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    Fare you well my brothers…
    fare you well my only true friends…
    Marion in Savanuhhh too long(but the most awesomely beautiful sounding handle ever)
    Guns fer butter
    Phoenix woman
    Too many to remember in all.
    You guys were like spices to a great meal, added depth and other stuff to the world class snark. I seriously learned, not just a thing or two from you, but how to dissect and rebuff some of the idiocy that surrounds us(lotta good that does)
    And one last thanks to you Mssr. Bogg. First, for upon coming here I had a little help in coping with my grief of losing my buddy Dusty dog(he passed away a week before Beckham)and second for the wit and forum you created. Gave me a lot of the aforementioned and also a great way to waste a little time when I didn’t feel like working. Ten years ago it would have been Bonjour to you but now we have to go with Aloha.

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    Damn lawyers!!! See, I knew this whole interweb thing was more complicated than all-caps and porn.

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    Too bad you aren’t conservative Mssr. Bogg. The griftin’s pretty good if you was of that bent. But, hey, adios already. Not shoving you out tha door or anything but the snarks giving way to songs of how awesomely somewhat fantastic you were. Hard to keep sounding heartfelt when it takes a week or two for you to go.

  • Oh, might want to add that that picture might not be safe for work

  • Stopped by today thinking it might be my last time to make a stupid comment and found today’s post. I have to counter the Malkin video with my own best comment made, oh so long ago: Yin Lin from joy toy http://i.imgur.com/f1MB4.jpg

  • And this isn’t even the worst news of my day. I’m sure everyone else already said what I need to and much better. I’m going to go home now and pretend one of the things that happened today is in my imagination….

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    Never been a Bassett’s human but I would guess that their super power was to weaken gravity so they could move about and cease doing so when at rest.

  • I’m telling you these people will never go away and we will live our lives out under policies driven by their need to subjugate us all. I said we should drag them into the streets and shoost them like the dogs they are but noooo…….

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    Solar powered? That would explain the extra skin, more surface area for efficient conversion….

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    (By the way, I’ll be out all day and into the evening, so behave yourselves in comments. Not that you will…)

    I used to have a boss that would come into the shop and say something to a co worker about the Cinci Bengals and get this guy all riled up. Then the boss would leave while this guy went on a rant for a few hours…..(all pre internet, too)

    Not sure what brought that to mind, just now.

  • I just wonder how many times they can double down on the meaner part, I’m hoping they’ve reached the level of stupidity allowed by law….

  • Myself, I don’t feel it’s even about feeling threatened, it’s about wanting to legally kill someone for the thrill of it.

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    It’s a proven fact that no one gives a shit about government surveillance on Americans since we learned about the microchip implanted in Timothy McVeigh’s ass….

    Does this help us get to 500? Go man, go!

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    “…bullets embedded in roofing shingles.”
    You know what that means, don’t you? Americans are being deprived of weapons capable of blasting through several layers of shingles and our very existence as well as our (narrow view) of the Constitution are threatened!!!!
    Most likely Obama’s fault.

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    I used to have “traditions” and have a fourth like everyone else but Mrs Hill is Chinese so we are having crab and giant sized mushrooms, neither of which sit around long enough to turn bad.
    Anyhoo, happy freedom day to all of you except to the ones that are on TBogg’s list, forwarded to homeland security to recommend for relocation at the FEMA Obaminization camps. You can all rot till you learn to eat your veggies and sing the Kenyan national anthem.

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    *sigh* Maybe if I just have my wife get a real short haircut and get in touch with my feminine side we can just say we are lesbianized…

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    Can leprechaun peeners be shoved down anyone’s throat? I mean they are the wee folk, after all.
    That aside, I am very confused. Am I supposed to divorce my wife and get ghey married or am I supposed to marry my dog or start an affair with my breakfast cereal? It sure was a whole lot less complicated before the gop got their dirty hands in everyone’s bisnis.

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    Wupps. Meant 143 in reply to you. Like I say, been busy. Plus most of my days are spent dealing with the other end of the spectrum. Go to a job and a guy’s just finished putting in mirrors or something and say ” There ya go, now we can all pay taxes so Obama can feed the little porchmonkeys and welfare whores.”
    Or the “reasonable” plumber I talked with yesterday who finds it great that the wealthy who skirt taxes legally are good American spirits of individuality but folks who are on welfare are a drain on society. Of course his reply to the poor doing what was legal was met with a standard “got no respect for people who won’t work for themselves…

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    Siiighhh don know. I used to wonder if these types of folks were serious or if they were just trolling. Kind of dealing with my daughter doing the same thing, she’s more balanced and just out of college(damn elitists! (shakes fist at the sky)) and try’s to pound everything into a logic box…she doesn’t do the ideology thing but still she can be a pain in the buttt.

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    I’ve been awfully busy lately so I’m not sure what’s going on around here. Mssr. Bogg,(or is implying frenchiness of any who are not obvious American patriots way out of style? I kind of like saying Monsieur wit my inner voice at any rate…)are you getting an attention fix with these comment generators or is there some monetary reward for the clicks generated? Teeh lulz!?!1! Whatever, I still learn a small thing or two but damn who has time to go through all this stuff to catch the awesome wit and snark of the reglars?(I’m looking at you JennofArk,well, a whole bunch of you but the list gets long quick…you attract a nice crowd Mssr Bogg. USUALLY.)
    Anyway…go back to what you guys were doing.

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