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    The Vietnam protestors did not have the individual and group ability to organize, capture and disseminate information (text and video) around the world in real time. That’s some powerful stuff. Those of us who didn’t grow up with social networking – even if we feel conversant with it or even wrote the code that created it – still speak it as a second language compared to those who don’t know a world without it.

    Bottom line – this is much more than a street protest, at least I hope so.

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    I’m going to join the protest on Monday (for a few hours at least). I’m a middle age guy who can get behind the OWS’s very simple message. My progressive contemporaries have failed miserably over the last 30 years. We are in no position to lecture OWP on how to do it right – since we do not have a clue ourselves.

    I read this on Reddit this morning. It was very inspiring:

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    Congratulations, good luck and thank you for all your hard work! Can’t wait to check out your new digs.

  • Just a slightly off topic aside:

    I am also am occasional Reddit lurker. Today there was link to a video showing a guy goofing on the Orlando PD in a Colbert like faux winger rant. It was great street theater. The guys was brilliant – he was protesting the OPD harassment of organizations feeding homeless people in a public park. He was a smart, intelligent and an inspirational guy. Later, he posted an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. Turns out the grass roots political organizations he participates in are all Ron Paul Tea Party offshoots. It’s not hard to see why politically active young people who have progressive instincts have no interest in the current Democratic party. It’s hilarious (and quite sad) that Ron Paul is filling that vacuum.

  • Thanks for the links to the diaries. I’m pretty much a front page lurker at those sites. It’s a pity that Markos and Josh – who both have access to the MSM and can and have been outspoken in the past – consistently keep their head in the sand and their powder dry on such an important issue – the complete collapse of the Democratic party under Obama. I have more hope for Markos than Josh – but not much.

    it would be nice is there was some sort of parliamentary fight for the sole of the Democratic party. Unfortunately, like Obama they (we?) have conceded the negotiation before they even started.

    It’s very sad. While I dream for a rational 3rd party to appear, the cynic in me is not confident it will happen, or if it does it will work out well.

  • Not seeing what your seeing with Digby – but I am seeing that with Kos and any other party over policy site.

  • Our impotence is real and depressing.
    I’m lost…
    “I just pick up my guitar and play”

  • Digby is consistently great. “Common” sense was an unacknowledged h/t to her.

  • Everyone’s falling in line. Check out Kos and TPM. Kos has always been a party loyalist, so he always gets in line when it gets down the the wire. His site is obsessed with the GOP freak show – rather than the freak show in his own denuded party. (“Quick, look at the crazy…thank god we’re better than them”) TPM, the leader of the SS wars in the Bush years, seems too enamored with his access and his burgeoning role as a VSP to return to the ideals he espoused as an “opposition blogger” during the Bush years. The situation on the ground hasn’t changed – perhaps TPM’s cocktail weenie consumption has.

    The online left has been a miserable failure at doing anything to move the Democratic party in any direction that makes (common) sense.

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    Our overlords are a bunch of panty sniffers. If nothing is stopping them from doing it, like dogs they will do it because they can.

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    The nuts and bolts of this operation must have been significant. I eagerly await details on how the boiler room operation must have worked. The volume of targets makes it seem like a labor intensive project. Also, is UK cell phone technology unique to the whole world? It must be – as I’m sure that’s the only system the Murdoch team could crack.

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    I think Hedges nailed it. Obama’s hope/change bait and switch and the administration’s comments about the “professional left” convinced me that there is no viable left currently in American politics. Clearly there was at some point (New Deal, civil rights, choice), but not any more.

    The fact that a comedian/clown is considered a leader of the left IS INCREDIBLY DEPRESSING!. No disrespect to Mr. Stewart, who I guess appreciates the irony, but I see his rally as an example of the left’s helplessness/patheticness rather than a show of strength.