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  • It will save money by having fewer arrests, fewer people jailed, fewer Court proceedings, etc ergo it will be revenue positive in the budget thus no money will need be spent.

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    “No matter how you define American-style war or its goals, it doesn’t work. Ever.” Actually if one defines “American-style war” properly is does, in fact, work. It just doesn’t work for the vast majority of us. “American-style war” is war waged “for-profit” just as our health care is “for-profit” and our educational system is fast [...]

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    “… to explain why the SEC allows lawbreakers to settle without admitting guilt.”

    I would like to know why we allow any corporation or human being to settle without admitting guilt? How many people die each year because we allow the people that own the mega-corporations to pay off survivors under conditions where the survivors freedom of speech is cut-off by the settlement? Guess if one has enough money, it’s not very hard to payoff the victims of ones crimes and to, quite literally, get away with murder.

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    No. I’ve known many pigs and most of them are way to nice to insult them by association with NYPD, et al.

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    “An incredible 68 percent of Connecticut voters support allowing adults to use marijuana for medical purposes if they get a doctor’s recommendation.”

    Actually what I find incredulous is the fact that the federal government under Obama does not agree that people who are ill and can be helped by medical marijuana should have access to this medicine but rather should be denied this safe, efficacious and cost-effective medication and incarcerated if they attempt to use it.

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    What I find truly appalling and quite pathetic is that this discussion is even needed. Perhaps we need to learn from the other sentient creatures that we live among.

    Rats will free their brethren rather than eat chocolate, elephants mourn for their dead, monkeys freely help the elderly to obtain food… (

  • Aside from the valid differences pointed out by others, in the case of car insurance you must have the insurance to protect others you may harm. As far as insurance for harm you do to yourself (eg: wreck the car) most states could care less.

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    Much less than with private insurance:
    “According to CMS, for common benefits, Medicare spending rose by an average of 4.3 percent each year between 1997 and 2009, while private insurance premiums grew at a rate of 6.5 percent per year. (See Table 13)

    According to a calculation by the National Academy for Social Insurance, if spending on Medicare rose at the same rate as private insurance premiums during that period, Medicare would have cost an additional $114 billion (or 31.7 percent).

    The CBO has predicted that the rising cost of private insurance will continue to outstrip Medicare for the next 30 years. The private insurance equivalent of Medicare would cost almost 40 percent more in 2022 for a typical 65-year old.”

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    The data is already there, private insurance companies lose big. Here’s just two examples which can easily be verified:

  • The problem with our health system is that is not a health care system in that it’s primary function is not to ensure peoples’ health but rather to return maximum profits to those that own it.

    Here’s one more example: My meds — doctor prescribed and critical for me to function — cost $16 per pill (I need at least one per day.) Of course my insurance won’t (Regence) will not cover it. I am forced to engage in a criminal act to buy my medication from Canada where I pay $1.47 per pill. The pills come from India where, on the package, the Maximum suggested price is (converted to US) $0.27 per pill. That is a difference of $15.73 between the buying the same medicine in US as India.

    The drug I get is generic and the patent has expired in the US though no generic is available in the US — the drug company paid off the generic manufacturers to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars to not sell here. The drug is modafini (provigil) and this easily verifiable.

  • Sorry, but if it’s Kool-Aid that’s being drunk, it sure ain’t the kind Kesey recommends. It has been very well documented that “high tech” medical facilities (eg MRI, labs, etc) that are owned by, or whose investor are, doctors are major sources of profits for these very same doctors:

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    We should be prepared for what is yet to come. What is being done now is nothing to what they will do and what they have done. We only need look at the history of the labor movement in this country to see what the 1% and their dupes are capable of: murder, blackmail, strike [...]

  • Reality has no bearing on your post. Check out what Human Rights Watch has to say about Shalit:
    Are you going to claim that Human Rights Watch is a “Zionist” organization? You can also check out Amnesty International.

    Perhaps you prefer Hamas’ take on the death of bin Laden: “If the news is true, then we consider it a continuation of the American policy based on oppression and bloodshed against Arabs and Muslims,”“We condemn any killing of a holy warrior or of a Muslim and Arab person and we ask God to bestow his mercy upon him.”
    — Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh

    Or their take on 9/11 and the fact that Hamas leaders issued statements praising 9/11 while the Palestinians celebrated the death of thousands of innocents
    “Allah has answered our prayers,”
    — Hamas minister Dr. Atallah Abu Al-Subh “To America,” September 13, 2001, Al-Risala.

  • I fail to see why this is a “shocker?” Look at what Obama did, and didn’t do, when he had both the House and the Senate. Look at who his economic staff are. I doubt the poll results would be any different if question included a presumption that the Democrats kept the Senate and regained the House. The only way this poll results could shock anyone would be if their head has been buried in the sand since Obama was elected.

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    Well done? Heck, we’re nowhere being done. As one of the signs said: “The beginning is near!” :)

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    The State of Arizona has proven that private prisons cost the taxpayer more: This has come to light even when the people running the private prisons (CCA) have the Governor and other elected officials in their pockets. (Google on Arizona, CCA, and Gov. Brewer.)

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    Obama is not a “centrist.” The DNC is what, pre-Reagan, we would have referred to as moderate Republican except that a lot of moderate Republicans recognized the importance of Social Security to the well-being of the human citizens. Starting with Bill Clinton the Democratic Party has moved far to the right of center — just look at the so-called Blue “Democratics,” NAFTA, and welfare “reform” and other policies and party members.

    As to voting. I will not be voting for Obama. Maybe if the Repubs/TEA Party get their way things will get bad enough for states, such as Oregon, Washington, Vermont, etc, to secede and form our own nation built on liberal principles. I spend way to much energy trying to just stand still — I want to use that energy to make progress, as in Progressive.

  • If one looks at the ads and the “great deals” AARP gets for it’s members (especially from insurance companies) it becomes very clear that all AARP is nothing but a means of marketing to seniors. For the record, whenever I have compared the offerings through AARP to what I can get sans AARP, AARP offerings lose out by a significant margin.

    Wish I could revoke my AARP membership and get my dues back.

  • I told him. He didn’t listen.

  • Thank you for clearing all this up. What’s mind boggling to me is the “need” or even the desire to fact check a comedy show. As Jon Stewart constantly reminds us — The Daily Show on Comedy Central is a comedy show and not a news show, not on a news channel, and is done to point out the absurdity in our lives. What a point we have reached when we have to get our “news” from a comedy show on a comedy channel.

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