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  • Typical poll question of USA Today–meaningless and not to be taken seriously. All they are interested in is breaking everything down along party lines, everything black and white, nice and neat. Other polls on this issue using “privatization” and “vouchers” in its question have shown results much more negative about what the republicans want to do than what Obama wants to do,

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    Well put. Over all of this, of course, is what some call “leadership,” the lack of, but what is nothing more, nothing less, than good old fashion courage, guts and balls, to stand up and fight for what democrats are supposed to stand for. Just today it was announced that Obama has called for a [...]

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    That typo didn’t escape me, and I apologize for sloppy editing. Thanks.

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    marsdragon–thanks for the headline tips. I like them all better than mine.

  • Among  Obama’s many core liberal positions as candidate for president, environmental protections ranked near the top, to every pro-environmentalist’s happiness and relief.  After eight years of  Bush’s slash and burn,  pro- development policies to eradicate  the Clinton administration’s major  environmental accomplishments,  Obama vowed to reverse his predecessor’s assault on wilderness protection, which Bush had carried [...]

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    Why does a defeated member of the US House of Representatives clear out her Washington office but leave  behind her car in its parking space,  like a piece of junk she couldn’t be bothered with taking? This was a question for ex-congresswoman Melissa Hart, R-Pa, who after being defeated for re-election in 2006, then re-running [...]

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    On March 20th the anti-Muslim pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center inexplicably carried through with his threat to  burn the Qur’an.  This  act of hatred against another religion resulted in an attack on a United Nations compound by a mob of Afghans that left 12 dead. Why Jones decided to burn the [...]

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    With the EPA now considered expendable by democrats and Obama, it’s now clear that Clintonian realism has taken a giant step toward reaching its intended fulfillment: the total annihilation of liberal politics.

  • When will liberals speak up for and support something that is actually right? Can you be against military action everywhere and in the process be for the thugs who kill their own people? Dennis, wake up!

  • It goes to show the only thing that would have made a difference was to include a public option that went into effect right away. Not only did Obama not fight for it but went for a 2014 time frame that added insult to injury. Cash strapped states are now kicking people off Medicade rolls, and many states are dropping people from COBRA, the program states use to offer affordable healthcare.

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    Eric Catman, no shit, let’s put him out there.

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    Okay,  It’s clear, two years later,  Obama the 2008 candidate is a far different president. Independents,  students,  and most people under 70 overwhelmingly voted for him.  If polls can be believed Obama would have a big struggle getting their vote in 2012. Can Barack Obama win a second term? Do we want him to?  If [...]

  • Hold your breath for the big dropped shoe on cuts. Speaker Boehner has told Obama he will keep republicans at bay if Obama pushes Entitlement cuts, and he and the republican leadership will praise the administration once the cuts are passed. This cheap bribe would be laughable if not for a president who won’t pass up an opportunity to sell out in the name of bipartisanship.

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    Huckabee leads in a Public Policy poll for the 2012 republican primary that showed 51% of respondents believing Obama was not born in the US. Newt Gingrich is quoting Denish D’Souza’s crazy talk in a Forbes magazine article on what he calls Obama’s anti-colonial hatred inherited from his father. Huckabee’s Obama-Kenya comment was a strategic lie, and his “misspoke” response doubles down on the lie. These are cretins, folks.

  • With a host of anti-illegal immigrant laws passed others making their way through the Arizona legislature–the latest being an unconstitutional  ban on illegal immigrants in public schools and universities–lawmakers went after their number two hot issue  with House Bill 2443, an anti-abortion measure with a twist: race and gender selection. One would think that the [...]

  • There was a time when democrats stood for the values that the, now, lone voice of Bernie Sanders bemoans the loss of. That democratic party is long gone, thanks in part to an elitist president who can’t do enough for the very constituencies who ripped off the country for a decade. The saddest part in this pell mell to hell race to cut the budget so rich people can get a tax cut is neither party — republicans more than democrats but still both–sees real people who will be made to suffer more by this action.

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    “justifiable homicide” in the history of the world has never been a legislative act, but a legal defense decided in courts of law. Outside of that it’s called state sanctioned vigilantism–or to put it another way, state-sanctioned terrorism.

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    I never realized the US CC was not an agency of the Federal Govt, but one the largest and most heavily funded business lobbies in America. I can totally believe there is much substance to this blog.

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    You bet. I can’t help but wonder what the other justices think of Thomas.

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    The New York Times story today that Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas hasn’t asked a question or opened his mouth on any case other than to read a prepared statement in five years shouldn’t be shocking, or even surprising, given his reputation for never writing an opinion. But five years with no questions?! According to [...]

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