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    Yet another in a growing list of national disgraces. Yet another in a list of broken promises from Obama.

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    I wish that I believed there is a difference between the two parties actions. Both are wedded to the corporate rule that is destroying our democracy and our planet.

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    If I agree to make payments then I am legally liable to do so. Why are governments exempt from the same requirements? Pensions were negotiated with unions and then there were no payments into those funds. How is this allowed?

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    Lest we forget; drones kill far more innocents than culprits in what is euphemistically called “collateral damage”. Obama has ordered the murder of three American citizens without recourse to due process which was their right under the constitution.

    This nation will not be a just and fair place until and unless its citizenry rises up and insists we stop the slaughter.

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    I must, unfortunately, agree with your assessment. The last four years, including his appointments of corporate leaders to so many posts within his administration, his continuance of a hopeless and unwinnable war that includes the slaughter of so many innocents in the name of corporate profit, his refusal to stand up to a recalcitrant and extremist led GOP in any way other than speeches all point to another four years of decline of the American democratic process.

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    Better we exclude all people from combat of any kind. Our penchant for perpetual war is a national disgrace and, I believe, actually causes more violence world wide than it resolves.

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    Of course that still leaves us in a lurch as the track record of this administrations desire to regulate seems rather tepid at best.

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    In my opinion we are fighting the wrong fight. To put our energies into each and every abuse by corporations abetted by our bought and paid for politicians is both exhausting and a failing strategy. The real issue here is that the interests of the people of this nation are subsumed by the interests of [...]

  • What a refreshing post in refutation. Thank you for it.

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    Thanks for the advice.

    I travel the so-called “Progressive landscape” getting the pulse of that community and attempting to discern why progressives make such few inroads into the American political landscape. Of late Ive been visiting those sites that some have claimed to be loyal only to Democratic politics, sometimes at the expense of the progressive. This site is one of those so judged by some out there. This statement is not my conclusion, only as I said, what I have read in several places .

    I do not expct to remain here all that long, but I have read the policies, typical of most. I do not wish to be seen as denigrating either this website or its contributors, seems like a rather typical mix to me, not a extremely partisan as some , not as radical as others.

    If Ive a criticism it would be that the format makes conversation difficult. I do find that those sites which place responses directly under the post being responded to are far more capable of in depth discussion.

    Anyway, I intend to remain only a short time longer before moving on to the next “progresive” website. I hold little hope that I will find the answers I seek but a little hope beats none at all.

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    I have re-read the article, sir, and find much about torture and rendition under Bush and only this, at the very tail end, about the abuses of the current administration:

    “To the extent that the Obama administration continues to subject prisoners to torture and outsource torture to allies in the “war on terrorism,” it is worse than complicity. It is a coverup—an act to conceal and ensure the national security state can continue to be purveyors of violence and torture against those the US contends it has a right to indefinitely hold in detention without charge or trial, without judicial or due process.”

    As I stated in my post addressed to Jeff Kaye, I found the article to contain much of value, and yes, I was aware to whom Mr. Kaye was speaking..so what?

    You seem a bit brittle, sir, and I do apologize for your taking umbrage at what I noted. In fact I believe we share much similarity in our political views.

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    Thank you for the clarification. As a newbie here I did indeed jump to a conclusion based upon the rapidity of certain threads being closed and the content thereof. I apologize to everyone for my error.

    Oh, and speaking of apologies:

    JohnJ, I do not currently post in any other forum, nor did my post seek to do any such thing as you imply. Tell me, how do you post being such a horses ass? That body part has neither eyes nor hands…..

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    Oh horseshite, Mr. Partridge, anyone at this website knows full well the increasing number of threads abruptly discontinued seemingly because of the effective critiques of the Democrats.

    If you wish to deny truth that is your business, but I wonder how deep your conscience runs to be associated with such as Margaret, propagandist, clumsy as she may be.


    my comments were not meant for individual authors but as a statement about a trend I find disturbing. I was unaware that you, or any author, had the power to shut down a thread, assuming it was the pervue of administration figures and the coterie of broom riding Endorians who rise breathing fire when any negativity of their imcompetent party is dared.

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    I am forced to rise to thank Mr. Kaye for raising the issue, so carefully avoided by this article, though I do empahtically agree that it does contain much of value,of the abuses done under the Obama administration.

    Despite the tightrope walked emphasizing the abuses under Bush and remaining silent about the rendition for the purpose of torture, and the torture itself commited by this current administration I am heartened to read responses that rtefuse to enter into a condition of denial of fact.

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    With the tenor of the first remarks in this thread I fully expect it to be closed to comments shortly. A rather disturbing trend here in fact. Almost as if someone, or a number of someones, has decided to throttle free speech when it derides, however factually, the deterioration of the Democratic Party as the “big tent” party.

    We the people, despite the torrent of abuse found here about Romney/Ryan and almost none about Obama/Biden, are being deprived of any real choice in our national elections. The jealously guarded monopoly of the two party system by the two players has led to a government of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation.

    When one finds comments by the Green Party candidate, Dr. Stein, one cannot help being struck by the common sense of this progressive candidate, especially if one is actually a progressive. Yet finding Green commentary or speeches is a difficult task, almost as if they are being suppressed the way I find suppression of criticisms on this site.

  • What strikes me inmnediately is the apparent naivete of Mr. Barofsky in being so shocked by the control of our government, and its dispersing of funds by the large corporations and financial community. I suspect that most participants here and in progressive forii everywhere fully understand that the things Barofsky found , and so affected [...]

  • Taxes are, despite ones aversion to them, a necessary ingredient in the financing of our infrastructure repair, system of education, etc. The government used to be financed via tariffs, as late as the Civil War 1/2 of all government expenses came from this source. Times do change however.

    Whether to tax working families at 20%-25% , Romney at 14% and General Electric at 0% is a debatable subject, but the fact that the tax code is in desperate need of revision is certainly clear.

    When one ponders why the American people are either so easily misled or so apathetic the thought occurs that , should Medicare, Social Security and ones personal and corporate taxes be attacked and continue increasingly to be inequitable, this may very well trigger the electorate to actually get involved in their government. A hard road to be sure but nothing else seems to energize us.

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    My condolences for your loss.

    Ive lived in Northern California since returning from Vietnam in the mid sixties. The only thing I miss about my Bronx,New York birthplace is Fall.

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    Bravo, and very well put.

  • Our Congress cannot work without compromise. Thus the obstructionism of the Republicans is simply callous, partisan and self serving. They do the business of the GOP and not the business of the nation.

    Yet, when the Democrats had a majority in both Houses they could not pass legislation then either. We are hopelessly deadlocked and both parties must share the blame, one for selfish self interest and the other for incompetence. This seems likely to continue until the GOP has the White House and the Legislature or, in a far better scenario, progressive third party legislators are in place to swing votes.

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