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    My New Year’s resolution: learn to perform a very good Christopher Walken impression.

    I try to pick something useful. Last year I had two — keep exercising (which I kept) and make a great lobster risotto (mine is now only good to very good but definitely not great, and I don’t think I can do any better). My Christopher Walken impression is gonna be great, though.

    Happy New Years DFHs,


  • Great post. I’ve been making my own stock for about 2 or 3 years now — mostly chicken, crab and lobster. It’s the basis for the most homey or fine meals I’ve made. It’s the difference between and good meal and a great meal. And I like how it’s made mostly from the leavings of a previous meal. Makes me feel like I’m getting the most out of my money.

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    Great post from several angles. I’m gonna print it up and take it into the “office” with me.

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    My thoughts on BSU-Nevada:

    1. Nevada’s been threatening for three years — they broke through.
    2. Vai Taiau and Kapernak are really good — nothing new there.
    3. BSU’s defense was sucking air from the end of the 3rd quarter on. No knock on BSU, but Nevada ran ‘em ragged.
    4. I’ve always disliked Brotzman — nobody, especially a kicker, should have a tribal armband tattoo. Really, my wife and I always bitch about that guy.

    This will make the Utah State game in the frigid cold even more unbearable. C’est la vie. I’ll probably root for the Ducks since I like the coast so much.


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    As someone who grew up in Michigan hating OSU and now lives in Boise, I’m hardly the most objective to comment on this, but “perennially overrated” is the best description of OSU. Sure, they beat some good teams, but their record in big bowl games is just plain bad. They’ve had a great team or two, but for the most part they’ve been living off their reputation as THEE Ohio State University for the last ten or fifteen years — getting over-ranked, losing a game, raising in the polls again because of their reputation, and then getting whipped by Florida or USC, or whoever. There are obviously some exceptions — they beat Miami for a “national championship” and Oregon last year — but they are consistently overrated.

    Gee apparently doesn’t watch much football. Again, I’m not the most objective guy on this, but BSU and TCU look like VERY good teams. Maybe OSU could beat them, maybe Auburn or Oregon, or the Big 10 gauntlet would run them down — but there’s only one way to find out — on the field with a playoff system. Until then, the college football “national championship” will always be in quotation marks.

    I’m a BSU fan but I’m not arguing they should be in the final BCS game — I don’t really care because there is no championship game.


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    Excellent post Jim — thank you. And an excellent comment Jeff. Friends think I’ve gone out the window when I explain that I can’t vote for anyone who ordered, supported, condoned, or refuses to prosecute torture — even if Caribou Barbie gets elected in 2012. Obviously, there are many reasons to refuse to support the [...]