hearts & Minds” reconstruction program appeared to be a big deal because the media reported the raw number on spending for it. Stone pointed out that the US spent more on a [...]

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    RT says that Snowden is headed first to Moscow, Russia, then to Caracas, Venezuela.

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    I like comparing Verdun to the Battle of Solferino. Napoleon III engaged in that battle as a favor to Cavour of Italy, was absolutely sickened by the results, the sight and smell of the mass casualties, packed up and went home.
    Verdun was a little under 60 years later. What made the difference between Napoleon III’s trouble-free withdrawal and Verdun’s hard, bitter, hanging-on-at-all-costs?
    That’s easy, the stakes! When the stakes were high, the French were as determined as the Russians who hung on at Stalingrad of both of the American sides that fought at the Battle of Antietam.
    When the stakes were low, as in the squabbles of nation-states during a largely peaceful time, the French had zero difficulty following a leader who withdrew at the first sign of trouble.

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    Hey, good news from GunFAIL, no one shot themselves or any innocent bystanders while trying to clean a loaded gun!
    Gawd, is just amazes me that that ever happens!!!! And GunFAIL reports that happens all the time!

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    I documented the Gay Pride Parade in Philly.

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    And using the “Bushie” Ari Fleisher was SO-O-O smart! Gee, of COURSE a former member of the Bush team would naturally have real public relations smarts.
    It’s impossible for Planned Parenthood to prevent groups like Komen from being stupid, but PP very sensibly raised the price for doing so.

  • What really puzzles me about the video is that marriage is supposed to be all about love. What does the Devil have to do with love? I can’t see what difference it makes what variety or category the love is in, love of any kind should be anathema to the Devil.

  • Dean Baker has been featured on FDL numerous times. He noticed R&R’s lack of transparency right off the bat and called them lying charlatans (Words to that effect, anyway) right off the bat. I read his assessment of them and promptly forgot about them until this whole kerfuffle started.

  • I said back during the time when six-year olds started showing up on the terror list that judges should have the power to order the list-keepers to take name off the list. Keep that power limited to certain levels of judges? Sure, but there MUST be a method to take obviously-wrong names off the list.

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