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  • What is your 15% estimate based on… and does it apply world-wide, or only to “advanced” nations? The only estimates I can find for the general population are 10 years old, and see to apply only to the U.S.…/0,9171,232584,00.html.

    Not that pedophilia may not be more common among RC clergy than among other professionals, but priests starting their training (at least until relatively recently) in their adolescence, and packing off a problem son to the seminary was once an alterative to sending him to a military academy perhaps a compare/contrast with the military sex scandals is warranted. The military also has a problem with sexual abuse, though less access to minors. I know a few guys who were packed off to the seminary because their parents knew they were gay, and a life of “celibacy” seemed “reasonable” to their parents (and maybe to them… not having figured out that not being interested in girls didn’t mean not interested in a normal sex life). The gay guys I know mostly left before they became priests, or… as priests… weren’t pedophiles, just kinda closeted and conflicted. Gay military officers were much the same, though they had the option of getting a “beard” … and — unlike priests — had a nice early retirement in the offing. But, then the private lives (and kinks) of priests and military officers didn’t much interest their superiors (or was ignored) if they were otherwise considered fit for duty. Sometimes, alas, even if they weren’t.

  • I think you somewhat undercut the seriousness of the violations when you refer to these children as “immigrants”. They are refugees, and covered under international treaties to which the U.S. is signatory, as well as the bizarre U.S. immigration laws.

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    Among other things, I manage a small second hand bookshop in a Mazatlán Sinaloa (the only such store between Tijuana and Guadalajara). I’m always amazed that we not only have a separate Louis L’Amour section, but that we have continual call for his novels. We have at least one serious L’Amour specialist stop by, since [...]

  • A mercenary´s loyalty is to his paymaster, so why would anyone be surprised that “patriots” like Eric Prince are working for the Chinese now? This guy would work for the Sinaloa Cartel if the money was right.

  • In Mexico, we have noticed these refugees for quite some time. Some are the usual border crossers coming to work as farm laborers (or other low income positions… yes, in Mexico, Guatemalans and others work under the table or as casual laborers) and the government here has been telling the U.S. government to prepare for this for some time now. Incidentally, Belize, Mexico and Costa Rica have all been dealing with this same influx of refugees, but U.S. media just hasn’t been covering it.

  • A perfect world isn’t the point. That the U.S. created the conditions in this part of the world (I live in Mexico, which has managed to maintain more independence from the U.S. but much of the same conditions apply) … through intervention in our political systems, gun running, your insatiable appetite for our resources (including those that you insist are illegal) and your cultural arrogance, there wouldn’t be those refugees now. You screwed us over, and created this problem. Deal with it.

  • Corporate media run amok, or the end result of the U.S. media obsession with “two sides” of every story. My partner worked for U.S. newspapers for years, and apparently it’s a belief among editors that “two sides” of a story somehow equate with balanced coverage. It’s like talking about human rights and getting the Nazi point of view. Why?

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    Attributed to T.S. Eliot is the backhanded compliment… “Poe is for adolescents: the intelligent ones”.

  • I think you two missed the point. Senators live in something of a bubble, and– like most of us — aren’t paying attention to each and every issue. Are the marijuana activists following immigration issues, or the rights of Mexican Mennonites to sell cheese in the United States? Doubt it, but these are things where federal laws affect people’s lives, but those Senators in a bubble just are unlikely to have ever considered the issue. Of course, you get those memes (remember the Joseph Koney thing, or the Nigerian girls) where everyone gloms on, and the U.S. Senate goes riding off to the rescue without cosidering the conserquences, but still… if they don’t know about something, they can’t be expected to do anything.

  • Nonsense. He also used an automobile as a weapon, but automobiles and knives have legitimate uses other than as weapons.

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    I live in Sinaloa, and there sure isn’t much evidence of money trickling down into the local economy from the U.S. narcotics market. That the U.S. banks are so lax in their controls is not our fault, though it makes it difficult for legitimate businesses like mine (a bookstore and small publisher) to do business given that Mexico has strict regulations on U.S. transactions. My guess is the U.S. banksters don’t want to know (and don’t care about) the source of the funds, but need them to keep themselves in that “opulent lifestyle” we certainly don’t enjoy down my way.

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    Justice would be better served if the Feds looked the other way, and tipped off various international criminal organizations about banksters that have been losing THEM money thru misdirected investments, personal enrichment, etc. A few bankers heads rolling down Wall Street might get the attention of these white collar criminals a lot quicker than a mere fine would.

  • Sort of reminds me of George W. Bush… who knew nothing about the Middle East suddenly becoming a partner in an Saudi oil venture when his dad was “merely” CIA director.

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    The “drug gangs” are already stealing oil and selling it to U.S. companies. Whether gangs like Exxon are any worse than the ones already here is something we don’t know yet.

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    One advantage the Pope has is that he’s probably the only head of state who can guarantee than none of his citizens go to bed hungry, ill-housed, ill-clad or lacking the opportunity for an education. Admittedly, not Vatican citizens have the same standard of living, but no one is in want. It seems all’s he’s [...]

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    It has been liquidating assets for quite some time now. It’s not like being the heir to most of the art and history of western Europe (and other parts of the planet) they can just sell off things as scrap metal though. Anyway, I don’t see any call in what the guy said for states [...]

  • Having no interest in using marijuana, I have no idea what the price point is in the United States, but considering that the minimum wage in Uruguay is about 3 USD per DAY (The minimum wage is calculated monthy in Uruguay at 1450 UYU/per month = 62.50 USD)it seems a reasonable price for what most in Latin America consider a bourgoise indulgence.

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    The Soviet Union (back when it existed) and China (still) execute condemned prisoners with a single shot to the back of the skull.

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    Actually, a better analogy might be the “Knights Templar” cartel here in Mexico. Manufacturing and exporting meth was initially just a way of financing their “traditional values” agenda (based, on U.S. “Focus on the Family” literature) but quickly morphed into the more lucratice criminal trade. Having subverted local politics (and met the needs of the [...]

  • Geeze, those big guys make it complicated for us little guys. I run what in my more pretentious moments I call the “world’s smallest multinational media corporation” … a tiny Mexican publishing house with an every tinier U.S. company to handle our distribution in the U.S. and to let us write contracts protecting the rights [...]

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