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    Dang… you forgot “Juarez”: Bette Davis, Brian Ahern, Paul Muni, Claude Raines, Donald Crisp, Gayle Sondergarde… and a script by John Huston! What makes it particularly interesting to me is that the US media and government was extremely anti-Mexican at the time (after the oil nationalization of 1938) but at the same time, spun it [...]

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    “may have damaged”??? Oh please… this was cultural vandalism pure and simple. Arrogant USAnians (too stupid or perhaps clueless to even bother learning what the languages of Peru are) taking THEIR message as more important than anything the Peruvians may consider sacred. I’m not the only one here in Latin America totally disgusted with Greenpeace, and cutting off all support for them.

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    Meanwhile, here in Mexico, we’ve had some of biggest protests since 1968, open calls for the President’s resignation, state legislatures occupied by protesters … and the only mention of the country is in relationship to some U.S. immigration policy?

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    How is “terrorism” different from “crime” to begin with?

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    This argument sounds straight out of 19th century French Positivism, with its “tribal” or ethnic rationales for behavior. Maybe Europeans spend less on war because they all went broke slaughtering each other in the 20th century?

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    I realize you were quoting for the site’s own website, but maybe you (or whoever designed the site) needs to go back to the original Spanish and not depend on a machine translation. Frankly, it was unreadable.

  • Do two parties (both just variations of a single corporate capitalist economic policy) offer people a real choice anyway?

  • “…on the Mexican side of the US-Mexico border fence..” Could Mexico prosecute?

    In theory, yes… but the BP agent not being within the reach of Mexican justice, and the U.S. unlikely to extradite, not practical. The Mexican foreign service has, for several years, has turned to hiring high powered law firms in the U.S. to bring civil suits on behalf of Mexican citizens in cases like this, for the simple reason that its next to impossible to get a criminal conviction against a U.S. agent, but a civil suit at least gets the facts on record (and, although merely monetary) some semblance of justice.

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    Years ago, with poet Jared Carter, I helped put together a literary walking tour of Indianapolis. One site on the tour was an office building in a “Byzantine” style, built by Lew Wallace with the royalties from his 1893 “The Prince of India; or, Why Constantinople Fell”. The architect, incidentally, was Kurt Vonnegut’s grandfather.

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    Well, of course… the U.S. economy depends on the health of the “military/industrial complex” (War is the health of the state, to quote Benito Mussolini). With the market just about saturated for weapons sent to Mexico (we didn’t receive a dime from “plan Merida”… just stuff paid for by U.S. taxpayers, that we Mexican taxpayers are going to have to pay the maintenance and upkeep costs for), the feds are foisting it off on local governments.

  • “f course, who should be surprised by this revelation? Could we form a new gov’t agency called Phony Doctors Without Morals or Borders?”

    The U.S. is already pretty close to doing that… how do you think “Reporters Without Borders” was startd (here’s one of several links: and who can forget the CIA trying to recruit the Peace Corps volunteers in Bolivia ( It’s not just leftist governments in Latin America that don’t trust USAID in particular and U.S. “assistance” in general.

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    Yes, it’s still played regularly in El Quilite, Sinaloa (just outside Mazatlán): this is an exibition match about three blocks from my house –

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    Sort of a myth that Meso-Americans did not have wheels… it’s simply that without beasts of burden (none of the indigenous mammals of the Americas are suitable, expect the llama, which isn’t found in north America), the mountainous regions of Meso-America made wheeled vehicles impractical. True, there were also no potters’ wheels, but there were [...]

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    One forgets how absolutely brave he was, writing an “gay novel” (The City and the Pillar), which came out in the late 1940s and… shocking for the time… did not end with the gay character committing suicide or going into a mental hospital for a cure or any of the other cop-outs of the time. [...]

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    The U.S. “excuse” seems to be that Dutch judges over-ruled a Aruban arrest of a Venezuelan diplomat who was indicted in a U.S. court on narcotics smuggling charges. Whether the charges are valid or not, the most the Dutch could do would be expell the diplomat (which they did), and now the U.S. is all pissy. Are they going to put a travel ban on Dutch officials too?

  • How silly. Considering the term “capitalism” was coined by Marx, and everyone from Pope Francis to Ronald Reagan has at one time or another echoed Marx in their public statements, to say one is not influenced by the guy is impossible. Like him or hate him, Marx is part of our western cultural canon.

  • What is your 15% estimate based on… and does it apply world-wide, or only to “advanced” nations? The only estimates I can find for the general population are 10 years old, and see to apply only to the U.S.…/0,9171,232584,00.html.

    Not that pedophilia may not be more common among RC clergy than among other professionals, but priests starting their training (at least until relatively recently) in their adolescence, and packing off a problem son to the seminary was once an alterative to sending him to a military academy perhaps a compare/contrast with the military sex scandals is warranted. The military also has a problem with sexual abuse, though less access to minors. I know a few guys who were packed off to the seminary because their parents knew they were gay, and a life of “celibacy” seemed “reasonable” to their parents (and maybe to them… not having figured out that not being interested in girls didn’t mean not interested in a normal sex life). The gay guys I know mostly left before they became priests, or… as priests… weren’t pedophiles, just kinda closeted and conflicted. Gay military officers were much the same, though they had the option of getting a “beard” … and — unlike priests — had a nice early retirement in the offing. But, then the private lives (and kinks) of priests and military officers didn’t much interest their superiors (or was ignored) if they were otherwise considered fit for duty. Sometimes, alas, even if they weren’t.

  • I think you somewhat undercut the seriousness of the violations when you refer to these children as “immigrants”. They are refugees, and covered under international treaties to which the U.S. is signatory, as well as the bizarre U.S. immigration laws.

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    Among other things, I manage a small second hand bookshop in a Mazatlán Sinaloa (the only such store between Tijuana and Guadalajara). I’m always amazed that we not only have a separate Louis L’Amour section, but that we have continual call for his novels. We have at least one serious L’Amour specialist stop by, since [...]

  • A mercenary´s loyalty is to his paymaster, so why would anyone be surprised that “patriots” like Eric Prince are working for the Chinese now? This guy would work for the Sinaloa Cartel if the money was right.

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