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  • rkilowatt commented on the blog post Emptywheel Leaving Firedoglake

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    Thanks for all you do and best wishes on your plans.

  • rkilowatt commented on the blog post The Drone War on Westphalia

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    Thanks to GPS, etc tech, drones easily morphed into effective assassination decices. remote-controlled from any location precisely “to cause effects at a distance“.

    Beam weapons to follow shortly.

  • rkilowatt commented on the blog post The Drone War on Westphalia

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    “…in which the sovereignty of lesser powers is compromised in order to receive the protection of a greater power…”

    Golly, ya mean like the list of English Commonwealth Countries? Them Englanders is world-class, expert clever-strokers.

  • rkilowatt commented on the blog post Netroots Nation Recap: Saving the Middle Class

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    EW__Thanks for all you do.
    As for”how to beat back the demonization of the working class”, here are 3 suggestions:
    1. Read Einstein’s essay On Socialism.

    2. Read Road To Wigan Pier

    3.Ponder the question, “How do you tell a leader from a misleader?”.

  • rkilowatt commented on the blog post The Gitmo Files: Abu Zubaydah’s File

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    Sorta OT

    Each month I send a first-class letter, with a taped dime or dollar bill, to the IRS requesting proper care and feeding of Bradley Manning, and thank whoever opens and handles the mail. I want to be helpful.

    Perhaps others at FDL will choose a worthy recipient and do similarly, mailing it to their own choice of gov’t agency.

    And thanks EW et al on this site. I read most all and benefit much.

  • rkilowatt commented on the blog post How Many Other Journalists Does the FBI Consider Informants?

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    Another example of how “Expert Network” is euphemisms for “Inside information Network”…for profits, disinformation, myth creation and other vomitous activities. The universe of clever-strokes trumps social behavior.

  • also…2007 West Point Study: Shows Libyan Rebels Come From Main Al Qaeda Suicide Bomber Recruitment


  • 2007 W.Point study:
    The CIA’s Libya Rebels:
    2007 West Point Study Shows Benghazi-Darnah-Tobruk Area was a World Leader in Al Qaeda Suicide Bomber Recruitment
    By Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.


  • Good grief! A study done at West Point Mil Acad in 1907 identified their eastern-Libya tribal roots, the heirachy of Haraidi [sp]family that dominateds North-east Libya and their 1st-ranking as source of foreign recruits into AlQ.

    I’ll look for link.

  • OT yet relevant…Has the Accountability Party idea been noted?…

    The Accountability Party [a post by Jeff Davis]

    “The Accountability Party? What’s that?” you ask, puzzled, thinking you’ve missed some newsworthy “announcement”. You haven’t.

    The Accountability Party is my little fantasy, created at this most opportune moment, when the Dems and Repubs are both out of favor. The Accountability Party is intended to be broad-based, having only two planks, so as to be robustly resistant to destruction — or irrelevance — by fragmentation.

    The AP’s two planks are Accountability and Jobs. Every other issue is relevant ONLY as seen through the lens of these two concerns. Otherwise the AP takes no position. “No position” means NO POSITION. No position means being “agnostic” on EVERYTHING else. Individual AP members have their own views of course, but as a unified organization, the AP takes no position on: abortion, taxes, gay marriage, gun rights, defense policy, campaign finance, racial discrimination, immigration, terrorism, hate-speech, Israel, education policy, environmentalism, global warming, etc.

    The two issues to which the AP devotes its exclusive focus are: accountability and jobs. … etc, go to [near end of "Comments"]


  • re: Japan meltdowns and failed back-up electric generators

    pls see Greg Palast on this.

    “Stone & Webster, now the Shaw nuclear division, was also the firm that conspired to fake the EDG tests in New York. (The company’s other exploits have been exposed by their former consultant, John Perkins, in his book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.)”…


  • rkilowatt commented on the blog post The Brothers Daley Cover Up Abuse of Suspects Again

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    Unit 3 just had exploded.Video:


    Ejected mass/color suspicious of large amounts comtam. There has been no mention of the stored spent-fuel also present in the bldg immediately around the drywell/suppression pool guts.Hope it is not in the ejection plume mass.

  • What do you expect?…Brought to us by the same insane creatures that expelled justice from the economic system.

  • EW-Awesome how you spot the vitals and blow-off distractions. Manning becomes real and a valuable mensch.

  • rkilowatt commented on the blog post Poppy Bush’s Virgin Born Intelligence Knowledge

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    Zalin Grant’s detailed investigation of colby murder is of interest, if unknown.He knows something.

  • rkilowatt commented on the blog post Abbe Lowell’s Leak as Governance Theory

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    “…authorized leaks to Woodward help catapault hagiography onto the best-seller lists, but unsanctioned leaks can lead to jail time…”

    Note that hagiography is merely the exercize of privilege.

    Privilege is the enabler of arbitrary Inequality, Aristocracy, Oligarchy, Plutocracy, TPTB, Class-system of bondage on up to Royalty and Divine Right of Kings.

    Abuse of privilege is rarely handled effectively because our legal system is actively monitored controlled by the abusers.

  • How old are you, Robert Grenier?

    My understanding of the adage “Life begins at 70″ has expanded over the last 25 tears, ever since a wizened old father-in-law remarked on it.

    Has to do with the absence of other-directed life patterns. More and more, as I ignored others’ authority over my viewpoint, my own basic truths became brighter…and kind of snowballed.

    Even the meanings of language could now resist the pervasive hypocracy that bathe us in the bullshit of evil intentions…which result mostly from others implanting their misleadership.

    Thanks for sharing your remarkable insights. Your communication will encourage others to confront their real selves.

  • rkilowatt commented on the blog post On Gate-Keepers and Pragmatists

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    [From past experience],I had a gatekeeper. Her function is to protect/screen me from “harm”:

    1. Protect me from others stealing my attention [time].

    2. Protect me from association with persons and matters that can put me at unnecessary risk.[Bribes, blackmail and other forms of contamination, etc].

    3. Protect me from specified, or questionable, unwanted communication.

    Often, this is accomplished by having others summarize data in 5- to 30-second notes for my inspection and choice to learn more.

    My gatekeeper does not control or stop my exposure to viewpoints that might be helpful to me in my own honest appraisals of my concerns.

    In matters of State, contemporary use of official Secrecy Classifications has made the BigMan an information-prisoner, as his legal access to others who do not have “Clearance” blocks his way to indpendent [out-of-control] appraisals and advices.

    E.g. FDR personally chose “outside” sources of information deliberately to discuss and/or cross-check what official sources were telling him. He had his own spy-network. Hint-his background included years of meeting persons of high-level, first-hand knowlege.

  • In California, to qualify for Ext.Unenpl Bene’s, highest quarter earnings must be at least 40 times weekly benefit paid on your regular State unempl.

    E.g. if your reg weekly bene was $450 [which is the max] and your regular claim ended, then you must have earned at least $18,000 in your highest quarter to qualify for Ext bene’s [40 x 450 =18k].

    So no surprise mid-class+ sucked in the lion’s share.

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