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  • Sometimes there isn’t a right answer.

    I imagine a conservative has to tell himself that regularly, given that they NEVER find the right answer …

  • “Governor Palin’s relationship with Alaska voters is more complicated than people may know,” he said.

    Not really. In just one of the many tragic ironies that dot our political landscape, everyone who DOESN’T get paid tremendous amounts of money to cover national politics knows that she’s been roundly hated in Alaska for years.

    Not that her followers are supposed to think about mundane questions like “Who’s she gonna run against” and “Can she win.” Theirs is just to look in their hearts and decide how tingly the phrase “Senator Sarah Palin” makes them FEEL, multiply that by how much they think it’ll piss off Teh Libruls, and send in the appropriate amount of money.

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    You can be moved by it if you want, and I hope you’re right. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t about anything more profound than losing a grant.

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    “Support” = patting him on the head and saying “Great job, good effort. You’ll get ‘em next time.”

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    … the former Clinton aide warns that Obama “wants to force everyone into the cities from whence our ancestors fled.”

    Lo those many years ago in 1970 when Gramma, Grampa, Dad and Uncle Bob traversed the dangerous high seas of the state highway for a voyage of more than 20 minutes, following the moving van.

    Many didn’t make it. Many people died. But those who did found what they had been denied for oh so many long – uh, weeks: The freedom to not have to live next to blah people.


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    Same with “worst president ever,” which they tarted saying about six hours after the inauguration.

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    The entire conservative movement can be defined in two phrases:

    1) “No, YOU are!”

    2) (With finger poised an inch from your eye) “I’m not TOUCHING you!”

    As for the fact that most people grow out of using these two phrases by the time they’re 10 – well, I’ll let you work that out.

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    Pareene also quotes the totally-not-racist RS McCain as saying that Obama’s visit to New Jersey “merely highlights the fact that he abdicated that leadership on 9/11.”

    So the term “9/11″ refers to the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya now. Update your wingnut dictionaries.

    What am I saying, “update”? That’s all it has ever referred to. It has totally never meant anything else. Never. I don’t know what I was thinking there. Sorry.

  • This was a needless defeat; I could easily come up with more than 100 individuals who do not hold public office but would have done a better job than Ryan did tonight.

    They really pay no mind to the idea of winning elections, do they? Much as a dick Paul Ryan is, the guy has won seven terms in the House, and that tells me that he knows something about something – not about policy, but about winning elections. (Of course, the same right-wingers, as well as Villagers, pay the same disrespect to Joe Biden …)

    But don’t let me interrupt you, Mr. Hinderaker – please continue to argue that your party should take more advice on winning elections from people who have never won an election.

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    … every single person who has ever voted for a Democrat ever is a strapping young buck senior citizen gimmee gimmee moocher who buys t-bones with food stamps and then carts them away to their government-subsidized housing on their Hoverround paid for with Medicaid dollars

    No no; that last part’s OK.

  • Shorter first Nordlinger post: Hey, maybe people who are so stupid they’d drive a car off a cliff because it’s different will vote Romney!

    Shorter second Nordlinger post: Wait, people besides NRO readers vote? I forgot about that! Oh, we’re fked.

    Shorter third Nordlinger post: I fking LOVE America, but sometimes I have to slap it around for its own good. If it didn’t piss me off, I wouldn’t have to do that. It’s America’s fault, really.

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    So they’re stomping up to their room and slamming the door going silent in protest on the same day the people who give them all their money are handing out their phony awards, and would presumably like them to blog about them.


  • This is going to be the Greatest Act of Grassroots Citizen Activism since the Palinista’s Road To Ruin Car Stopathon brought down the Obama administration.

    Do all wingnut protests involve NOT doing anything?

    It is their best thing …

    They are literally going to get someone killed. That is their endgame here.

    Like George Tiller?

  • Taking away (other) people’s right to vote: It’s thought-provoking!

    I’m tempted to say that I’d support taking away the voting rights of every under-21 soldier coming home from Iraq that Jonah has the guts to knock on the door of and tell to his face that he’s not smart enough to vote. But that’s unfair to the veteran.

    Still, I’d pay some real money to see him try.

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    And now it’s on the news*. I’m pretty sure this is the first time Cokie’s Law has ever worked on my side.

    * (The local news, that is – where, I feel I must point out, they didn’t feel the David Gregory-an need to scour the countryside until they found someone to explain that it’s not that big a deal and besides libruls do it too.)

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    In an effort to reach out to conservative media, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney and wife Ann met for two hours Wednesday with several dozen conservative bloggers, reporters and columnists in an off-the-record gathering at a private Washington, D.C., club, according to attendees.

    The attendees came from numerous conservative sites and right-of-center publications, including National Review, Daily Caller, American Spectator, Washington Examiner, Right Wing News, Powerline, Townhall, Ace of Spades, Rhiel World View, White House Dossier [?], and Pajamas Media. RNC chairman Reince Preibus also attended.

    Remember, it’s only a scandalous media sellout to go into the tank for a certain candidate when the black Democrat does it. Because SHUT UP THAT’S WHY.

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    Proof positive that David Ayers wrote the book, that Obama is a poopyhead and the whole 2008 election is scratched and McCain Palin wins.

  • The WHP is from the writings of the mormon founder who claimed the Constitution (a doc mormons believe written by THE hand of gawd)

    Really? Uh, how do they explain the – you know, dudes? Like, uh, Washington, Franklin – the, like, Founders?

  • The only thing more frightening than living next door to a family that talks like that is living next door to a voter who hears a speech about this Romney-family conversation and is inspired to vote for Mitt.

    Of course, only the second one actually exists …

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