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  • The only war going on in the world is the GLOBAL WAR ON THE MIDDLE CLASS. Bring the troops home Barry.

  • I’m lead to believe OBL was dead back there in ’01. Even Bradley’s defense is full of 911 propaganda about who the enemy is. The enemy is our big governments affiliation with the old boys network of secrets and lies to perpetuate a view of our right to a glutten country of manifest destiny.

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    No it’s how they get rid of all the flouride they use at Oakridge, TN to make the really big super bombs. FREE Megan Rice.

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    Johnny McSame has gone to Syria to democratize Natural Gas for the world so Eternal War can keep going. We don’t need to send muzlim’s there anymore for illegal detention. Johnny must have brought Israel an I.O.U. for there annual ‘state’ of Israel MOSSAD proxy war fund from our borrowed revenue budget, while he was [...]

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    We’re such an exceptional country. Shooting anything that moves in Vietnam was pre-destined like the annexation of all the Americas by the Monroe Doctrine ( really written by Madison )! How else could LBJ make a statement against communism, and beat Goldwater at the same time.

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    You just watch the republicans radical agenda stirring up more dirt in Syria too. That’s another Iran Mossad/CIA project like 1953, so they can keep lining the Military Industrial Congressional Complex’s pockets with more of our blood and treasure. Putin won’t stand for it. The U.S. has to ‘fess up, and admit they’re the ones [...]

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    How can anyone believe these results from corporate machines and their parity with the 1% in one day/evening being valid. I voted two weeks ago.
    Anyone who made up their mind who to vote for since that last debate has no idea what’s going on in this country. These last two weeks have been a massive media spin by the big money, for the big money which runs our government into a dumbocracy of fear, and squabbling over what’s left over after (our?) congress, and treasury manipulators take there insane profits.

  • Follow the money. Ben’ski, and Rahm etc those bankers know who their leveling America for.

  • Saw the Lenin statue up in Ballard, boogah, boogah.

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    Oui, Oui, while Iran can’t have nukes, Israel can have 100 (if there any good anymore)! It’s our pre-ordained Monroe Doctrine Destiny, we
    loves our gunz and nukes. Our nukes have gone so far west they’ll have to evacuate Japan! Bring the UN back to Frisco, out of the silly bankers hands:(

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    Ocean Acidification is coming soon to an ecosystem near you. See latest NOAA videos. Our crustacean friends shells will not be as strong anymore, preventing coral reefs from forming etc

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    Well thank Dawg Obama’s DHS has plenty of 40 cal. rounds of ammo in case something happens with all those students that’ll probably show up in Philadelphia this summer for Occupy, and probably want to March on DC. I know the Drones are ready! They’ll be able to go to University at those new FEMA Camps they got ready:)

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    I know I can find somewhere in Proverbs where God’s thoughts are unfathomable. How does Brown know in the end what God is thinking? There are Christians, and there are Zealots. I think what we have here is just another Zealot. I could go on about Jews, and Zionists, or connect some dots from the Likud party to the demopublican parties, or more accurately from the Mossad to the Mossad West (CIA). But that would be showing how they promote hating Muslims and start more wars.

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    Brotherhood can save the world, not United Stakes Imperialism/Democracy.

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    More whack-job, so called Roman Catholic Just-us’s who want to be more Conservative than the white protestants ever dared to be! Barry Obushma should shut them down, they’re way out of their territory.

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    Stay loose Sydney, Philadelphia is gonna happen! Good work out there on Ball’s Pyramid too! Thanks for the Encouragement – Occupy Tacoma.

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    Terrorism threats are invented.
    It’s the same old Uncle Sugar stealing the tax revenues for more big government hokus pokus ( Dept. Homeland Security?)
    Obushma will win in the fall, no matter who’s elected, the Likud is in power.

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    Occupy Tacoma is going through the wringer today, Sunday 26, Feb. Looks like all the PacNor’West Mayors are on the same party line with the Mayor of Oakland. The new port-a-san vender for Tacoma was real good and kept up service. But, it looks like the few militants left today in Tacoma will get arrested [...]

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    Next, sequel of Hitchcocks’ Birds.

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    Setting Greece up for this has been going on for a long time. What happen when Iraq almost started accepting Euros for oil? That’s right the USrael invasion of ’03. Now Iran is taking gold from China, and India for oil! What’s going to happen to ‘Merkan exceptionalism now? Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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