• Rikk Miller wrote a new diary post: It’s All About Litecoin Mining

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    Are you planning to trade on Litecoin these days? That’s quite a smart decision as LTC is the 2 nd biggest cryptocurrency of late, next to Bitcoin. As per the experts, this P2P carries huge potential and seems to be quite a profitable investment. Akin to Bitcoin, you have to mine up Litecoins to enjoy the [...]

  • Are you looking for a good technical writer for your college project? Well, there is no dearth of technical writers around but the catch is that not everybody can assure you that premium presentation. Your technical project is very significant for your college grade and hence you would surely desire for the best quality here. [...]

  • Rikk Miller wrote a new diary post: Why And How To Choose Bitcoin Exchange?

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    Are you planning to make your foray into the Bitcoin zone of late? Well, that’s amazing since Bitcoin investment today is perceived to be more prospective than gold investment and if played right you would surely accomplish a hefty ROI. Now, as you are about to seek entry to Bitcoin scene the first thing you have [...]

  • Rikk Miller wrote a new diary post: The Sports of Japan – Which One Do You Practice?

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    The truth is that there are few sports that you can’t find in Japan. Some of these sports are imports from other cultures, while others were invented in Japan. For instance, there is a game similar to chess known as shogi, and there is also a card game called go that is very popular. Baseball in [...]

  • Rikk Miller wrote a new diary post: Steps to Choose a Good Forex Broker

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    There is no denying the importance of choosing the right Forex broker when starting to trade Forex. While you can always change from one Forex broker to another, picking the right one from the very start and sticking with him can make a lot of difference to your long term success. Here are some simple steps [...]

  • In the waning days of 2013, Time Magazine reporter  Michael Scherer  received a personal call on his cell phone. The charming, clear-spoken woman on the other end began the usual telemarketing pitch, but there was something just a bit off about her delivery, and the occasional pauses it took for her to reply to the conversation. He [...]

  • Rikk Miller wrote a new diary post: A guide to document management software

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    It has long been recognized that one key to an efficient workplace is the organization of resources in documentation. Even in a paper-based office, the filing system is a central element of finding and using information efficiently. In a modern organization, potentially spread over a number of locations, digital methods of document management have evolved. With [...]

  • For thousands of years political scientists have analysed the many different variables which affectour political inclinations. Many of the factors which can drastically affect our political views happen before we are ever allowed to vote in an election – studies have long shown that a very strong correlation exists between an adult’s political affiliation and [...]

  • ThumbnailDoes the use of Tylenol (acetaminophen) after the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine have a link to autism? Autism researchers seem to believe this to be true. A first study linking the use of acetaminophen with Autism was published in May 2008 by Autism journal. The study linked the development of autism after the MMR vaccine not to the vaccine itself; rather, it [...]

  • Rikk Miller wrote a new diary post: How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need?

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    It’s not pleasant to think about life insurance, right? This subject also means you have to think about death – and whoever wants to think about that? At the same time, you have to consider adding an extra expense to the monthly tally of bills and, given the state of the economy, you’d rather save [...]

  • Rikk Miller wrote a new diary post: Gambling laws

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    Examining the history of gambling in North America suggests important conclusions that are useful today in considering policies related to gambling. The United States has had a long history of allowing some forms of legal gambling and a degree of tolerance of illegal gambling.  Societal tolerance and acceptance of legal gambling can change rapidly. Scandals and political [...]

  • Rikk Miller wrote a new diary post: Casinos famous for live music

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    In today’s world, casinos are just one element of a resort, larger resorts even offer a full entertainment package with live music and shows at the forefront. Many resorts even offer amusement parks and other points of interest to make sure their guests have the most fun whilst they are at the resort. Casinos in [...]

  • Rikk Miller wrote a new diary post: Despite Budget Cuts, Teachers Still Need Books

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    There has been much media since the U.S. financial crisis of 2007/2008. From the Federal to the State governments, budgets are evaluated, trimmed, and reevaluated. Cities and Towns are caught between taxpayers demanding retention of services and lower taxes as they, too struggle with effects from the sluggish economy. One sector that has been greatly [...]

  • Rikk Miller wrote a new diary post: Control Your Student Loan with These Practical Tips

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    Unless you are one of the lucky handful of students who can get a college education for free, chances are that you have a significant student loan to look forward to once you graduate. Most students are able to pay their loans on time, and without much difficulty, but it makes life harder because you’ll probably [...]
  • Rikk Miller wrote a new diary post: Smear Campaigns Against Whistleblowers

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    ThumbnailAccording to President Obama in a recent press conference, Edward Snowden should have pursued other avenues instead of going public with sensitive data. His argument was that if Snowden had voiced his concerns through authentic internal channels, the outcome would have been better. Well, the case of Gina Gray goes on to show why Snowden had [...]

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  • Rikk Miller wrote a new diary post: Uber and the Question of Liability

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    It’s no secret that we’re in favor of small businesses and community-centered social enterprises like ride-shares, food trucks, Airbed and Breakfast rentals, and any other way to give the economy back to the people that use it. That means we’re watching the fate of car-service startup Uber with an eagle eye. Uber, originally founded in [...]