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  • rmacdonald commented on the diary post Sunday Talking Heads: December 7, 2014 by Elliott.

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    I agree with everything you said, except for calling Fox News a “crucial” news network.

    Oh and the next time you post don’t hold back!!!

  • rmacdonald commented on the blog post It takes a hypocrite to know one

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    I glanced at the Washington Post article and I have a suggestion about the term Nixon’s Southern Strategy. Let’s start calling it what it really was.

    Be afraid, the black man is coming to get you.

  • rmacdonald commented on the diary post Ferguson is every city USA and Wilson is one of many psychopaths with a badge by Masoninblue.

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    83% of whites are killed by whites. That old black on black crime canard, is just a straw man argument.

  • rmacdonald commented on the diary post Ferguson is every city USA and Wilson is one of many psychopaths with a badge by Masoninblue.

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    These exact thoughts have been racing through my mind the past week. First it was Mike Brown murdered in Ferguson, then the kid who was murdered at a Wal-Mart for carrying around a bb-gun. But when I saw that 12 year old kid executed at point blank range in a public park for playing with [...]

  • ” In reality what Obama meant by “bend the cost curve” was that the ACA contained provisions to actively encourage the increase of their co-pays and deductibles with the goal of bending national health expenditure but often at the expensive of sick middle class families.”

    Is this the EXACT same thing the Republicans wanted to do? The “more skin in the game”, meme.

  • Lets not forget the young black kid that was murdered in a Wal-Mart store just a few weeks ago, too

  • rmacdonald commented on the diary post Video of Police Shooting of 12 Year Old Child Looks Almost Like a Drive-By by Ohio Barbarian.

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    Thanks for the info. Unjustified killing is a bit of an understatement. Looked like an execution!

  • rmacdonald commented on the diary post Video of Police Shooting of 12 Year Old Child Looks Almost Like a Drive-By by Ohio Barbarian.

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    The really sick irony here, is that Ohio is an open carry state. So even if it was real gun, prey tell what was that kid doing that was against the law?

    (No you can’t pick the easy answer, carrying while black)

  • rmacdonald commented on the blog post If there’s one thing that is true

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    Two thousand two hundred national guard deployed. They could have put a half a dozen in front of every damned business within 10 miles to stop the looting. Instead they took that manpower to stop the protesters from blocking traffic while raising tensions, by playing Rambo.

    Can anyone spell “incompetence”

  • rmacdonald commented on the blog post Secretary of Defense Hagel Announces Resignation

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    I think Obama ought to get Don Rumsfeld back as Secretary of Defense. After all, who is better qualified to sell a war based on a bunch of BS.

  • Since you didn’t provide a link, I don’t know how may of the 18 were shot by a cop, for having a toy gun. I’m going make a guess, that number would be zero. I will also go out on a limb, that out of those 18 murdered children, most if not all of the murderers went to jail.

    This is the second murder of a black kid in just the past few months shot down by a cop, because he was holding a toy gun. We don’t know the outcome of the Ferguson murderer, but the kid shot down in a Wal-Mart for have a toy gun, those cops are back patrolling the streets.

    So don’t even try to make the false equivalence, of white kids getting murdered and their perpetrators going to jail with a kid getting murdered for have a toy gun and their murderers are not only walking the street, but they are back being cops.

  • Sad to say, it only ends when white kids start getting killed on a regular basis.

  • I for one am getting tired of hearing the problem on Wall Street is a “Culture of Corruption”. The to big to fail/jail banks are goddamned fucking criminal enterprises, PERIOD. They make the mafia look like choir boys.

    My wife told me to hold back on this post.

  • rmacdonald commented on the blog post Goldman Sachs Gained Inside Information From New York Fed

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    Will a bag of Doritos and a bong full of pot, do the same thing?

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    Geesh how can a bunch of white guys do this??? They’ve been telling me all along it’s the gays/blacks/Hispanics, or whatever minority you can think up, has been out to get me! Gay’s are out to destroy my marriage. Blacks are destroying the middle class because of welfare. Those dog gone Hispanics are sneaking into the county to take my job.

    Please don’t tell me I’ve been lied to????? I just couldn’t live with that thought!

  • rmacdonald commented on the diary post Elizabeth Warren: Better, But Not There Yet by letsgetitdone.

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    I find it very interesting that Warren, who was a Republican just a few years ago, now is considered by some as a standard bearer of the progressive’s. She may have moved a bit to the left over the years, but I think what happened, is the democrats have lurched so far rightward, that it [...]

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    I say throw him in the same jail where the Wall Street banksters are serving their time.

    Oh wait a minute, that won’t work……

  • rmacdonald commented on the blog post Republicans Dominate 2014 Elections

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    The party realignment that Bill Clinton started is almost complete. Clinton moved the democratic party to the right, so as to capture the so called “Reagan Democrats”. Then once he won, he moved further right, with his deregulation and free trade agenda. All the while the Republicans moved further to the right, under Newt Gringrich.

    Along came Bush and we experienced the “moderate wing” of what the Republican party was moving toward. Since Bush was considered moderate (he’s not), it allowed the bat shit crazy republicans to take over the Republican party.

    Obama comes along and beats Hillary in 2008 primaries pretending to a liberal, all the while sucking at the teat of the Wall Street money machine. What’s the first thing Obama does, he gets behind the Republican health care plan from the 1990′s. Then the democrats went on to lose a 60 vote majority in the Senate and lost the house in 2010 to the bat shit crazy wing of the Republican party.

    Obama then goes on to turn his back on labor unions. I guess he couldn’t find his “walking shoes” in his closet full of expensive Italian shoes that the Wall Street banksters wear.

    2016 will be the final act of the party realignment when Hillary get’s the nomination. We will have a democratic president, way to the right of Bill Clinton and making Reagan look like a liberal!

    Now the media makes Elizabeth Warren a “liberal” glimmer of hope, For Christ sake she was a Republican a short 20 years ago. The only reason she’s a democrat is she isn’t bat shit crazy. Which disqualifies her from the Republican party.

    The Oligarchs have won and won big time. Obama will start giving away Social Security and Medicare to the banksters. When he talks later today he will say he won’t do anything like that, but mark my word the retirement age will be going up, and Medicare will start being privatized. He’ll get the green light on the endless war

    2016 will be a choice of Hillary, who’s to the right of Reagan, and some one who makes the John Birch Society look like a progressive group. Who wins that contest, I don’t know.

  • This is what happens when the Democratic party runs candidates that are just Republicans masquerading as Democrats. Mid term elections are won and lost by turning out a party’s base and the democratic party has ignored and dissed their base.

    The Oligarchs have won, and will continue to win, until the democrats learn what the Republicans have learned, you have to get your base out to vote in midterms.

  • rmacdonald commented on the blog post No One Knows What the Big Political Issue Will Be Come 2016

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    I don’t know what the big political issue will be around December of 2015, I doubt it will be ISIS unless our latest war goes bad.

    Just why should this war not go badly? Our track record on wars, hasn’t been exactly stellar.

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