• From a teen sitcom to a LaHaye/Jenkins saga to a Jeezle travelog?? This is really pitiful. Aren’t there any real estate or aluminum siding jobs out there? Are there no Kentucky Chickens or Pollo Locos in Orange County?

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    I remember when the Christine Jorgensen story first came out, in the early 50′s. All trans (in those days it was only thought of as male to female) gay and lesbian were lumped together as “queers.” (Bisexual was too sophisticated a distinction for the time.) Ms. Jorgensen went to Denmark for the surgery. All of Scandinavia became the place where one went for “sex-change” operations – - – and nothing else!!

    But just as Shitkickistan has lumped us together and in their minds were are all the same, I think the lumping was a propitious one (not that they were trying to do anyone any favors). We all have a common enemy and a common need. We need each other.

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    “We need to reach out to them [gays] and get them to change their lifestyle back to the one we accept.”

    I don’t smoke. Isn’t that the “lifestyle” a retired physician should be worrying about?

  • The memory of Stossel that stands out for me was his waiting outside a small town grocery store to ambush and harangue a down-on-his-luck fellow who bought cigarettes with the food stamps specifically paid for with his (Stossel’s) taxes.